FOR THE LAST TIME, IT'S NOT TWILIGHT: Mutterings, Musings, and Suchlike #4

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*in a sing-songy voice* GUESS WHAT IIIIIII DIIIIIIIIID!

Yup, you got that right: I curled Felicity's hair! Not permanently or anything, just with some foam curlers and a few spritzes of water. I've actually done this several times before, and I think she looks positively lovely. However, because her hair is naturally straight, it only keeps itself curled for a couple of days before unwinding, and you have to keep it in curlers for a week or more to get results (which is why I don't do it too terribly often). Still, she looks absolutely beautiful when the curls still have their form. Comment down below if you'd like a tutorial on how to do this (although it's fairly simple). :)

Here are a couple of pics I took of Kit a few days before the snowstorm hit. I think she looks really cute:

Remember on my last Mutterings, Musings, and Suchlike post when I showed you the Going Postal movie main theme? Well, this time I'm going to share the main theme to The Color of Magic. It's another movie based off a book by Terry Pratchett and, although neither the music nor the movie is as good as Going Postal, it's still very extraordinary. I beg of you to please listen to the below theme. It has a very generous dose of epic without being too heavy, and I just love it:

Just a side note, Sean Astin (aka Sam) plays one of the major roles in this movie (he's the guy with glasses on the right, in case you couldn't tell), so if you're a fan of his you might want to check it out. :D

So recently I told you guys that I am now reading The War of the Ring.


I was.

But I've kind of temporarily stopped - which is actually rather easy, being as WR isn't really a chronological story as much as a collection of somewhat self-contained essays, and at the end of each chapter you can stop very conveniently, pick up on the next chapter later, and be perfectly fine. So I've decided to do that for an undetermined amount of time because I was at Barnes and Nobles the other day and ended up getting a book I've been wanting to read for quite while now: Interview with the Vampire.

Now, don't start staring at me (I know you are) like I'm one of those Twilight freaks who are always like "OMG HOW ROMANTIC VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES AND MORTALS MAKING OUT OMG YAS", because I'm not. I've never read Twilight or seen the movies and I don't intend to, and same for all the other weird vampire teen stuff out there. Interview is, let me tell you, not like that. It's a very sophisticated kind of novel with brooding vampires that are more at home in European cities and expensive mansions than the woods or your backyard. The book's more a commentary on life and human nature and emotions than an actual novel. I'm quite enjoying it.  

Now, I confess that when I want to read something and can't or don't get around to it for an extended period of time, I will often go online and read all the half-book-long previews on Amazon and look up all the plot synopsises. 


And the fact is that I did that for all the Vampire Chronicles books (including Prince Lestat), so I know exactly what's going to happen and when and how things are going to turn out and why for the entire series. But that hasn't at all killed the enjoyment of the book for me. In fact, I almost feel a bit better - I guess because, unlike Louis, I feel like I am in control of everything that happens, and that satisfies some sort of human need inside me (a topic somebody's bound to comment on sooner or later).

I don't know if I'll read the rest of the Vampire Chronicles - I guess it just depends on how well I end up liking the whole first book. But I promise to tell you all when I decide. :)

Well, that's all for today. Comment down below if you've read or want to read the Vampire Chronicles or want a tutorial on how I curled Felicity's hair. :)


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  1. I love feliciy's curls!

    1. Thanks! And IKR. If you ask me, she should have come with curls in the style of Saige or Kanani - she totally rocks curls <3

      - Ellie


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