The Spring Picnic - An AG Photo-Story

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I know, I know, it's such an uncreative title. Really, it is. But I honestly couldn't think of anything else. :P

This is my first photo-story ever - yay!! :) So, sans further ado...


A party of five marched down a mossy slope in the warm spring air. Just-blooming flowers of yellow, pink, and blue dotted the grasses and filled them with color. The smells of just-overturned soil, ready for planting, filled their noses. Brown leaves left over from fall, formerly hidden underneath the layers of white snow, crunched underfoot. A bird tweeted from somewhere behind them. Felicity thought it could be a robin, but it might also be a jay - she wasn't sure. Bird-watching had never really been her thing.

The party was headed on an expedition to find the perfect spot for a spring picnic. As the snow had melted and winter finally withdrawn into the far reaches and corners of the world, it was the perfect time to go on the year's first picnic! The local pocket park seemed the perfect place to do it.

The troupe leader was Rebecca. She went first in the train and carried the basket full of delicious things to eat: juicy peaches, crispy chips, toasted bagels, and more. She'd also tucked some napkins into the basket in order to wipe drippy chins and clean up spills and messes.

Following her was Felicity, carrying the picnic blanket. Much to our dearest Fel's disappointment, her family was not in possession of a red checkered picnic blanket like she always saw in the stories, and so she had thrown open the doors to the old, dusty linen closet to try to find something that would do as substitute. She'd found a soft, big pink blanket with lots of teapots on and, after beating the dust out, declared it the official picnic blanket. She was in charge of it.

Right behind her came Kirsten, with a tin containing the silverware,

And Cecile, carrying the plates and bowls.

Skipping on ahead, waving her arms and kicking up bits of dirt with her high-tops, was the youngest member of their party: Kit.

Kit had not been supposed to come along on their adventure, but Sam had ordered her out of the house so she could concentrate on studying for an algebra test and Kit could get out some of her seemingly limitless energy. So far, that last item did not seem to be working out.

"How about here?" Kit exclaimed, bouncing up and down. "I like here. It feels like a fairy garden with the moss."

Rebecca sighed and said, "I don't see why not. Everyone, let's start setting up here," to try to get her little sister to be quiet. It did not work.

Kit grabbed a bowl and put it on her head. "Look!" she exclaimed, "I am a brave knight come to conquer all the evil villains and save the fairies!"

She took a spoon too. "With my magic sword I shall defeat them, and I shall defeat them with my magic sword!"

"Kit," snapped Rebecca, "sit down and be quiet. Fel, make her sit down."

But Fel did just the opposite.

She leaped up, put a bowl on her head and a spoon in her hand, and cried, "I too shall join you on this mission, my brave fellow knight! Together we shall save the fairies, for we are of the grand and much-esteemed Order of the Cupcakes!"

Kirsten and Cecile, who loved make-believe, cheered from the sidelines.

"And they ventured off on a great quest to defeat the evil Cyric the Dark and restore peace to the kingdom!" Kirsten cried.

"But first," warned Cecile, "they must pass through the Hills of Horror, where goblins and trolls lurk in every corner!"

"Ugh, enough!" exclaimed Rebecca. "Time to eat, now. Kit, if you don't stop playing right now, you won't get a brownie."


Once the bowls and spoons had been put back and everyone settled and recovered from the excitement, the feast began. The five sat around on the picnic blanket and talked about things they were excited for in spring, what Felicity had been sewing lately, how school was, etc., while eating their lunch.

And I got a brownie.

Yes, you did.

After eating, Cecile and Kirsten went to pick colorful flowers. Kit played Knights and Fairies, with Fel "supervising". And Rebecca laid down on the soft, cozy blanket and relaxed in the sun and the sounds of the voices and laughs of her sisters.


Kind of cheesy ending, I know. *covers face and hides from rotten tomatoes*

Well, I think that's it for today! :) Have a lovely day, and DON'T FORGET THAT YOU ARE ALL VERY BEAUTIFUL PICKLES!!! :)

Rebecca's Outfit - 2008-2010 School Days Outfit (retired) from American Girl

Felicity's Outfit -
Dress: Chrissa's Meet Outfit (retired) from American Girl
Shoes: Local fair

Kirsten's Outfit -
Necklace: Made by me
Shirt: Kanani's Aloha Outfit (retired) from American Girl
Jeans: Julie's Pre-BeForever Meet Outfit/Classic Outfit from American Girl
Boots: Caroline's Work Dress from American Girl

Cecile's Outfit -
Dress: Striped Halter Dress from The Springfield Collection
Flip-flops: Kanani's Aloha Outfit (retired) from American Girl
Watch: Sport Watch (retired) from American Girl

Kit's Outfit -
Shirt and Pants: Bohemian Shirt with Pants from The Springfield Collection
Shoes: Mia's Meet Outfit (retired) from American Girl


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  1. *dives wildly in front of you to save you from the tomatoes*
    I want to hang out with your dolls! And we shall be the Regiment Of The Picnics, defender of all picnics good and pure, and we shall conquer all who endanger our outdoor foodstuffs, armed with only Spoons Of Death and great Helms* Of Cereal Bowls.
    *technically not helms, because according to, a helm is "typically formed as a single cylindrical piece with a flat or raised top, completely enclosing the head." And that is not what cereal bowls do. We'll just turn a blind eye to that.
    Rebecca needs some help. I'm sure a good few weeks in the Regiment If The Picnics will do her some good with that imagination.
    Actually, knowing Rebecca, she'll probably take over and reform the place.
    Ah, well.

    I am now inspired to go out and make a fairy garden.


      I think fel might run some imagination off on her.
      I love fairy gardens. My aunt has one, and whenever I visit her I just sit and play with it forever. I wish you all the luck in your endeavors.

      - Ellie

  2. AWWW that was really cute! I actually loved the ending! It made me heart feel all warm and fuzzy.
    I really like the picture of kit with the spoon and the picture of all their legs/the picnic.
    Felicity is probably my favorite of all of your dolls I love her so much!

    1. Thank you! :)
      IKR - she's the funniest.

      - Ellie

  3. So cute! Their picnic looks like lots of fun.


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