The Transition Hour

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My first photo-shoot on here!! Yay! :)

I was walking into the kitchen the other evening when I caught a glimpse of the sunset outside. AND OMG IT WAS JUST SO GORGEOUS. And so of course I HAD to take one of my dolls out for a photo-shoot!

The doll featured in this shoot is Jane, my JLY/MyAG 29. I know her outfit doesn't go too well with the theme of the shoot, but I was kinda in the process of changing all my dolls and she was the only presentable one at the moment, so.....yeah. And the sun sets so fast around here that if I'd taken the time to change her into something else, by the time I would've gotten outside the beautiful light would've been all gone. :P

I decided to call this "The Transition Hour" because in the beginning photos it looks more like afternoon than evening, but by the end of the shoot it looks like midnight. (Sunsets are faaaaaaast.)

Also I just want to say that I am in no way a photographer. I've rarely done photo-shoots with my dolls (this is only my third one ever, I think), so some of these pics probably aren't that good. But I do still like them, and so I'm posting them on here, and so there. :)

Here we go!

Thanks for reading! :)

Jane's Outfit -
Top and Skirt: Jiminee's Doll Clothes
Shoes: Samantha's Pre-BeForever Meet Outfit from American Girl


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