A Review of Caroline's Work Dress!

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Hey guys!

Today I have for you a review of Caroline's Work Dress from American Girl. Just for reference, here's the AG site pic:

Now, let us venture forth into the review! :)

Here's an overview of the outfit. It is being modeled by my own dear and darling Caroline:

The outfit contains a pair of boots, a dress, and a hat. It does not come with the pantalettes it's shown with on the site - those come with Caroline herself. The outfit's price is $32 (naaaasty). I would normally never have paid that high of a price for so little stuff, but when I heard about the BeForever revamp I decided to snatch up any historical clothing I might want in case it got retired for BeForever, and this was the outfit I chose. 

Let's start with the hat:

The hat is kinda meh. It tends to poof up like a chef's hat on the top, and it takes ten straight minutes of fiddling to get it to look like it does online, but it is still a very sweet piece.

As you can see in the picture above, the strings that tie the hat around her head are long, which is very wonderful. However, they are just ribbon, which disappoints me a little. I wish they were cloth and a little more sturdy, because the ribbon is extremely delicate and cannot be handled too roughly at all.

Next we have the main part of the outfit: the dress. I love this dress. If I had kept either Caroline or Felicity in their time periods, they would both be wearing this dress as much as possible. The little details are so sweet and well-done, and the color scheme is perfect. <3

Here's a close-up of the bodice of the dress. The lace and buttons are very sturdy, not flimsy or loose at all, which is fantastic. The little bow at the empire waist is seriously one of the cutest parts of the dress.

I love these sleeves for some reason. They are elegant yet sweet and VERY cute.

A close-up of the print on the dress. It is nicely detailed without grabbing your attention away from the main parts of the dress.

The above pic shows close-up the pink trim on the bottom of the dress. It does a nice job of finishing off the dress.

Next, the boots:



I. Love. These. Boots. They go very well with the outfit and are EXTREMELY versatile - unlike the hat and dress, I can use them in modern wear a lot (and, really, they could be transferred to almost any time period). They are very sturdy (not something I can say about a lot of AG shoes) as well. However, for some reason the bootlace on the left boot (as you may be able to tell in the picture) is obnoxiously short and very hard to tie. But, since the other bootlace is fine, I think that might just be a fluke with my particular boot.

Here you can kind of see the only other bad thing about these boots - they are very tight around the leg. As a result, it is EXTREMELY difficult to pair them with socks or tights or, for modern wear, tuck jeans into them. 

Overall rating: three out of five stars. The dress is perfect. The boots are super adorable and versatile, even if they do have a few flaws. The hat is very sweet but of rather low quality. For the price, I wish socks and an apron had been included. I do recommend this set, especially if you like Caroline, but be sure to try to get it on sale or from another source besides AG.

I hope this helped you if you were debating getting this outfit, and, if not, I hope you enjoyed reading! :)


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  1. I really love that outfit! I've wanted it since forever!;) Great review! Caroline looks so stinking gorgeous! Those curls are so pretty!:)

    1. IKR, I love it too - it's just so cute! Actually, most of Caroline's collection is - I probably would have bought most of her stuff by now if it weren't so overpriced. :P
      Aw, thanks! :) Caroline says thank you too. <3


  2. I have the outfit, but not Caroline... I'm saving up for her desperately, hoping against hope that I'll be able to adopt her before she's retired. :(
    By the way, what does IKR stand for? (I know, I'm such an old fashioned person.) I've always wondered. :)

    1. I'm sure you'll get there! It's only April, and retirements aren't usually announced until September or October. Plus, it might be Josefina getting retired, not Caro.
      IKR means I know, right? And don't worry about it, love, I had to look up ftw (for the win) recently, and I'm still not clear on what xD means. :)

      - Ellie

  3. I'm looking for Caroline's work dress. It's sold out at American Girl. Can anybody give me a hint where to find it?

    1. Try calling the stores - almost always they'll have it in stock when it's sold out online. eBay could also be a good resource.

      - Ellie

  4. Thank you Ellie that's a good idea! Best regards Carla

    1. You're welcome! I hope your endeavors are successful :)

      - Ellie


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