Intros are Weeeeeeird

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Hello, y'all.

I'm Ellie, and this is my blog (duh). I've kinda needed an outlet to express my thoughts through lately, and so, out of my inner strangeness and spasm-ish mind, On the Other Side of Reality has been born! This is a blog where I shall post stuff about things that interest me, such as (but not limited to) fantasy, AG dolls, and anything Tolkien. This is not a blog about any highly specific topic - for example, this is not solely a doll blog, or solely a Tolkien blog. This is a blog that is about everything that is me and a blog about my random rantings/ramblings/musings/thoughts. (Feel free to skip around and only read posts on a topic that interests you if you want.)


Intros are weeeeeeird to write.

Anybody else have that experience or is it just me?

And, on a different note, I guess, happy 2015!! :) I know it's still technically 2014 (the 31st of December), but ya know.

You don't?

Well, you should.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go eat eggplant from a takeout box.


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