The "STAHP Ur too Sweet for Ur Own Good" Award!

by - 11:35 PM

Thank you so much to Watermelon and Raspberry for this award! *hugs*

The Rules, otherwise known as Guidelines:

1. Nominate someone who you believe is uber sweet, who is always leaving nice comments, or is just a great, kind Blogger friend of yours.

2. Answer the questions the Blogger who nominated you asked, then come up with at least 5 new, original questions for your nominees to answer.

3. Be sure to leave a comment on each nominee's blog to let them know they've been nominated. Leave a link to the post so they can easily find it as well.

4. You must nominate at least 10 people. Tagbacks are allowed, as is nominating people more than once.

5. Copy and paste the Guidelines so that everybody knows what the heck is going on.

6. And finally, have FUN!

Watermelon and Raspberry's Questions:

1. When did you start AG blogging?
December 31st, 2014. :)

2. Do you like school?
Difficult question.
I like learning, but I don't like school. That is, I like gaining knowledge and experiencing new things, but I don't like homework, teachers, and the social hierarchy. I hope that makes sense.

3. What is your favorite doll item (AG or not)?
Right now, probably the boots from Caroline's Work Dress from American Girl. I'm always trying to find an excuse to put them on my dollies :).

4. Do you like to read?

5. What is your favorite historical doll?
Do retired dolls count? If so, Ruthie. If not, Samantha.

6. What is your favorite food?
Chocolate lava cake. Yums!! :)

My Questions:

1. Ice cream: hard pack or soft serve?

2. Last movie you watched?

3. Favorite breakfast food?

4. Favorite movie character?

5. Do you often wear jewelry?

My Nominees (obviously ten isn't a thing that's going to happen as this award has been floating around for over six months and pretty much everyone's gotten it so we're gonna go with three):


Well, I think that's all for today! :) Thank you again, Watermelon and Raspberry, and have a great day, everybody! :)


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  1. I understand the school question so much. I like the actual learning and about 1/3 of the homework, but I could really do without the people.
    Caroline's work dress is so awesome, with the travel dress a close second.
    Thank you for the award! I'll get it up soon.

    1. IKR.
      IKR again. Her travel dress is the main item I'm thinking of snatching now that she's retiring. I just love how the dress falls and the pretty color. :)
      You're welcome! :)

      - Ellie

  2. Congrats on the award, Ellie!! And big THANKS for nominating mmmee!! *throws streamers* yay!! ^_^

    1. Thank you!! :) Abd you're welcome!

      - Ellie

  3. Congrats! and AWWWWWWWWWWWW *hugs* That's so sweet!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU

    1. Thank you! :) And you're welcome!! *hugs back*

      - Ellie


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