Éowyn of Rohan - A Photo-Shoot

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Hey guys!

So today I decided to take Kirsten out for a photo-shoot. The snow here has almost all the way melted (what no this is blasphemy snow must never die), and while I'm depressed because I FREAKIN' LOVE SNOW I'm also kinda glad because I can read outside without freezing my face off.......and I can take more doll pics! :D 

This shoot stars Kirsten as Éowyn (ya don't know who she is? Fine, I'll tell you in three words: fantasy warrior princess (even though she's technically not a princess since she's actually Théoden's niece and not.......stay on topic, Ellie)). I know Caroline looks a little more like Éowyn because of the lack of bangs, but in order to get that wave in her hair that Miranda Otto has in the movie I would have to brush out her curls, and I REFUSE to do that. Plus, Kirsten is the resident Tolkien enthusiast of my doll family, and so she gets to dress up as Éowyn and that's that.

The sword Kirsten has in this shoot is actually a letter-opener from The Noble Collection. It's the Narsil one, and I do dearly love those letter-openers because they are the PERFECT size for doll swords and are actual metal, not plastic or wood or anything (they aren't sharp, though). I know that technically, for better accuracy, Kirsten should be using the Théoden one in this shoot because Théoden's is a sword in the style of Rohan as Éowyn's likely was, but I don't have Théoden's sword, and the only other doll-sized-swords I own besides Narsil are Sting and Glamdring - and they're far too distinctive. So Narsil it is because, surprisingly, it is quite an average-looking sword.

So, without further ado, here we go!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! :)

Kirsten's Outfit -
Dress and Shoes: Celtic Princess Outfit from Carpatina
Sword: Narsil Letter-Opener from The Noble Collection


(thanks to the dearest Olivia for helping me figure it out :D) 

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  1. 1. These photos are gorgeous, girly.
    2. That sword is worth $10,000 dollars cause its so dang cute.
    3. Kirstens outfit is so pretty and she looks great in it.
    4. Congrats on figuring out how to add accent marks!!xD

    1. 1. Aw, thanks so much! :D That means a lot.
      2. IKR.
      3. Aw, thanks again!! :) And Kirsten says thank-you too :)
      4. Thank-you! :) I'm really glad I finally did. I used to (not kidding here) like live in freakin' FEAR that a Tolkien purist would stumble across my blog and go full-out Internet Rage on me for the lack of accent marks.......yeeeah. (Although, to be fair, I am a bit of a purist myself. I don't generally fuss about it, but I am a sort of one).

      -Ellie :)

  2. That dress.
    We wants it, we wants it my precious!
    My dolls need a sword, I think

    1. We hates the Bagginses! They stooooole it from usss......
      It is quite a lovely dress, and I'd been pining after it for some time before I eventually ended up caving and getting it (I usually refuse to spend any money on anything :( ).
      Yes, they do. I definitely recommend one. And if you want a cheaper one than the metal ones, you can get a plastic Sting (that also transforms into a pen) with a Bilbo hologram bookmark (I actually have this, the Sting sword I have is this and not the metal one) for less than half as much. :D

      - Ellie

    2. Yeeeeeesssssss dolly swords! I shall embark on a quest throughout the interwebs to find a proper weapon for my small vinyl friends!

    3. I wish you good luck on your quest! :)
      I recommend starting at The Noble Collection, although Barnes and Noble may also have the plastic sword/bookmark sets (Warning: do not go to Noble Collection unless you are prepared to be severely tempted to spend a ton of money on lots of amazing LotR/Hobbit/Game of Thrones/Harry Potter/other merch.) :)

      - Ellie

  3. I love Kirsten's dress! It is so cute!


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