In Appreciation of Nori

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Nori is one of the twelve dwarves that accompany Thorin Oakenshield on the Quest for Erebor. He looks like this:

Nori by Aegileif
If it took you a minute to place his face, that's because he gets almost no screen time in any of the three movies. I mean, of course he's included in all the dwarf scenes where they're all of them at once groaning or cheering or chopping people's heads off or something, but he doesn't get any time to himself - not like, for example, when in AUJ Bofur gets a whole scene of talking to Bilbo and inspiring him. As of the extended editions of AUJ and DOS and the normal edition of BOFA, Nori only gets one solo line (in the extended edition of AUJ goblin town scene) - unlike Balin and Kili, for example, who pull whole monologues out of their hats throughout the entire trilogy. Now, I've nothing against Balin, Kili, Bofur, or any other dwarves with lots of solo lines, but I do think Nori deserves more attention.

In the world of movie cannon, Nori is an extremely interesting character with a lot of depth that I feel could have been explored so much more in all the nine+ hours of the trilogy. Before the formation of Thorin's company, he lived in the wild and traveled from remote town to remote town, making his living as a poacher, pickpocket, and thief. He is often in trouble with the authorities, and he joined the Quest because it provided a convenient way to get out of town. He always has a few tricks up his sleeve and is generally up to something dodgy. However, he is intensely loyal to his two brothers, Dori and Ori, and woe befall anyone who tries to harm them.

And the most you ever see of this rather movie-ready, fascinating, many-layered character?

One line.

I understand that the screen obviously had to be filled with Thorin, Gandalf, and Bilbo, and that other dwarves, such as Balin, Kili, and Fili, were necessary to move along the plot and provide explanations where needed, but that doesn't mean Nori had to be nearly all the way cut out of the films. There's a reason Nori's my favorite dwarf besides my husband, and that's because he's witty, intriguing, and unique. I think Nori deserves a little more appreciation and recognition.

So let's all take a moment to appreciate Nori. In honor of him and all his wonderfulness, from now on February 10th every year on this blog will be Nori Appreciation Day.

*shoots confetti out of a cannon*


Feel free to comment down below sharing your favorite Nori moments from the books, movies, games, or anywhere else, your favorite Nori pictures or art, or anything else Nori! :)

Until next time.


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  1. Not really "Nori," but I feel like the actor who portrays him, Jed Brophy deserves some recognition as well. He played various cameo characters throughout both the LoTR & Hobbit trilogies. Not to mention the fact that he's a tremendously funny man.
    But I commend you on coming up with Nori day. A splendid idea. =)

    1. Oh, that's definitely Nori. Counts %100.
      After watching a few interviews, I quite have to agree with you. DEFINITELY under-appreciated. He is now officially included in Nori Appreciation Day.
      *lights off a bunch of fireworks*
      YAAAAAY! :)
      Aw, thanks, darling! :)

      - Ellie

  2. Yay nori!
    You've gotta appreciate a guy who can braid his eyebrows.

    1. You do, don't you? :) It's times like this I feel extra stupid for not even being able to do a French Braid. But that's ok, since it's Nori. :D

      - Ellie

  3. Happy Nori Appreciation Day! (Late)
    Yes, and I think that they should give all the dwarves equal screen time(okay, obviously Thorin and Kili kinda have large roles in the movie, so sure yeah, they get attention too)
    Excellent post! Very interesting.

    1. Aw, it's okay, dear. I didn't remember my best friend's birthday last year until three or four days after the fact, so.....yeah. Hehe.
      I agree! There are definitely a lot of interesting characters besides Nori that could have been tapped. Like Ori - it would have been cool to see his fears and how he faced them and how he evolved throughout the trilogy. And Gloin - I feel like so much depth could have been added to Gimli's past, and that was almost totally skipped over. :(
      Aw, thanks!! :)

      - Ellie


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