My Opinions on Some Choice Items in GOTY 2015 Grace's Collection

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Woohoo for long titles, eh? :)

So, I don't know if any of you care to read these kinds of posts, but I know I like reading them, and so I think it'd be fun to post one myself. I won't do all the items in her collection - just a few that I have thoughts on. (And let me save time and say right off the bat that, in my opinion, EVERY SINGLE THING in her collection is grossly overpriced).

So, shall we?

WE SHALL!!!! :)

(All photo credit goes to American Girl.)

There she is in all her vanilla buttercream glory *rolls eyes*.

First is Grace herself.

Pros: I like that a theme to her story is entrepreneuring (that's a word now, okay). I think that's a very good and empowering theme for young girls today, and I love that AG is touching upon it. I like that she's not blond.

Cons: She's not African-American. She's not Latina. She's not Asian. She doesn't have a disability. She's a typical first-world white girl with typical first-world white girl problems: "Oh, no, however shall I fit all my nice expensive stuff into my suitcases for my month+ long Paris getaway?" I am quite disgusted with that aspect of her story. Oh, and how everything in her collection is in barfy pastel colors.

For me, the cons outweigh the pros on Grace herself, the doll, the character. But who knows? I may change my mind eventually. I hated Kanani and Isabelle when they first came out, and I ended up buying Kanani and almost buying Izzy! But I still think I'll always be disappointed that Grace is white and not a minority.

Now onto some of her stuff:

This is her baking outfit. I think AG did a good job on this one. The apron doesn't look clunky and like an afterthought like pretty much all aprons do - in fact, it goes with the outfit perfectly! And the shirt is pretty cute too - even though I am a little puzzled as to why the cupcakes are all upside down. 

Let me tell y'all a little something. From kindergarten through fifth grade, pretty much all I ever wore in my hair was headbands. And that......that thing on Grace's head does NOT, in ANY UNIVERSE, deserve to be called a headband. It looks like she has a giant pink puffball on her head, and that really distracts from the rest of the outfit (not to mention it's HIDEOUS). I love the dress. The dress is brilliance. And the shoes are great. But the headband ruins it. The headband needs to be banished to the bowels of Angband on the double.

I do not understand why Grace needs a bistro, a bakery, AND a pastry cart. Choose one and be done, Miss Vanilla Buttercream. Kanani Akina was one of the best - if not the best - selling GOTYS ever, and she only had one big food-selling-furniture-piece. 
Also, is it just me, or does the outside of Grace's fire-engine-red bakery kinda look like the tardis? You know, if it were painted navy blue and was perhaps a bit less rotund....

.......but I don't watch Dr. Who so that may just be me being stupid.

Well, that's my opinion on some of Grace's stuff. Overall, I think she's okay. She certainly won't be joining my collection (partly because I do not have enough room and partly because her hair is too much, in my view, like my darling Samantha's). What do you think of Grace? What are the items you want most from her collection?

Peace out, girl scout.


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  1. Banished to the deepest bowels of Angband. I LOVE THAT! I love all the little Tolkien references that you tuck into your posts... it's awesome. I'm glad you read the LOTR books, too! There are so many people out there who just watch the movies and there's just so much that they're missing. Hooray for the books!

    1. THANK YOU! :D I know, right?!?!?! Like, people, Arwen didn't get Frodo across the ford, Glorfindel risked HIS neck. And Tom Bombadil, Goldberry, the Old Forest, the Barrows.....yes, indeed, hooray for books.
      "Never judge a book by its movie." - a bookmark I bought at Barnes and Noble just yesterday.

      - Ellie

    2. That is an awesome bookmark. :) Yes, I am very fond of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry. I wish that they were in the movies! Oh, well.

  2. I would have bought the outfit, cut off the puffball, and used the black headband. My cats could play with the puffball. They love tulle.


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