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I realize I probably should've done this as one of my first posts, but oh well. :)


This dollhouse is made, literally, out of cardboard boxes. I painted them on the inside using paint from Home Depot (sorry, can't remember what exact paint colors I used). The cardboard boxes themselves are the largest size available at my local FedEx box supplier (sorry, can't remember the exact dimensions of the boxes either. :P). Each box I got is the size of any of the three rooms on the second floor. The lower floors all have dividers in the middle of them and the upper floors an extra piece of cardboard lining the floor so as to support the floors of the upper floor. They need support because just a single layer of cardboard with no support can't hold up heavy furniture or dolls. The size of the dollhouse is such that it couldn't all fit on one wall because of shelving units (that I can't move 'cause they're built into the wall) on either side, and so two sections of the dollhouse are against one wall and the other section against the opposing. The dollhouse is in the finished basement of my house because that's the only place in the house it could fit. Regrettably, even though the basement is finished, it is COMPLETELY underground and therefore has really horrid lighting because there are no sources of natural light and all the electric lights we have down there produce really yellow, yucky light and are super old, so that's why a) I never take pics down there and b) the lighting in these photos is generally crappy. Also, unless otherwise stated, all beds are doll box bottoms or tops.

Well, that's all of that, so let's get on with the tour! :)

We'll start with the single section that is off to the side. On the top floor is Cecile, Rebecca, and Kanani's room, and on the bottom is the kitchen and dining room.

First, the kitchen. The stove is Kit's Cookstove. I always have some stuff cooking on the stove - today it appears that someone is frying eggs and braising onion (or whatever onions do when they're put in big pots). On top of the stove I store plates, cups, jars of various things, and the salt and pepper. I've hung a few pans on the wall.

I made the broom at an interactive-history-camp when I was little - it's actually supposed to be a human sized "cake-tester", but my dollies claimed it for themselves. :)
The "fridge/pantry" is a doll box bottom that I tried to put shelves in (the middle two fell out :P). On the shelves/below them I store dolly food. On top I keep dolly tea sets.

Next up is the dining room. The table and chairs are Kit's (yeah, I know, I have a lot of Kit stuff).

The table is currently set for tea. Most of the time that's the way it's set, but occasionally I'll switch it around to dinner.

This pink box is actually a music box my grandmother gave me when I was really little. :). I use it in my doll house as a "sideboard" like thing. On it you'll see some of the settings I use when I change the table setting to dinner. The bit of cloth peeking out of the bottom drawer is the tablecloth I use for dinner.

Next we have Rebecca, Cecile, and Kanani's room. They are some of the few girls that get non-box beds - they have the triple bunk bed set from AG. I just love when all the beds are stacked on top of each other - it looks so darn cute! - but that obviously won't fit in my dollhouse, so they're separated into the bunk and single beds. Cecile has the top bunk of the bunk bed and Rebecca has the bottom. Kanani, lucky duck, gets her own bed and space on the other side of the room:

This is Rebecca's space. Her blanket is an old PJ shirt of mine, and on her pillows we see a dolly mag from the Doll Boutique set. Also on her bed is a laptop my best friend made for her:

Next is Cecile's space. Her blanket is also an old shirt of mine. By her pillows she has a stuffed zebra, the laptop from the Doll Boutique set, and a journal my best friend also made. She doesn't have much space to put posters, so I just gave her a Rebecca bookmark and an old Kirsten trading-card-thing:

Hanging off the edge of Rebecca and Cecile's bed is Cecile's backpack:

Now we cross into Kanani's territory - yeah, she takes up like 1/2 of the room just for herself. :) But that's ok. :)

Here is her little nightstand/table. The white "stem" of the table is one of those paper bathroom cup dispensers. The blue/green tabletop is from the Doll Boutique set, as are the two magazines on it. The tiger-thing is a stocking stuffer I got a long time ago:

Next up we have her bed area. The blanket is, again, an old shirt of mine. The tropical flowers don't coincide with her being Pacific Islander - in fact, I didn't even notice that coincidence until right now. 

Here we come to the little assembly of odds, ends, and extras on her pillows. First we have Clara, a porcelain doll that used to come with Samantha's collection, then Mini Ruthie with the Very Funny, Elizabeth! mini book, and finally Kanani's most precious (MYYYYYY PREEEEEECIOOOOOUS I'm sorry I couldn't not) treasure: her iPad. 

Next we have the "main" part of the dollhouse, the bigger section that is also in between those two highly irritating shelving units:

From top to bottom, left to right: Patriot's Stable, Caroline, Kit, and Mia's room, Julie and Fel's room, Jane's room, Sam's room, Kirsten's room, and the living room. Let's start with the living room:

The couch is made out of the box Felicity's Stable Set came in. Below is their TV:

The little side-table is actually a tin we got some pecans in around the holidays a couple years back. On the side-table you will see such things as a coffee cup, playing cards, movies, video games (which Mia and Rebecca love), and Just Dance (which Kanani adores).

Now let's move on to Kirsten's bedroom. She has all the pets in the family - none of the other sisters are really "animal people". Her pets are, L-R, B-F, Honey the golden retriever, Grace the basset hound, Aimee the cat, Laurie the chihuahua, and Sadie the dachshund. She also runs her own pet-sitting business.

The two pet beds are just the bottom and top of the box Honey came in. I got her in-store during the holidays, so that's why she came in a special box:

Now, I bet you're all wondering what the little pouch dangling from Kirsten's ceiling is. Well, I made it at another one of those interactive-history camps, and it's basically just like a special porous pouch filled with good-smelling things. Women would carry it around, and when a bad scent got too strong they could just pull it out and sniff it - kinda like scented handkerchiefs. Mine still smells really good, even though I made it like five years ago.

Next we have Sam's room:

She has, of course, to have her Cody Simpson wall. I might end up adding more to this later:

Sam is the biggest bookworm out of all my girls, therefore in the space underneath the drawer in her nightstand she had to have this:

The nightstand Sam has been designated by moi is the Dreamy Nightstand, recently retired, from American Girl. On it she has miscellaneous knick-knacks including money, envelopes, a travel folder, a tissue box, a thermos, and a bottle of lotion.

Finally, on her bed she has a couple of extra books so that she always has at least one in reach:

Next we move onto Jane's room, which has to be my favorite in the house because of all the little girly details:

First we have her bed area. Her bed is from The Springfield Collection. The hot pink pillow comes with the bed, but none of the other bedding does. I draped the boa around her headboard just to give it a girly touch and added the purple pom-pom for the exact same reason (THERE IS ANOTHER POM-POM WHICH I SHALL FIND IF IT TAKES ME TO THE UNDYING LANDS AND BACK).

Next we have some shopping bags (this is Jane we're talking about here for pity's sake):

Above the shopping bags is her collage of fashion stuff:

Next we have her nightstand. The nightstand itself is actually a flower-printed gift box. The mirror on top is from the inside of the music box/sideboard (it fell out) in the dining room. On the nightstand Jane keeps makeup, her phone, and a pair of sunglasses, among other things. You can also see another shopping bag at the foot of the 'stand:

Finally, off in the lower-right-hand corner, we have Jane's school bag:

Now, moving up a floor, we have Caroline, Mia, and Kit's room. Caroline and Kit share the homemade doll box bunk-bed on the right-hand side, and Mia gets her own space on the left:

First we have Mia's space. Mia is highly protective of her "territory" and refuses to let anyone but Rebecca on it, and Rebecca only occasionally:

Here's the little trio of stuffed animals on her bed. I love these three since Winnie-the-Pooh was a huge part of my childhood - in fact, I still have my Pooh lamp on my nightstand and sleep with my Pooh quilt and Pooh Bear in my bed:

Here is the space beside Mia's bed. She keeps her laundry, school bag, and boom box there:

Next we venture into what Kit and Caroline call the "Study Area" and Mia calls "Neutral Territory":

This is the area where Kit and Caroline (and occasionally Mia) do their homework, study for tests, etc. The desk is from Samantha's old collection. The typewriter on it is from Kit's typewriter set, and the textbook Kit's school supplies (which I cannot recommend enough). More school supplies, mostly miniature notebooks, are stored inside the desk. The little chalkboard by the foot of the desk is for when Kit wants to play school with her dolls. The big chalkboard on the wall is for keeping track of what assignments have to be done.

Now we move onto Kit and Caroline's section of the room. Kit gets the top bunk and Caroline has the bottom:

Right beside the bunk bed is the little space where Kit stores her lunchbox and the toys that won't fit on her bed:

Caroline's blanket is actually the other piece of bedding that came with Jane's bed. Caroline also has a dolphin pillow, a pink rectangular throw, Mini Elizabeth, and an Eeyore stuffed animal:

Kit's space is really hard to see because it's so close to the ceiling, but it features the Kit Mini (how could I not give Kit Kit? :) ), a doggie stuffed animal, and some cards from her friends:

Now we move onto the last room of the house: Julie and Felicity's room. Julie is on the left and Felicity the right. I'm not entirely happy with this room, it just looks too blocky and barren. I think a rug to fill up that empty floor space would help, but as of yet I haven't been out to a craft store to snatch a cloth doily for that purpose:

We'll start with Julie's space. She, like Sam, is quite the avid reader, and therefore has a couple books on her bed as well. She also gets the only suitcase:

This is Fel and Julie's dresser. Julie's stuff is on the left, and Fel's sewing area is on the right. The dresser itself is a human jewelry box. On Julie's side we see, among other things, a lamp, a tissue box, and some horse toys, and on Fel's sewing materials including ribbons, thread, and scissors:

Here we have Fel's side of the room. She uses the old Starry Doll Carrier as a storage caddy that wraps around a part of her bed. On top she stores hats, in the top net pocket underwear, in the bottom clothes, and in the two opaque pockets hair clips and jewelry:

She has a butterfly pillow, an embroidered pillow, Lydia, a porcelain doll who, like Clara, used to come in Samantha's collection, and a stuffed pony that is just the CUTEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD:

And, finally, up above Julie and Fel's room is Patriot's Stable. Not much to show here, it's basically just Felicity's Stable Set with a few extra things added on:

In my doll family, Patriot is Felicity's horse. She's the only one of the sisters besides Kirsten who has a pet. Here's an up-close picture of Patriot's adorableness:

Well, that's it for this house tour! If you have any questions (that I didn't answer in the second paragraph) at all about where I got stuff or the dollhouse in general, please drop a comment down below and I'll be sure to answer ASAP.



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