Songs I've Been Loving in June 2015

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Let us begin. :)

"Jackie and Wilson" by Hozier

"She's gonna save me,
Call me baby,
Run her hands through my hair.
She'll know me crazy,
Soothe me daily,
Better yet, she wouldn't care!
We'll steal her Lexus,
Be detectives,
Ride 'round picking up clues.
We'll name our children Jackie and Wilson,
Raise 'em on rhythm and blues."

In my book, Hozier has always been awesome for "Take me to Church", but recently I decided to listen to more of his music. And I definitely love it - his sound is super unique, and he always has a few cool surprises in terms of the feel and sounds of his songs up his sleeves. This is one of my new favorites of his, especially because of the ultra-cool bluesy undertone. :)

"This is Gospel" by Panic! at the Disco

"This is gospel
For the fallen ones,
Locked away in permanent slumber.
Their philosophies
From pieces of broken memories."

I first saw this song when Water Under the Bridge did a cover of it. I listened to the actual song after reading her post, and DANG. It has such a strong rhythm (something I really enjoy in songs) and a cool variation in sound. A definite must-listen.

"The Ballad of Mona Lisa" by Panic! at the Disco

"There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for."

I recently discovered this amazing thing on the Music app on my phone: iTunes radio. Basically, you select an artist, genre, or song, and it plays music for free from/related to whatever you chose (with extremely minimal ads). My Fall Out Boy station has been my number one resource for music this month, and it's where I found this amazing song. It has some pretty awesome lyrics and a super catchy chorus, and I really love it. :)

"Nine in the Afternoon" by Panic! at the Disco

"'Cause it's nine in the afternoon.
Your eyes are the size of the moon."


Like the song above, I first heard this on my FOB radio. It caught my attention because of the swinging, relaxed feel of the chorus, and captured my love because it's such a happy, uplifting song - it never fails to make me smile, and it's definitely perfect for any time when you're feeling down. :)

"Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance

"I am not afraid to keep on living.
I am not afraid to walk this world alone." iTunes radio has done a lot for me this month, okay? ;)

I don't think I could fully express what this song means to me. Rarely do I have music that affects me in this way, even if it's a song I really like. But the above lyrics in this song really spoke to and grabbed hold of me, and I've been holding onto them very tightly for the past month.

I'm not suicidal. I don't suffer from depression, anxiety, or anything else. I've never executed self-harm, and I have pretty good self-confidence. But there are still those days when I feel so overwhelmed and exhausted and done with it all that I dream about pitching myself over the banister or just giving up and stopping my mental and emotional existence. But these lyrics throw themselves in the face of those feelings, say to never give up, to always stand stubborn and resilient in the face of whatever terrible things life may throw at you. No matter if you feel worthless, or someone has abused you, or you have made a horrible mistake. These lyrics tell me to continue living and say to those things and self-harming feelings, "No, I refuse to give into you." It really takes hold of me and encourages me to keep going, physically and emotionally, when I'm really feeling low, or just at any time in general. Please, I beg of you, give the song a listen. It's a wonderful piece, and ultra inspiring. :)

Well, I think that's all for today. Do you have any songs that mean a lot to you? What songs have you been listening to this month? Comment below, and have an awesome day. :)


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  1. The only song I recognized was 9 in the afternoon. I was wondering where I had heared it before... Rock band? Some sort of Xbox game like that....
    I actually liked all of these! They are all very powerful (well I guess 9 in the afternoon is more la la la la la la happiness : )). *adjusts tie, steeples fingers, and looks you very seriously in the eye* would you recommend these songs to listen to while riding in to battle orcs, ellie?

    But yeah. Lots of those are like AWW YAS ITS FEAR CONQUERING TIME!
    Actually I can't remember If that's how they all went- too busy not being afraid to keep on living or walking this world alone. ( it's stuck in my head now...'Tis a good thing.)

    Yup. Gwennie* knows those feels.
    Me: kill myself? No, no, what a foolish idea! Very scary. Lots of mess** to clean up afterward, too.
    Me: can I please please please not exist? I hate people and thinking and obligations and doing things and people. I don't even know why! I want to be done here! I want it*** to stop!

    Oh well. *singing* I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone!

    *more loved ones' emotional mess than a body, I presume.
    **and apparently also refers to herself in the third person.****
    ***what is it? I've never been able to figure this out.
    **** ooh look! I did it again!

    Ugh. I need footnotes, not asterisks.

    1. Hmm. Maybe Mona Lisa would be satisfactory for that, but I think I'd mainly recommend the Lord of the Rings iTunes Radio. ;)
      'Tis indeed :).
      Yes indeed far too much mess :).
      *Sings with you*!

      - Ellie

  2. YES ELLIE YES PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! love all the songs you chose by them. :3 the only song i haven't heard is the first one, i'll have to check it out. :)


      It's quite lovely :) I think you might like it.

      - Ellie

  3. The Light Behind My Eyes by My Chemical Romance is the song that means the world to me. It's soothed me and helped me get to sleep more times than I count. Honestly, My Chem as a band has done more for me than I ever could've imagined. I've never been depressed like you, but occasionally I'm quite insecure, and I don't doubt that without finding my way to music, I may have slipped into depression/anxiety. I think that's why Gerard means so much to me. He's such a little bundle of dorky joy, and latching onto that happiness has in turn made me happier. *shuffles feet* I don't know. I probably sound stupid. :/
    Oh Ms Believer by Twenty One Pilots is another song that means a lot to me. I can't even put my feelings about it into words. It's worth a listen, for sure. :}

    As for my regular loves for the month...
    One Hundred Sleepless Nights (Pierce the Veil), Faint (Linkin Park) & A Love Like War (All Time Low ft. Vic Fuentes) are all songs I've played more times than I'd care to recall. xD
    xo Adi

    1. Oh, no, dear, not at all, not stupid at all. Gosh, it's so awesome that MCR and music have helped you so. I'll have to give that songs a listen. :)
      - We go together or we don't go down at all. -
      And One Hundred Sleepless Nights, another song brought to me by my iTunes Radio, is seriously fantastic as well :D.
      I've not heard Faint, I'll have to try it!

      - Ellie

    2. Oh my Lord, Adi, that MCR song is beautiful. :) Made me tear up.

      - Ellie

  4. I love reading these posts. You always introduce me to new songs, it's great.
    May I reccomend Kitchen Sink and The Judge (both Twenty One Pilots) and Paint (by Dodie Clark, she's oddledoddle on YouTube.) All three are amazing songs xD.

    1. Gosh, thank you so much. :) I'll have to check those out!

      - Ellie

  5. Panic! At the Disco yass! Hmm I've been listening to Kids in the Dark by All Time Low, Lost in Stereo (again) by All Time Low, Thanks For the Memories by Fall Out Boy, and Harlem by New Politics. I love your new profile pic by the way its great!

    1. IKR! Omg, I LOVE Thanks for the Memories and Harlem! I don't think I've heard the other two, but I'll definitely look them up!

      - Ellie

  6. OH MY GOSH PANIC AT THE DISCO YESSSSSSSS! I mean obviously miss Jackson is my favorite song of theirs(it really reminds me of fob though. Not that that's a bad thing) but this is gospel is definitely second best.
    Oh my gosh yes I know what you mean I literally love when you can find songs that make you feel that way because it's just so...idk just really really nice. (I know you probably get this and it's really unnecessary but like just remember you can always talk to me if you need it. Like even if you just need someone to listen to you rant I'll be here :D ). mean generally I sing really slow camp songs to myself (linger and magic are my faves) (also no surprise here I mean really this was probably expected). Kind of like lullabies I guess you know? But actual SONG songs that I love for that is irresistible. Like it's not even inspiring the trumpets just make me so pumped and I always feel like some epic hero and it's just really awesome idk. I swear though if I ever became a demon you wouldn't even have to go to some crossroads or do some ritual to someone me just play the first ten seconds of that song and I will drag myself out of hell to listen to it.
    But songs I've really been loving are probably you're crashing but you're no wave by fall out boy and novacaine also by fob.

    1. .....okay now that you say it it kind of does.
      Oh my goodness, thank you. :) I knew, but it just feels better to have it said, if you know what I mean. :)
      What are these lingers and magics?
      IKR OMG. Like I cannot listen to potc without grabbing my plastic sword and running around my room (house, if my parents aren't home) swinging it and screaming "Hiyah!" And "They shall be avenged!" And things like that at the top of my lungs. :)
      I must listen to those.

      - Ellie


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