I'VE GOT A JAR OF DIRT: Mutterings, Musings, and Suchlike #3

by - 6:58 PM

HEY GUYZ GUESS WHAT I LEARNED A NEW WORD TODAY. Yup. "Esoteric". It means, and I quote, "intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest". So that means........all the LotR/Hobbit/Silmarillion/Tolkien stuff I yammer about on here is highly esoteric. Yeah. I think I did that right.

Somebody play this at my funeral. Please. PLEASE. It is just. SO. PERFECT. :D


*cough cough*

I'm sorry, I don't really know how that popped out *coughs again*.

In other news, I FINISHED BUNKER HILL AT 4:40 AM THIS MORNING WOOT WOOT YAY ME. The ending was so haunting.....Joseph Warren's death.....*shudders*. Of course, I already knew he was going to die (who else watched Liberty's Kids when they were little? :) ), but reading a very detailed account was......just.....*shudders again*. However, I am extremely pleased that John Stark was included. I feel like his very critical role in the Battle of Bunker Hill gets overlooked waaaaaaay too much. And besides which, he's my favorite American officer next to Dan Morgan. :D

Who are my fave British officers, you ask? Well, those'd have to be Howe and Tarleton (Tarleton only because my dear and darling Tavington was based off him *squeals*). Gage isn't too bad either. :)

Now that I'm finished with Bunker Hill, onto The War of the Ring. I actually started this before Christmas and so am already partway through. :)

Going Postal is one of my fave movies ever, and the main theme is just too perfect. I mean, listen to the first 12 seconds of this and tell me that that isn't the catchiest thing you've ever heard. This is my happy music. :)

Probably the worst thing about wearing glasses is that when you lose them, you can't see well enough to find them. :P

How can you not love this:

The moment when you try to type <3 but end up pushing the shift key at the wrong time so it ends up as ,#. I CAN'T BE THE ONLY PERSON TO WHOM THIS HORRIBLE MISFORTUNE ALWAYS OCCURS. :P

Well, that's all for today. :) Hope you enjoyed my weirdness.


PS - This is probably going to sound like a really stupid question, but does anyone know how to get little accent marks above your letters in Blogger on a computer? 'Cause I'm not being able to put the two little dots above the e in namarie, and it's really bothering me. :P

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  1. LIBERTY'S KIDS IS LIFE <3 I wanted to be just like Sarah. :D
    History geeks assemble! XD

    1. Also, about the accent marks (like ï or é and stuff) I just hold down the letter button I wanted to be accented (like, I hold down the A button if I wanted this type of -> â) and it just pops up like a little menu on my screen. Then, I just click the accent that I want. Then again, I'm using a Mac, so I'm not sure how to do it on PC or mobile.

    2. OH YES.
      I didn't want to be like Sarah because it seemed to me she just did whatever anyone told her, but I shipped - and still do - James and Sarah so freakin' hard it's not even funny. I mean in the first episode or so when he melted down his ring to make her a pendant to replace the one she lost at the Tea Party.....FEELS.
      You can totally tell he's madly in love with her. :D
      I tried doing that and all that happened was eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Then again, my Mac is super ancient (like from the days of the iPhone 3), so it probably can't do that. I guess I shall have to go accent mark-less for a while.....unless.....HOLD ON ELLIE GOT A PLAN.
      YES I DID IT WOOHOO you are my inspiration for this okay. (Even though what I did was completely different, I just made one in Word and copied and pasted it into this comment).
      Woohoo for super long comments! :D



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