The Books and Reading Challenge!

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Thank you so much to the amazing Kelsey for nominating me for this! :)


1. You must answer all the questions.

2. Repost the picture with a link to Noor's blog and the blog of the person who tagged you.

3. You may tag people if you like, but it isn't required.

The Questions:

1. May TBR (To Be Read)?
The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien by J.R.R. Tolkien, Humphrey Carpenter, and Christopher Tolkien. 

2. Book (series) you would like to see as a movie?
It's not a series, but The View from Saturday by E.L. Konigsburg.

3. Overhyped book/author?
The Hunger Games. I'm sorry. Suzanne Collins is a stunning writer, but the Hunger Games is just no.

4. The best book series you will ever read?

5. Book to movie adaption that was really bad?

6. Book that just made you cry?

7. Book you're reading right now? Give it a quick rating.
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It's not a Discworld book, but it's amazing and hilarious still. 9.5 out of 10.

8. A book series that you just didn't like?
The Dive Trilogy by Gordon Korman. I usually love his work - Titanic was amazing - but Dive missed the mark. By a long shot. A really long shot.

9. Book that you haven't read yet, but really need to?
The Peoples of Middle-Earth by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Christopher Tolkien

10. What's your favorite children's book?

Now, you're supposed to switch out the tenth question with a new one for the people you nominate, so my tenth question is What's a book you loved while you were reading it but now look back at and wonder why you ever liked?

And my nominees aaaaaare: 


Well, I think that's it! :) Thank you so much again to Kelsey for nominating me, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles.


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  1. Thanks for nominating me! I'll be sure to do this on my blog. :)


    1. Of course, dear! :) I can't wait to see it.

      - Ellie

  2. Congrats! Pickles are beautiful! :)

    1. Thank you! You're right, they are. :)

      - Ellie

  3. Thank you for tagging me! I would love to put the tag on my blog, but I've done a lot of book tags. But I really like these questions so I thought I'd post my answers here.

    1. The Heir, by Kiera Cass, fourth book in the Selection Series (neeeed to get my hands on this book!)
    2. Maybe Cinder, by Marrisa Meyer
    3. Hmmm... maybe the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series? I like those books, but the writing does not deserve the hype.
    4. The Hunger Games, lol. (but I love TLOR too)
    5. The Percy Jackson movies were beyond horrible.
    6. The Book Thief; that book is beautiful.
    7. Right now, I'm reading the Testing. It's okay. The plot is good; the characters are flat. Doesn't settle well with me.
    8. I didn't like the Maze Runner Series very much.
    9. Emma, by Jane Austen.
    10. Me too! Winnie the Pooh.
    Thanks again! I love this post:)
    In Christ,

    1. You're welcome! Ok, that's fine. :)
      2. I have been hearing so much about this book! That's it, I'm definitely going to look into it.
      3. Yeah, me too. They were interesting, but mostly because of the format of the books. The actual writing itself wasn't that good.
      6. IKR. I've only watched the movie, but I was definitely bawling.
      10. HIGH FIVE FOR WINNIE-THE-POOH *high fives you*

      You're welcome! :) Aw, thanks!!

      - Ellie


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