20 Random Facts About Me

by - 11:43 PM

Because it's fun :).

1. I swallow pills without water.

2. I can jump rope backwards, but not forwards.

3. I love the sound of a golf club hitting a golf ball.

4. I don't like phablets. I think they're great for other people, just not me. I don't particularly relish the idea of carrying around a phone that takes up half my face and won't even fit in my pocket. And on the other side of it, I do not like tablets that are as small as my hands. (I do not have big hands.) They kinda defeat the purpose of a tablet, in my view, which is to have something in between a laptop/computer and a phone.

5. I am a dog person, not a cat person. I like pets that will interact with you and that you can really build a relationship with. Cats seem to be more aloof, which I don't like. I also don't like how they always hiss at me for what even their owners say seems to be no particular reason. (Maybe they sense my anti-cat feelings.) As of right now, the only cats I do not despise are Wyatt and my best friend's old grey cat, Duchess (also known as Dutchie). Dutchie does not hiss at me, and in fact is a very nice, calm, charmingly quirky old cat. :)

6. My favorite color to look at (blue or mint green) is different than my favorite color to wear (black).

7. When I was little, the first thing I ever dreamed of being "when I grew up" was an artist.

8. I don't do New Year's Resolutions. I need more drive, motivation, and hunger to do something than can be provided by just the fact of it being 2015.

9. I prefer waffles over pancakes.

10. I love trench coats.

11. I never really liked Barbie dolls. I guess I didn't see the point in tiny, sticky (for some reason the skins on mine were always sticky) toys with shoes that were impossible to get on and clothes that were lost so easily when I had my dearest Sam and Mia to play with. :)

12. I've never heard elevator music in an actual elevator.

13. I hate in cartoons when the characters' spit is shown as blue globs. In fact, I hate when their spit is shown at all.

14. I only just recently learned what Pokemon is.

15. I once drank 6 large cups of green tea during breakfast. That may not sound like a lot. Now think about drinking 6 cups of water. Large cups.

16. I don't like bananas. They always look so tasty, but then I take a bite of one and remember why I always spit them out. (And then I proceed to do so.)

17. Arundel Lowdham is one of my favorite book characters.

18. I don't have my ears pierced, and don't intend to get them any time soon.

19. I've never gotten stitches. Or broken a bone. Or dislocated a major limb. In fact, the biggest injury I've ever gotten was jamming my finger last year.

20. I LOVE the smell of pool water.

Well, that's it! 20 random facts about me. Hope you enjoyed! :)

(Oh, and comment below if your Barbies had sticky skins, too.)


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  1. YES!
    I agree with you on so much of this stuff!
    My mom got my ears pierced when I was, like, six months old, but I used to get ear infections and my ears would bleed so much that I've given up ever trying to wear them.
    You're really lucky that you've never broken a bone (my dad hasn't either. Or ever gotten a cavity) I've broken my finger sprained both of my ankles, at the same time, and fractured the growth plate in my toe.
    I prefer waffles too. The little criss cross things hold maple syrup so much better.

    1. UGH that all sounds so awful :P. I'm glad you're okay now!

      - Ellie

  2. Waffles for life. <3
    ~Leah <3

  3. How does one swallow a pill without water? Heck, I have to take mine in softened ice cream, because I'm just that lame. :P
    BARBIE SKINS WERE STICKY, I CAN VERIFY THIS. I don't know if it was all of the ones I had when I was younger or just a few, but I know a few of them had the weird sticky bodies.
    Waffles are far better than pancakes. xD
    I've never broken a bone or had a cavity either, which is nice because my fear of medical things is not easy to deal with. :P
    xo Adi

    1. Softened ice cream is amazing, though. Heck, I'd love to take mine with softened ice cream. :)
      YES, A TESTIMONY! I wonder if it was just a manufacturing defect or something about the environment we kept them in or????
      I had a cavity once. All I really remember is they put some plastic-y stuff in as the filling. But lucky you. :)

      - Ellie

  4. It was so fun learning more about you.
    I DON'T LIKE BANANNAS EITHER!!! Well Ellie, if the monkeys decide to mob us, we'll stand till the end and fight triumphantly.
    Also, yeah, I've never liked Barbies. I had one special edition one with auburn hair but she was given away. Yeah, I'm more of an American Girl.
    And I've also never had a broken bone, cavity, or major medical disaster. The mere thought of it makes me shudder. I have sprained my knee, and it hurts even after two years, and that's kinda inconveniant when you do dance : /
    Wow, you can swallow pills without water? I've never tried it!

    1. Thanks! :)
      FINALLY I AM FINDING PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND. If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together.
      IKR. I like AG a lot better.
      Ugh, that must suck. :P
      It takes some getting used to. I started because tbh I was just too lazy to get water, but now it's actually kind of convenient.

      - Ellie

  5. Wyatt is amazing and so are trench coats and waffles and the smell of pools is the best.
    And I relate to #6 so much, my favorite color is blue, but I can't help but wear black everywhere. xD
    I just realized I've never heart elevator music in an elevator either, what is life.

    1. Agreed. My mom is all like "ew pool water gross Ellie you can't go out in public like pool water people will think I don't raise you right" and I'm all like "mom are you kidding pool water is awesome this scientifically proves that you have no taste."
      EXACTLY! Every time I see one, I'm like, "Oh, it can't be that bad, I'm sure I'll like it," but then I take a bite and remember exactly why I don't eat bananas. :P
      I've only ever heard it at an airport.
      Really? THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR :).

      - Ellie

  6. Ellie we are kinda like each other! On the first one I thought you said I eat pillows without water. I was like "HUUUHHH!" LOL! I don't like tablets that much either because of that reason too. Yeah :( And here I'll tell ya a little secret. I will eat donuts and I like them but I don't LOVE LOVE them. And I don't like frosting. But I'll eat it. Anything else. I don't like cake that much, but I think cake it defiantly getting old and people are starting to like ice cream better. Yep it's true! Sorry for my ramblings.

    1. That's kind of cool! :) Ugh yeah frosting can be disgusting, especially if it's overly sugary or goopy. Yuck :P. Cake can be bad too, especially if it's overly dry. I'm thinking of having a cookie cake for my next birthday tbh :).
      Aw, don't be, dear! I do so love your ramblings :)

      - Ellie

  7. YES, BARBIE SKINS ARE STICKY. Mom gave me all her old barbies when I was little and I HATED them. It wasn't until after I turned 12 that I got interested in dolls.

    1. Yup
    2. I can go both ways.
    3. I never actually listened that closely.
    4. Yup.
    5. I like dogs too. Big dogs, ones that forget they're so big and try to sit on you, ones with a deep, resounding WOOF.
    When I was 5 we had a Rottweiler named Ripley who would let me use his side as a pillow. And he would howl sometimes, so we would sing together.
    6. I live all shades of blue, yet every single peice of clothing I own seems to be gray and green.
    8. Yup
    9. Yup
    10. I want a cape more than a trenchcoat, so it can billow out behind me as I stride importantly down the halls. But that short lady from the incredibles says : no capes
    11. See above
    12. Why is that?
    13. Blue spit gobs are not on the list of things that cause me distress.
    14. Great! Should I be educated in the area of Pokemon, too?
    15. I drank 4 mugs of passion tea once. And could not. Stop. Peeing.
    I have not made that mistake again.
    16. Bananas are NASTY by themselves, but I do like them in oatmeal with crasins.
    17. Now I have to go find out who he is.
    18. Thou shalt not poke holes in thy flesh to dangle bits of metal from said hole.
    19. I got three stitches once, when I was 10 and fell on some gravel with a peice of metal sticking out. The scar is pretty much gone now, but it was cool while it was still there.
    20. You're insane. ; )

      4. YES FINALLY SOMEBODY WHO UNDERSTANDS everyone else I talk to is like "But Ellie phablets are the invention of the decade" and I'm like "well if so then bigger pockets need to be the invention of the next decade".
      5. I love the gentle giant doggies :). They're so sweet and ADORABLEEEE!!! YOUR DOGGIE SOUNDS SO CUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!
      10. Capes are awesome. One of my friends wore a black cape that closed up in the front and had a hood once to school and was a Ringwraith for the day. It was awesome. :)
      12. Maybe b/c having Thorin by my side (combined with my powers as President of the Swag League) scare it all away? Idk.
      15. I have had that problem on occasion, but in my opinion it's worth it. :) Passion tea sounds good.
      16. AGREED. I have never had them in oatmeal with craisins. I have had them as mush mixed into muffins, which was somewhat tolerable.
      19. Ouch, that must have hurt :P. Yeah, you could tell people you got it battling the Witch-King at Minas Tirith or Shelob in her tunnels.
      20. THANK YOU ;D

      - Ellie

  8. Yay I'm not the only one who does not like bananas! Barbie skins are really sticky, I had a few but I really enjoyed making them "parachutes" and throwing them out windows (I don't advise doing it though it annoys the neighbors). As for 19 you are really lucky, I broke my finger pretty badly by slamming it on the wall and I have gotten stitches a few times too. I am not really a cat person either.

  9. I don't like bananas and I've had a few sticky Barbies. AGs are much better!


  10. I loved learning more about you! I have attempted to take pills before with water but I could never swallow them, perhaps taking them without water might work :) I never played with barbie dolls as I preferred baby dolls over them so I can't verify if they had sticky skin :) I love waffles!, especially crunchy ones. ;)

    1. Thanks! :) I hope it does! Yes, waffles are the best ;)

      - Ellie


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