My Opinions on AG's Truly Me First Release

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Well this is awkward.


Because being the totally clueless person I am, I was casually waiting around for TM to come on the 27th when I was walking home from school yesterday and checked Blogger and did a total "WHAT THE UBGXKYBFKSX TRULY ME CAME OUT TODAY I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO COME OUT THE 27TH."

Fantastic job Ellie very nice much knowledge *applause*.

So I rushed home and got on the site 'cause there was some new stuff coming out and some serious butchering to go down and y'all are about to hear it so here. we. go.

(Also, apologies for the tininess of the pictures. :P Thanks to AG's new site layout, I can't seem to get pictures any bigger than these. If you know how to, please do comment below. Thanks! :) )

I really like this doll. I think she's very cute, and go diversity! :) Plus, it's great more dolls are getting the Sonali mold and amber eyes.

Once again, go diversity! And I love her hair.

And if you'll look to your left, folks, you'll see a perfect example of a white blond girl!
(I know blond white humans are nice. But I'm tired of AG putting out blond white dolls.)

This vest reminds me of a PC one that was light-wash denim was black lining and pins on it. Now, mind, I liked that vest. I like this vest. Just not with the tutu. I think if you just put the vest with the dress alone it actually looks quite cute.
Oh, and the tutu I just don't like period. Whoever thought that that was a good idea for a color needs to be banished to the bowels of Angband, ASAP.

I actually really like this outfit. Like, if it weren't so overpriced ($28), I would buy it. I love the graphic tee and slouchy boots, and the skirt is so sweet and versatile. :)

So I know everybody's seen this dress and been all like "OMG THIS DRESS IS SO PERFECT I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH", but I really don't like it. The color combo strikes me as weird, plus the design just looks slouchy. I think the idea was great, but the execution poor.

I don't know what you are or what you think you are but please get away from me because I despise you.

I'm getting kind of tired of all this beach stuff. Sure, beaches are a huge part of what you do during the summer - but you still do other things, too. And tbh this looks like some of the most unrealistic doll food I've ever seen.

Once again, I love the idea, but the execution is lacking. The color scheme again just doesn't settle with me - it seems too bright and clashing. Also, it looks really plastic-y.

Well, those are my opinions on the new TM merchandise! :) What do you think? What are you hoping to see from TM in the future? Comment below :).


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  1. I am going to try to make a hammock!

  2. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON THE VEST AND TUTU THING! Like what the !%#^&%$&# is that tutu doing?? I actually quite like the flamingo dress. Also, when I went to the store, there seemed to be a coral, light blue theme going on. The windsurf thingy n(store exclusive) was that color, and the hammock is, too! I AM NUTS OVER TM 62!! She's freaking FABULOUS! Annnnd I'll stop ranting now. Just ignore this comment.

    1. I like coral and light blue, just not together.
      IKR though! She's gorgeous :).
      Oh, no, I love rants. :)

      - Ellie

  3. LOOK! The tulle monster has joined ranks with the Wiked bow fairy and the sparkle unicorn with the stomach flu!
    Together they shall rule the doll clothing world, spreading evil and pink and sparkly tulle explosions! This is what the apocalypse preppers were waiting for! It's every man for himself out there, and things are going to get ugly. Here marks the beginning of the sparklegeddon.
    The Doll World Defense branch will be issuing sparkle proof suits and protective goggles to all residents of doll world. You may pick up your gear for your family starting Wednesday. Citizens of age are urged to join the war against these creatures, and if you happen to see one, call your local Doll World Defense hotline immediately (do not attempt to catch them on your own. Doing so may cause you to get infected with sparkles, bows, tulle, or pink, which may spread to those of your community.). Everyone can do their part in keeping doll world safe.

    For more information on the protection and prevention in this crisis, please contact your local Doll World Defense office.

    1. I just died from laughter. THAT WAS HILARIOUS.

    2. You can visit the Doll World Department Of Ressurection if you would like to have your life back after your unfortunate laughter induced death.
      Remember that the Sparkle Fever patients get their first attentions. An undead comic book or cellular phone may be needed to entertain yourself in the waiting room.
      I wish you the best of luck in retrieving your life.

    3. This is literally so amazing and I can't even. :)

      - Ellie

    4. Gwen your silliness is the BEST!!!

  4. Yes. I agree so much with you! And honestly, I am blond with blue eyes and I wish I as a bit more interesting. (Like I wish I had blue hazel eyes or whatever)
    I think AG needs some real kids to design doll clothes.
    I agree with the beach and doll food thing.

    1. Aw, no, dear, I'm sure you look beautiful. <3
      I agree! They'd certainly be a lot more stylish if that was done.

      - Ellie

  5. I'm not a huge fan of anything in the new seems AG is catering to a younger audience, which makes sense since according to most people, girls 12+ are "too old for dolls" *laughs sarcastically*
    I think I won't buy anything from AG in the future, unless it is a doll. Otherwise, Etsy is one of my fave places to buy clothes.


    1. I think they are, too.
      *joins you in audibly contracting the diaphragm*
      Me neither. Their prices and quality have gotten really bad. I like Jiminee's Doll Clothes, but Etsy is pretty awesome. :)

      - Ellie

  6. #63 is gorgeous. If I didn't have Ivy, I would get her, (or I'll get her anyway and say they're twins) #64, on the other hand... AG really have too many blonde-and blue-eyed dolls, it's insane.
    Wait, the tutu goes OVER the dress? No. Who wears a dress and then goes " Ooh, yeah, I'll put that tutu on as well, that'll look great!" What? First it's shorts over leggings, then tutus over dresses. What will be next? Boots over flats? A t-shirt over a hoodie?
    I mostly agree with you, but I OMG THAT DRESS IS SO PERFECT I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH! xD

  7. I mixed up the doll numbers on my other comment!
    #64 is the gorgeous one, and #63 is the blonde one I don't really like.

    1. IKR, she's stunning. And I agree about the blond dolls.
      Especially not with that tutu ;).
      That's okay, don't worry! :) I can never keep the numbers straight either.

      - Ellie

  8. I love the slouchy boots so much!


  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE TM #62. I think she's going on my wishlist... :D


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