Dragons be Here: Mutterings, Musings, and Suchlike #1

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Hey guys.

I don't really have a specific, coordinated post for you today, just some random thoughts and musings. :)

So, in reading class today our teacher asked us what it means if something is desolate, and I raised my hand and said, "Smaug has been there."

True story :)

This pic (that is not mine) illustrates my favorite quote ever:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain."
-Vivian Greene

Here are a few pics I took recently of Mia. I call them "Waiting for Summer" because that's kinda what she's doing, all dressed up in summer gear in the middle of January. I also took the pics underneath a window, btw. I really like the effect. :)

There were more, but I didn't like how they looked.

Needless to say, Mia was tortured during this whole shoot.

Mia: I had to wear a dress. A DRESS. And it was PINK. *makes vomiting noises*

Back to me: Well, I think she looks super adorable. <3

Anyways, in other news, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!!


Yes, the clouds dumped four inches on us. Those four inches were all made into considerably larger piles when the snowplow people came and chucked all the snow that had been on the road onto our lawn, but that's okay, 'cause it means MORE SNOW FORT POTENTIAL!!!

Rebecca went out to play a little in the snow. When she got back in, she warmed up by snuggling with my dog:


Well, that's all my weirdness for today. :)

Mia's Outfit -
Hair-clip: Walmart
Dress: The Striped Halter Dress from The Springfield Collection
(She was wearing shoes, too, but ya didn't see them in the pictures so they're not included here.)

Rebecca's Outfit -
Top: American Girl Place Holiday Store Exclusive (retired)
Mittens: Mia's Practice Outfit (retired) from American Girl
Jeans: Jiminee's Doll Clothes
Boots: Tan Sherpa Trim Boots from The Springfield Collection

Oh, and for anyone who's wondering, Stella (my doggie) is a flat-coated retriever. They're a fairly rare breed, so you hardly ever hear anything about them, but just think of her as a black golden retriever with a crazy long snout.


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