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So recently my mom and I went to Barnes and Noble - as in, we actually ventured into a physical store to buy actual books. This is a big deal, as I buy most of my books on Amazon and stuff, and my mother barely buys physical books anymore. But she wanted to look at magazines, so off we went. :)

As usual, I was distracted for a solid ten minutes by all the displays downstairs, even though fantasy/sci-fi/Realm of the Geeks is upstairs. I just love wandering around bookstores - it calms me. And you never know when you might find a few new titles!

While my mom was browsing the magazine aisle, I ventured upstairs (almost went up the down escalator; I was about to step on when I ran smack into a lady who was just getting off and realized it was the wrong escalator before proceeding to run away and hide my face of embarrassment. :P) to the fantasy and sci-fi area. I hadn't been planning on buying a book for a while, but I always like to buy something at Barnes and Noble. So I got

Yup, you got it right, folks: I finished Malala recently* and am now reading this one! (I decided to continue on with the series.) I'm on about page 70. And can I just say I love Lestat's voice? Way better than Louis, who was always high-and-mighty language and philosophy that made my head spin. Lestat is quirky, funny, and doesn't spend an entire paragraph asking for the milk. This is refreshing.

After I found the book and my mom had found her magazines, we went over to the cafe and read. On our way, we passed through an aisle of sketchbooks

I love this so much :). If I were an artist I would buy it, If it had lined pages and were a journal I would buy it. IT'S JUST PERFECT <3
and journals

(it may also be Silpion)
I got a chocolate cheesecake at the cafe, and Mama got coffee. I think for my next birthday I want either a chocolate cheesecake or cookie cake.

After Lestat I think I'll read Letters. Then again, I think Queen of the Damned, the next book in the Vampire Chronicles, is a direct sequel to Lestat, so I may read that next and then Letters if the suspense is unbearable :).

In other news, Daddy and I went out and got the supplies for D&D last night! :) It was my first time ever being in a gaming store, and I can't quite say I liked it. It seemed to be chock-a-block with superhero comics and stuff (bleh) and loud teenage boys. Plus, the shelves were all crowded so it was impossible to find anything. But we eventually got what we needed, and started character creation after I finished homework at home later. Because there are only two of us (and no siblings and a mother who isn't remotely interested in fantasy) and there generally have to be 3-4 characters, Daddy suggested that he have one character and be the Dungeonmaster, at least until I get the hang of it, and I own and operate two characters. When I eventually get to be Dungeonmaster, I think I'll temporarily give him control of one of my characters. Maybe. We're still kind of working that out. :)

D&D character creation is super fun, but MAN IS IT TIME-CONSUMING. I worked two hours and barely scratched the surface. I do have two characters, but still. Ugh.

"Ellie, who are your two characters?" you may be asking.

I shall enlighten you.

Kibar (last name currently under construction) - A human (Tethyrian or however you spell it) fighter (sailor (more specifically, smuggler/pirate) background). High strength and constitution, low charisma. I.e, he's tougher than a polar bear but about as exciting as a bag of oats. :) His backstory is that he grew up by the sea and always loved sailing. When his parents died, he inherited the family business - smuggling illegal goods across the bay (a great center of port trade) he lived on. Recently, it came to his attention that the government had found out about his operation and was coming to shut it down. He quickly packed his bags, framed his assistant, and left. About a month later, the government razed his home, shut down his business, arrested his employees, and confiscated his ships. Now wandering alone in the wild, looking for a way to get back his business and ships, he always longs for the sea.
*tear rolls down cheek*
He isn't a character I created specifically for D&D, he's a character I snatched from an in-progress story I'm writing.

Name in progress but will probably end up being something like Karissa Iliandra Kella Serpent Goldlock because Gnomes Like Long Names - She is quite a bit less developed than Kibar because she didn't really exist prior to my D&D venture, but basically she's a Forest Gnome who ran away from home to escape the confines of her parents and became a bandit (with class = Rogue). I'm not as far on her abilities yet, but it's looking like she'll have high dexterity, constitution, and charisma and her specific ability things (idk what they're called, like maybe feats or something? Or are those something else?) will include escape artist and sleight of hand. Maybe. She's still pretty much a full-on construction zone.

Any advice on D&D character creation is appreciated.

Oh, and my dad's character is a female Elven wizard named Aedrie. So rogue, fighter, wizard. Pretty good bunch. :) If needed, one of us will run another character. 

Well, I think that's all for today! :) Comment below what you're reading right now, have a lovely day, and DON'T FORGET THAT YOU ARE ALL VERY BEAUTIFUL PICKLES.



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  1. Right now I am reading Flights And Chimes And Mysterious Times. It involves steampunkiness, stolen people, and and alternate London. Londinium- where the sky is choked with smoke and people are full of metal bits. Yeah. Cyborgs and robots, essentially. But with class.
    Oh I love bookstores!
    But I like the library better. I can get as many books as I want for FREE! The only downsides are you have to return the books and my family doesnt feel like waiting for hours on end for me to explore every nook and cranny. Also, it doesn't have pretty sketchbooks like that.
    EVEN SO I still like libraries better.
    D&D founds like far too much work. There is a point where my short attention span outweighs my nerdiness and I give up and do something else. But I like the character design idea- it's kind of like what we do with dolls, only with magic! This is getting me thiiiiinking.
    Today I am a red bell pepper. So sweet and crunchy!


    1. It sounds pretty good! :)
      I agree. The library is free, but there's a time limit.
      It is a lot of work, but it's fun! I didn't notice two hours had passed at all.
      It kind of is!
      *channels slow and thoughtful violin thinking music. Unless you'd rather guitar. That can also be arranged.*
      OMG I LOVE BELL PEPPERS SO MUCH UGH YAAAAASH. My mom has a cousin who lives on a huge farm on the outskirts of town, and he grows bell peppers every year. He's perfected the method and materials over the years, and his peppers are known as the zenith of all peppery goodness in the family. Every few weeks during the summer he brings over giant brown paper bags filled to the brim with peppers. Yum! I especially like them sliced and raw with sour cream or diced and cooked with fried potatoes. :) *licks lips*

      - Ellie

    2. Oh my gosh I must come to the other side of reality with you and feast on these magical peppers with sour cream! Mmmmmmm

  2. OH MY GOSH THOSE JOURNALS/NOTEBOOKS/WHATEVER ARE PERFECT. I seriously love journals. I have so many I never write in but I have one that I actually use. (I still buy really pretty ones everytime I see them though.)
    Dungeons and Dragons sounds really confusing. Your characters sound really awesome though.

    1. IKR.
      IKR again. It totally confused me until I read about it in a player handbook. I'm still a little confuzzled on different scores and number things, though.
      Thanks!! :)

      - Ellie

  3. Words can't express how much I love Barnes and Noble. Not ashamed to say I've spent hours in there just wandering around. :3
    Dungeons and Dragons sounds quite fun; I've heard of it, but all that comes to mind is a really old, slightly pixelated game that used to come free on an old computer of mine, and I'm pretty sure it's not that at all. xD
    I've currently got state testing going on which is not fun at all. :P Re-reading The Book Thief, because if I'm going to be in a room full of people, might as well cry instead of socialize. xD
    Do keep us updated on D&D. I'm really curious to hear more about it. =)

    1. IKR. I would too if it weren't for the fact that my mom places a time limit on anything we do or any excursion or activity or anything. :P
      I've not heard of that version. But basically what it is is a tabletop fantasy action role-playing game in which you create characters that you then send on quests to gain treasure and powers.
      :P Poor dear, here, have some cookies. *offers platter of chocolate chip cookies*
      I'll make sure to! :)

      - Ellie

  4. Oh, yes yes yesss! Welcome to the world of D&D dear Ellie. I'm excited to hear more posts on it!

  5. And yes, D&D can get boring at times, but then there are those times when evading flesh-decaying-through-eyes creatures is quite intriguing!

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm excited to get more into it. I'm sure it is - I'm really interested in the storytelling facet of it, on account of being a writer. :)

      - Ellie

  6. I love the Galadriel and Celeborn journal! I hope you enjoy D&D too... I am kind of fascinated by it :)



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