Sincerely, Ellie

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Inspired by the lovely Adi, although the whole genius thing was started by Star Girl.

Dear Reagan,
Literally you're the best friend in the whole world and I don't know where I'd be without you. You're always so supportive and encouraging and honest and witty and fun and gaaaah. You're perfect, girl, and cheers to us. :)
P.S. - You need dat bonsai.
P.P.S. - Charley Anne says hello. I saw her while I was down by the banks fishin' today.

Dear Henry,
Okay, so I know you don't care too much for any of this mushy stuff (at least, on the surface), but you're amazing. You're literally such an inspiration and an incredibly strong person, and, to be honest, you've really opened my eyes to the whole world. You're an awesome being, and always stay you. <3
Also, keep in mind that I'll almost certainly always be pretty protective of you, no matter how much you hate it, so suck it up and deal.
And, finally, no one is ever going to stop shipping you and Zach, so you might as well quit trying to stem the flood. :)

Dear Zach,
We're all always going to be behind you 100%, and anyone that won't shouldn't matter, so don't waste your time with them. Be you and be awesome. You taught me how to draw a Slugcat, and you can sing better than Adele. Plus, you've got an incredible gift for making people smile. So stay awesome. <3

Dear Olivia,
I'm not as nice to or patient with you as I should be, and I'm so sorry for that. I had such an amazing time with you at the park, and you're one of my sweetest friends. You always know what to say and when to say it (a skill I totally lack), and keep being you, no matter who anyone else is. <3

Dear Blanche,
You're a good friend, and I think you try to be a good person, you just don't know how to do it. You've been brainwashed, girl, and the rest of the world isn't made of people like you. It's not your fault you're like you are, but you are, nevertheless. You also have no idea how to interact with the rest of the universe. So perhaps it'd be safe if you kept your mouth shut a little more than you do now.

Dear Mrs. Porter,
Oh, my Lord, you're by far the best teacher I've ever had. You encouraged me and helped me grow and made me what I am, and I'd probably still be curled up under my bed in a ball if it weren't for you. I can't even express the full extent of everything you've done for and mean to me. Thank you so, so much. <3

Dear Mrs. Perry,
I think you're a great person, just a crap teacher. Going for ice cream after the science bowl was fantastic, and from what I hear you were really fun at the baking class, too. You simply don't know how to teach. It's not your fault, you just don't know - hence your horrible reputation with most of the class, who only sees the teaching, and not the personal, side of you. But I think you're pretty darn awesome :).

Dear Brigham Anderson,

Dear Cressida,
You're pretty freakin' cool, and I'm still slightly shocked I'm your friend. Also, dibs on your sister. The littlest one. And on your giant LotR poster, too, and My Chemical Romance tank. Thanks.

Dear Emmie,
You were horrible, and I don't know if you've changed. You seem to. I hope you have, because if you have you'd be a pretty cool friend.

Dear Mitch Grassi,
I worship you and your voice and no two ways about it. Also, I stalk you.

Dear Colonel William Tavington,
As I write this, sorrow weighs my heart like lead and grief my head, but I must, unfortunately, reply no to your gracious offer of marriage. There is nothing and no one I would love more save one, and, unfortunately, to him I am married, and I desire to stay so. I do hope this answer causes no bitterness or anger on your part and that we still can maintain a friendly and courteous relationship. I do enjoy your company ever so much - it's just that I prefer his.
The Queen of Middle-Earth, Eleanor Oakenshield, or, Mrs. Thorin Oakenshield

Dear Jack Sparrow, Loki, and Beethoven,
Second verse, same as the first.


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  1. That last one.
    That's awesome.
    Tell Thorin hi for me.

  2. I love the mix of serious and silly you had in this. It was very fun to read. :)

  3. Also, I have a very important question that only you can answer because you read all those vampire books.

    Do female vampires have periods?

    1. Nope - vampires' bodily functions, such as growth (or periods), stop when they become vampires,

      - Ellie

  4. Thank you for appeasing my weirdness.
    *leaps onto unicorn and rides into the west singing songs of seahorses*

  5. That last one
    Oh my God Ellie

  6. THE LAST ONE IS DOWN RIGHT AWESOME! You are really good at these!

  7. I love Jason Isaacs, but Tavington is just such a hateful character. I'd take Thorin over him, but I'd take Kili or Fili over Thorin.


    1. Yeah......he doesn't have the best.......moral.....fiber.
      Agreed :).
      Yeah, Fili and Kili are pretty darn awesome. :)

      - Ellie

    2. :) Jason Isaacs is an amazing actor.


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