I've Gained a New Appreciation for Hairless Cats: Mutterings, Musings, and Suchlike #6

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And yes, I did spell Menchie's wrong on purpose. :)

So, I went to Menchie's the other day, except according to the sign out front it wasn't Menchie's, it was Menchi'es.

*gigantic mental facepalm*

Can we all please take a moment to appreciate this:

And this: 

'Cause the first is absolutely incredible and the second pure genius. :D :D

*insert fangirl squealing here*

I've been getting hugely addicted to Superfruit lately - staying up until one or two a.m. to watch their videos every day for the past week or so......but that's okay 'cause they're awesome. :D I have absolutely no regrets about getting involved in this fandom. None.


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In other news (although nothing can compare to Wyatt's pic :) ), every year my middle school does a musical, and this year it's Alice in Wonderland (henceforth to be abbreviated as AW b/c I'm a lazy typist ;D). This week starts rehearsals during the school day, not just after school. This is where the extras have to start rehearsing. You have to be on stage at least once during your three years in middle school, and since I've been backstage for the past two years and I've tried out b/c I'm scared of totally embarrassing myself I got forced to be an extra this year. :P Luckily, though, my best friend Reagan and two other friends of mine have to as well for the same reason, so I'm not all alone. And Reagan and I are even the same type of extra (some extras are extra insects, some are extra playground kids (which my two other friends are), some are extra flowers (which Reagan and I are), etc.), so we'll be in all the same scenes! Another cool thing is that this year the costume design is really minimalistic (I guess b/c you either go full out or stylishly minimal with something fantasy, for otherwise you look like an idiot, and no way everyone in the entire cast is going to be able to go out and get movie-replica white rabbit costumes and such), so that means as an extra flower I actually get to wear really cute clothes: black ankle boots, black jeans, a SUPER cute gauzy floral-print tank, and a floral headband. (This makes me kinda glad I'm being forced to be an extra this year because in sixth grade we did Seussical and the extras' costumes had to be really bright and clashy, and last year we did Annie and everyone had to dress like they were from the thirties. Neither of those are particularly awful, but this year is definitely the best out of them (in terms of extra costumes).) And everyone at school said I had the cutest costume and literally pretty much no one usually acknowledges me except to ask for help on homework so that was a big thing. :) And I actually enjoy performing if I'm not in the spotlight (because if I am I get nasty stage jitters and forget all my lines and choreography and cues and such and just make a mess of everything. But if I'm a minor person in the show it's fine and actually pretty enjoyable). So you might guess that AW could actually be kinda fun. But no. Even though I have an adorable costume and my best friend and I are all in the exact same scenes and the dancing and acting might be fun, AW is going to be honestly so stressful and scary. Why?

My music teacher.


Let's call her Mrs. Morgan.

I've always been a good student. I have an A+ in her class. I never act out of turn. I participate. And yet she has a hatred for me that is personal for some reason. She takes every opportunity to yell at me for no reason or publicly humiliate me. (This is not just in my head. The entire eighth grade agrees with me on this.)

Here's a classic example. Once, when I was in fifth grade, I was going to sing with a girls' club for sickly people at a retirement home. Sickly people at a retirement home. I would have to leave school a little early in order to get there in time, so I would miss her class. I told my fifth grade teacher, who told me not to worry, she'd take care of it. She did and told Mrs. Morgan I'd be gone and why, but apparently that wasn't good enough, because when I was going out the door Mrs. Morgan stormed up and screamed at me in front of my parents for being "irresponsible" and "skipping class" and "not coming to tell me yourself". I tried to tell her that my teacher had told me not to, but she screamed that "you're going to get expelled in middle school if you try this!" and pretty much made me cry and didn't allow my parents to usher me away. Then she stomped off and I cried the whole way to the retirement home. And she wasn't just having a bad day - there have been countless other stories just like this.

So pretty much since she's the organizer of the musical and watches every rehearsal like a hawk, I'll be scared for my life the whole time, which will increase the chance that I'll mess up and incur her wrath.

I want my mommy.

Not joking.

(At least this is my last year in middle school, so I'll be free of her evil torment after this school year is over.)

In other news, I REACHED 300 MILES TO RIVENDELL!!!

"But wait, Ellie," you say, "what do you mean by '300 miles to Rivendell'?"

Basically my parents and I (and Stella) are doing the Walk to Rivendell challenge. We've been doing it for about two and a half years now (unless you do a sport or something it's gonna take a while), and it's a super great motive to get exercise! (ikr Ellie exercising what.) Seriously, though, if you're someone who wants to do exercise but just can't find any reason to or wants to start running, swimming, or any other physical activity to get fit, I highly recommend this. It's also fun if you do it with family and friends because then you have an extra motive - to get there first! :) And if you don't want to do the full 468 miles, that's fine - you can just decide to go to Bree, Crickhollow, Tom Bombadil's house, or anyplace else along the way. :D

My family and I aren't giving ourselves a time limit (like, "You have to reach Rivendell by December 2015,") because we find it's a lot easier to just do it at our own pace. We have our own milestone chart hung up in the laundry room, and we check off whenever anyone reaches a milestone.

Currently, I am following a wide, shallow, curving valley on my third day from Weathertop. My mom is heading east on her second day from Bree, my doggie is walking along the dike and hedge that is the former boundary of Cardolan (comment down below if you know what Cardolan is and virtual ice cream sandwiches will come your way), and my dad is just entering Tookland.


One last bit of news - I updated the "About my Dolls" page with Caroline's profile. The reason it hadn't been up before is that I actually just got her for Christmas 2014, and so I've been trying to figure out her personality for the past couple months. But now it's up, and she and I both would love it if you'd hop over and take a peak! :)

Also, since she's a ballerina, I'll probably be getting her some ballet stuff soon. I already have some things, but she needs a tutu (priority), a dance bag, and a leotard. If you know of any sources of cheap ballet clothing for her, please do comment with a link down below! I'd really appreciate it. (Why didn't I figure this out last year when I could have gotten Isabelle's tutu....*sighs*.)

Well, that's all for today :). Comment down below if you have any school plays or musicals coming up or any nasssssty (bagginses ;) ) teachers as well! :)


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  1. I started shuddering halfway through the music teacher paragraph. I know the feeling. We had a terror teacher who I'll dub Mrs. G, throughout primary school. It's been so many years ago but dear lord, I'm still bloody terrified of the lady. Besides one time ragging on our president, and describing how horrible middle school was going to be, she was just plain messed up in her way of teaching.
    I started playing the viola in orchestra in 4th grade, as did other students. Mrs. G knew that some kids were learning music, and everything but she decided to go ahead with her next plan anyways. She decided everybody needed to learn to read sheet music. That was fine for the violins. They'd just be reviewing their same clef.
    Yeah, the violas went through heck.
    It's hard to describe what it's like but imagine this; You're in the middle of learning a whole new language. Suddenly, somebody tells you that you also have to learn another. And imagine both of the languages have writing that looks partially the same. Trying to figure out what language to read/write in, is a nightmare-ish experience. >_<
    Also, she always tried to get us to play these freaking plastic recorders and she'd get so ticked when we couldn't play right.
    I don't know how I survived, considering I didn't care, never practiced, couldn't read the sheet music because of what I previously mentioned, and didn't know what the heck was going on. xD

    1. She sounds like a total, complete nightmare. Ugh. I wonder how many students she made cry?
      Maybe she and Mrs. Morgan are related.
      I am fire. I am death. I am Mrs. G.
      And oh my word. I learned one clef completely before I tackled the other, but it was still so hard. I could never remember what order the notes went in in the whole bass clef or top of the treble, which was awful. Even nowadays I still get tripped up by the A and G below the C below Middle C (if that made any sense).
      I seriously like want to go back in time and visit little fourth grade Adi and hug her and give her cupcakes and tell her the torment won't be very much longer.
      And oh. My. Gosh. Mrs. Morgan had us try to learn recorders in fourth grade too. I'd been playing both clefs long enough to be fine with the notes, but she would single out random kids in the class to play solos in front of everyone with no prior warning and pick on kids who were struggling. There's a guy who's extremely sweet and polite, but doesn't do very well in school and had never played an instrument before, so he was struggling. And it's not like he didn't try - he really tried. But she picked on him throughout the whole unit and would always scream at him if he played one note wrong, even if pretty much everyone else was playing all the notes wrong. He literally cried.
      Every year now, in music class after the musical is over (so in like one and a half weeks), Mrs. Morgan makes us play guitar for the rest of the school year. It's horrible and monotonous and, even though the guitar is a fine instrument, she has a piano literally five feet away from where I sit, and it's complete torture to be stuck holding a heavy wooden weight that makes your fingers near bleed when you play it because you're not allowed to use picks and have your instrument of choice sitting so close......grrrrrr.....
      I wonder if there's some mandate somewhere saying all fourth graders must be tortured by the Recorders of Doom? Or maybe all fourth graders must learn an instrument and that's the easiest one to teach?

      - Ellie


    2. And I used the wrong kind of to and I am so pathetic. :P

    3. I wouldn't even doubt it if they're somehow related, even distantly. The stuff of nightmares lived in Mrs. G.
      I also vaguely remember a time she made us watch Little Einsteins, though we were all 9, or 10 at the time and far past watching stuff like that. She told us to clap along and yelled at us when we rolled our eyes or made face.
      I think I snorted and got a death look from her.
      I also believe she dyed parts of her hair green at one point...
      Ugh, I dreaded those classes so much. It was so long ago but I still vividly remember some parts and just. >_<
      And I honestly think the whole,"4TH GRADERS SHOULD LEARN RECORDERS," notion should be binned. It's horrible. Bad curriculum. :P

    4. Ugh. That must have been torture.
      Good for you. POWER TO THE DISDAINFUL SNORT! :)
      Oh my gosh.....I can't believe she was even allowed to do that.....then again, I do go to a school with a very strict dress code, so it may just be me....but still.....
      Did she "teach" music too? Sounds like she did.
      At least you're done with her. I still have Mrs. Morgan for the rest of the school year. And I've had her since kindergarten. Ugh :P
      (If she takes a job at the high school I'm going to I don't even know.)
      Agreed. Or it should at least be taught better.

      - Ellie


  2. Hi Ellie!
    Sorry about the rather disagreeable teacher...I'm homeschooled so my teacher is my mum technicully, but I kind of do all my work by myself. However, last year, I had this really nasty bagginses teacher for ballet and she tottally made me cry multiple times.
    Not. Fun.

    I'll go check out Caroline! That's so cool she's a dancer. : ) As for ballet clothes, I got the outift from AG that I believe was retired lately, but I want to get the new one becuase it has pointe shoes. If you have a pale doll swimsuit that dosn't tottally look swim-suit ish that might work for a leotard. And you can make your own tutu by cutting a piece of pretty ribbon to fit around your doll's waist and tying tulle to make a big bountiful skirt! Also, for my other dancer girls, I like to put them in excersise clothes and ballet flats(for ballet shoes). Becuase believe it or not, I actually don't wear tutus in class, so either way works. ;)

    1. Ugh. She sounds miserable. It's especially bad if the teacher is a teacher for something you love because then that thing is kinda ruined......at least, that's my experience. :P
      Aw, thanks! And Caroline says thanks too ;)
      Ooh, thanks for the tips! I'll have to try a tutu (although given my horrible lack of crafting ability it may not turn out too well, but we'll see. I'd certainly rather do that than buy one). And I do have some exercise clothes, so I think I could use that for warming up and such.....I think.....(I'm sorry I really have no idea how ballet works. So this'll be interesting ;) ).
      Actually, I do know! I didn't for the longest time, but then a girl in my class who's done ballet almost as long as you have was talking about needing to get new uniform-ballet-things or whatever they are (once again, not a dance expert here *blushes*) for class and I figured it out.....it does kinda make sense though.

      - Ellie

  3. Ugh mean teachers are the worst. I still haven't recovered from when a teacher of mine yelled at me for accidentally eating candy. IN KINDERGARTEN. (Even though I clearly told her that it was an accident and didn't hear her say not to eat it.) I've only watched a few of superfruit's videos but I absolutely love Pentatonix. I remember seeing them open up for someone at a concert somewhere and then I eventually found out about their songs on YouTube. And Caroline is so cute! Once you get her a ballet outfit you need to post pictures of her!!!!

    1. I remember that! Didn't she not even say you couldn't eat it until like five minutes after passing it out?
      WELL YOU NEED TO WATCH MORE BECAUSE IT'S CLEARLY WHAT'S MISSING FROM YOUR LIFE. Haha jk but still though. The more likely to video. And the 7/11. And the common white girl tag. And you will love Wyatt.
      I'll try to! :) And she says thank you, Kaylin is gorgeous too. ;)

      - Ellie

  4. Your teacher sounds horrible! I bet every school in the USA has a mean teacher.

    When I took latin last year, there were only two options for teachers:
    a) Ms. O.-A little crazy in the head and lectures you on random stuff or
    b) Ms. M-A secret witch who probably is mean to puppies.
    (Can you guess who I got?)
    Ms. M. She still hates me! Last year she would try to publicly humiliate me in the middle of class just for not knowing the conjugation of "puella". And giving me the death stare. And countles other things. Thank goodness I don't take latin anymore!

    1. Ugh, she is. :(
      Oh, no, poor you! She sounds just like Mrs. Morgan. There must be a whole factory somewhere devoted to pumping out those kinds of teachers and inflicting their horrible-ness upon the world. :P

      - Ellie

    2. There is. It's called Too Many Years In The System.
      I don't recall having a teacher who would yell at me for no apparent reason, but there were a few who were loud and scary.
      There was once, though, an after school knitting teacher. I had taken my yarn home to have grandma help me (untangling the knots) and when I got the project finished and brought it back the next week she accused me of cheating and said that my grandma did it for me.
      I decided that was bs and never went back.

      Have you noticed that all these teachers seem to be female?
      Just a pattern I noticed. I wonder why that is?


    3. Maybe it's because people (aka principals) would expect men to be a little over-the-top and keep a closer eye on them, so they feel like they have to be extra careful to not go over the bounds. And maybe it's that they can be accused faster of harassment and such, so they always try to be super cautious and nice (or at least not mean). But no one would expect a woman to be mean because we're "gentle" and "sweet" and such, and if we do lose our tempers it's "not our fault". So maybe women feel like they can get away with it more?

      - Ellie

    4. I am 99% sure they are not constantly scheming ways to be a butt under the radar.
      I think it must just be a female thing. At all of the bullying presentations we've had they've talked about girls being mean emotionally and verbally, so maybe it's just genetic.
      Maybe guy teachers are just more laid back. All my guy teachers tend to be pretty nice.
      My parents are teachers and mom is always yacking about about how her kids are behaving and what her teaching partners are doing right and wrong and on and on and on
      My dad dosent talk much about the little details of his school day, but when asked to compare himself to his teaching partner, he says he prefers the carrot and Mrs. F-S prefers the stick.
      (That is, dad goes for reward over discipline)
      I have noticed also that my female teachers tend to be a bit stricter.

      That really spiraled out of control, but my point is that I don't think thise nasty teachers are trying to get away with anything, but the female teachers definently have a different mind set than the male ones.
      SO despite my veering off track, I found this a very interesting discussion on human behavior.
      But as for the reasons behind each individual teacher's grouchy disposition I have no idea.

    5. They are stricter, aren't they! I thought about that and realized my teachers are the same. Maybe it's just the certain teachers we have, but who knows, it could be a male thing. *shrugs*
      It is interesting, isn't it?
      I don't know either. I guess it could be different factors in their lives or personalities or upbringings or such.

      - Ellie


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