I Return - A Poem by Me

by - 12:29 AM

Dust settling
Pages torn
Cloth ripping
I return.

Stone cracking
Roses dead
Wood decaying
I return.

Glass shattered
Halls silent
Roof caving
I return.

No legacy
Nothing left.
I return.

I actually don't hate it. I usually hate the stuff I write, but I'm fine with this one. I haven't had that feeling in forever, possibly never, so we'll see how long it lasts.

My idea behind this is that a girl and her younger brother used to be the prince and princess of a land, but then a revolution killed their parents and dethroned them and they fled into obscurity. Now the girl's come back to look at an old castle she used to live in, and everything is sort of empty and abandoned and broken. So yeah :)

Also, there isn't supposed to be a period after legacy for anyone who's confuzzled. 'Cause mood. And it's my poem and I say so. :)

Well, that's all for today. Tell me what you thought in the comments and if you'd like me to share more of my writing in the future.


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  1. Wow! That's really great.
    Amazing imagery, you can actually picture the ruined castle.

  2. That was beautiful!
    I could see every detail in my mind like a little movie! I loved
    " Dust settling
    Pages torn
    Cloth ripping
    I return."

    1. Oh my goodness thank you! That means a lot :)
      Thanks again!!!

      - Ellie

  3. Oh my gosh I love it! I can see the castle in my head it's so perfect. I actually imagined Kirsten when she was dressed as Eowyn as the girl in the castle. And how could you not like what you write?!? Everything I've ever read that you wrote is so amazing. I guess it's different for you though since you wrote it. But seriously you should definitely post more things you write!

    1. Thank you so much!
      Hah, I actually imagines Caroline in Felicity's meet outfit. Sometime I should go down to the rose garden by the art center and take some pictures of her among the dead roses to go with this. But wait maybe not 'cause there's no way I'm doing on-location shooting with her curls. Hmmm *shrugs*
      Oh my goodness, thank you! Yeah, it is - I'm one of those people who will look back at something they did the month before and despise it. *shrugs* But I might! There's a short story I wrote last summer I'm thinking about; it needs some editing, but in general I'm fairly proud of it. :)

      - Ellie, Her Excellency President of the Swag League

    2. OH MY GOSH YES! Caroline would look so perfect in that photo shoot! And if that short story is anywhere near as amazing as that one excerpt thing you sent me you totally should!
      -Reagan, who I guess doesn't really have any titles but since you signed yours like this I assumed I should too but I guess it didn't work very well

    3. IKR. And Caroline says thank you too :)
      Aw, gosh! You thought it was that good? Well, thanks! :) I think it might be.....in some ways. It's less descriptive, but certainly less cluttered. (That first paragraph was very clunky. Yes, it was.)
      You need a title. Well, I guess you're already the Vice President of the Swag League, but you need a unique one. Like.....The Majestic Prosecutor of Deceitful Pretzels. Or something like that.

      - Ellie, Sorcerer of us All

  4. Hmmmm Majestic Prosecutor of Deceitful Pretzels.....I like that. I am now officially Reagan, Vice President of the Swag League and Majestic Prosecutor of Deceitful Pretzels.

    1. Sounds good to me :)

      - Ellie, Conquerer of Malta


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