I Went to the Park!

by - 6:43 PM

And I walked.

Physical exertion.


Nah, it was nice. It actually felt really good to get all that fresh air and feel the cold on my face. I've always really liked the cold. Idk why, since the rest of my family seems to shun winter :P.

And I brought someone with me to the park.....


I don't deny that Mia is my fave and therefore quite spoiled. Usually when I bring a doll somewhere I bring her, and she always gets to try on the new outfits first. :)

Mia and I tromped around the edge of the park (which is an oval shape with a large pond approximately in the middle). We visited an outdoor theatre that's there and sometimes shows productions of Shakespeare during the summer:

Mia sits on a bench in the audience.
but, of course, the theatre was empty since it was like 20 degrees and, ya know, winter. :)

Then we walked around the pond, which is quite muddy and has very little water in it since they're draining it for some environmental reason. It'll be refilled in the summer.

Mia and a view of what normally would be the pond - the green and brown land behind her. But having no pond is okay since the picture is pretty :)

Well, that was our day at the park! :) It was actually quite nice because there was no one there except us. :)

Mia's Outfit -
Jacket: Local fair
Top: Kanani's Aloha Outfit (retired) from American Girl
Jeans: The 2008-2010 School Days Outfit (retired) from American Girl
Shoes: The Black-and-White Tennies from The Springfield Collection


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  1. I was born in January, so I have a natural love for winter and snow. I always hope for a) white Giftmases and b) snow on my birthday.


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