Let's Discuss the Five Loves of My Life

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And no, this isn't a post about books. :)

This is a post about the five guys I wouldn't mind dating. (You don't even know how long I've spent on this list.) And don't worry, this isn't a post in which I obsess over stupid celebrities like Justin Bieber and whoever's in One Direction. I don't do that kind of stuff. The five loves of my life are all fictional characters, except one, but he's a long time dead. So, without further ado, let us start!

I'll go backwards in order, from least important (5) to most important (1).

(This post contains several spoilers about various things. Read on at your own risk.)

5. Brigham Anderson. And if you know who he is you're automatically AMAZING.

Brigham is a character in a book in which there are no illustrations of him and from which no movie has been made - at least, that I could find. So here's a picture of the book for y'all.
Brigham Anderson is a main character in the book Advise and Consent by Allen Drury. The main premise of Advise and Consent is that there's a man named Leffingwell who was once a Communist but is now trying to get appointed U.S. Secretary of State during the 1950s. First, though, the nomination must go through the Senate, and Brigham, a U.S. Senator, knows that Leffingwell was a Communist once. Therefore, he takes several unusual steps to ensure that Leffingwell's nomination does not get approved by the Senate. However, Leffingwell's backers counter by making his life miserable by ruining his marriage with a secret phone call to his wife. About a third of the book is about poor Brigham's misery! About halfway through he commits suicide. *sobs*. Someone hand me a box of tissues, please. PLEASE.

Brigham is a really nice, likable, witty, intelligent, and yet hapless character. I just couldn't help falling in love with him throughout the course of the book.

*keep it together Ellie*

Ship name: Elgham

4. Jack Sparrow. Does this really need explaining?


His attitude, though........about everything, about rum, and life, and pirating..........:)

And his quotes......:)

"The problem isn't the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem."

I feel like that perfectly describes Thranduil's issues with Dwarves. 

Cause you know the Elves started the whole Elves vs. Dwarves thing back in the First Age when-
Ellie, stay on topic. 

Ship name: Elrow

3. Beethoven

I don't know what it is about this one. I mean, I love his music, but that's not it. My favorite composer is Edvard Grieg, and I'm not in love with him. I guess with Beethoven it's the air he has about him. I mean, look at this picture. Don't you feel his passion, his anger, his every emotion popping out at you? I do. I think his somewhat angry air is quite appealing. :)

Ship name: Eldwig

2. Colonel William Tavington. (And don't you dare comment a single word about me being a psychopath. 'Cause I'm not. 'Cause he's gorgeous.)

Sorry the picture is so small. :P
Tavington is the main antagonist/villain in the movie The Patriot (which I highly recommend watching 'cause it's great, but it's also rated R for very graphic violence so depending on your age you may want to ask your parents' permission first). He basically spends the entire movie killing children and burning civilians alive.

Until he gets killed at the end.


You may be wondering, "If Tavington is a totally evil person who has no soul whatsoever and is almost as bad as Sauron, why do you love him, Ellie?"

Well, for one, he's gorgeous. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. His eyes, and his hair.......*sighs*. Also because I find his evilness quite charming.

I know I should be in a mental institution, but I have the suspicion I'm so crazy they'd kick me out.

Ship name: Ellington

1. Thorin Oakenshield.


I couldn't choose between these two pics 'cause he just looks so perfect in both. So you get a bonus picture. You're welcome. :)

First of all, I would like to mention that Thorin and I are married, so try to avoid becoming too attached to him okay. :)

Second of all, in my mind, Thorin and Richard Armitage are completely separate entities that have nothing to do with each other. So this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Richard Armitage and everything to do with the actual CHARACTER Thorin Oakenshield.


I first read The Hobbit several years before the photos from AUJ even appeared prior to the movie, and it was back then, as I sat curled up in bed reading The Hobbit, a big red dictionary beside me to use to look up words I didn't know, that I fell in love with Thorin. That was waaaaaay back before any of this "hot dwarf" stuff, back when he was still envisioned by everyone as a four-foot-high, cantankerous old dwarf who had a beard going down to his knees and obnoxiously squinty eyes. I nearly cried at his death, and through that whole scene I was desperately wishing, "Please, please, he'll recover, he won't die, please, please, no....." And when the movies came out and I was exposed again to the story, I fell in love with him all over again. 

I think the reasons I like him so much are his determination, stubbornness, and grit - he won't give up. Never. I admire that a lot. I also love his inner sensitivity. He's so afraid, under all the bitterness, that he might fail, that he might disappoint his father and grandfather........*tear rolls down cheek*. 

And his eyes.


(We got married last May after a few months of dating, and we are extremely happy together.)

Ship name: Elrin

Well, those are the five loves of my life! Hope I didn't ramble/squeal/fangirl too much.....hehe :).

I shall now leave you with this awesomeness: 


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  1. Wow! What a cool list :) I totally agree with number 1 :P I read the hobbit about a year or two before the movies came out and LOVED IT!!! :D

      The Hobbit is quite amazing, isn't it? :) It's always cool to find another fan!

  2. Well, duh, Thorin, you're married! But won't he get jealous if he finds this post?


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