I Actually Don't Ship Phan: Mutterings, Musings, and Suchlike #5

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Believe it or not, this is my homework music:

Me when faced with social interaction:

majestic gratitude


So the other night there was a carnival at my school's gym, and two of my friends and I went and spent pretty much the whole time literally cowering anti-socially behind the bleachers and doing such productive things as looking up pictures of corgis on Instagram and discussing whether or not we ship Thorki and Phan. Yaaaay friendship! :D

Actually it was pretty fun since we felt like we were in our own little bleacher-kingdom. :D

You Shall Not Pass! (Image Credit: Kuvaton.com)

I feel a huge need to share this even though you've all probably seen it already. Why Ellie why.

I'm going into high school next year, and on last Saturday (Valentine's Day) I had to go register for classes, and it was SO NERVE-WRACKING. But I did get into the classes I wanted, so that was good. And I was able to sit with my best friend and her twin, who's also a friend of mine, for some of the parts, and that was fun. 

I'll be taking the following classes (in case any of you care to stalk me :) ):

- Adv. Geometry
- Adv. Biology
- Adv. English 9
- Adv. World Geography
- Ceramics I
- Digital Animation (because I have to take a technology class and this doesn't sound as miserable as the other ones)
- Play Production (which means I'll get to do tons of cool behind-the-scenes stuff in the school play next February)
- German I (it's strange 'cause everyone else is like "Ugh I'm not going to take German because it's commanding and harsh" and I'm over here under my little rock like "YAAAY I'M GONNA TAKE GERMAN 'CAUSE IT'S COMMANDING AND HARSH!!!" :) ).

And during summer I'll be taking Art Introduction (a prerequisite to almost all art classes, including Ceramics and Metalsmithing (the latter of which is not available to freshmen but I plan on taking later)). The summer class will be for the month of June and every weekday from noon to three. So yeah that's how I'll be spending over a third of my summer :).

JK, it should be fun.

Another great thing about classes is that we'll have study hall three times a week, and study halls are organized alphabetically here (idk if other schools do that too) - so all the a's and b's are together, all the c's and d's, etc. And since my best friend and another friend of mine and I all have last names really close together in the alphabet, we're going to have all our study halls together!


And our study hall groups stay the same for all of high school!!!

*grins widely*

Which is super exciting, because that means no matter what, throughout all of high school, my best friend and I will always have class together at least three times a week!! (IDK if we'll happen to have any other classes together.)

Well, that's all my weirdness for today. Comment down below if you're going into high school too and, if so, what classes you're taking or want to take! :)


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  1. German sounds fun. All I know is how to cuss in it thanks to The Book Thief. (I'm so messed up I'm sorry. xD)
    Digital Animation sounds extremely fun, as well as Play Production.
    I hope you'll have a good experience when you start high school. =)

    1. Hah! No, you're not messed up - or, if you are, I am too. :)
      I do already know how to say "breakfast"....idk how to spell it, but I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "froosh-stick" or something like that. I know because my dad's half German and calls me down for breakfast every morning with that word.....however it's spelled ;)
      Ah, yes, I am looking forward to Play Production. Digital Animation.....eh.....but that's probably just because I'm not a tech person. :( Who knows, maybe over time I'll grow to like it.
      Aw, thanks dear!! :)

      - Ellie

  2. I can't wait until I'm in high school (I start 8th grade next year) because my guidance counselor want me to know where we want to college (even though I'm not in high school) Since I go to an academy, I have to take all advanced high school credit courses. Next year I have to take adv. Geometry too. I can see it in my future-I'm gonna struggle (I fail at Algebra honors 1 already) I would love to take German (I am mostly German) but I have to finish french to get a credit (two more years to go)

    1. Oh, gosh, that sounds awful. :P Well, at least we'll both be going through the horror that is adv. geometry together. "If this is to end in fire, we should all burn together." I may be somewhat good at math, but I don't like it. At all. Ever.
      And I'm sure you won't fail!
      HOORAY FOR BEING GERMAN *throws confetti into the air*.

      - Ellie

  3. I love German! I am trying to learn it through Mango Languages. Have fun learning it! And make sure to pronounce the ach correctly! :)
    ~Many Marigolds~

    1. What's Mango Languages? (It does sound cool, thought.)
      Thanks, and I will! :D

      - Ellie

    2. Mango languages is a free site, well at least for me, that you can learn like 64 different languages. In the state I live in, you can get a free kind of like a library card, from my library, and then access Mango Languages.
      ~Many Marigolds~


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