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Hey guys! Today I thought I'd do a this-was-my-day-here-are-some-pictures-I-took-during-its-duration type post. So here is! ;)

The first thing that happened was my mom went for a facial at a local salon/boutique/spa place thing, and, while I myself didn't get any treatment, I did go with her. While waiting for her to be done, I wandered around the boutique part of the establishment and man. do. they. have. some. cute. clothes.


So I'm not really a big fan of the dress but man that vest like hello there vest can somebody please get me that vest.

Oh my goodness Ellie wants. Now.

There was also a book of dressy hairstyles on the table in the waiting area. I flipped through it, and wow man like some of that stuff is srs fancy jazz. I can barely imagine how people do it. Here are some of my favorite styles:

Is it just me, or does she kinda look like Bella Thorne?

I love the makeup in this one.

I like this one because she seems to be genuinely smiling and having a good time. She seems more like a real person than the others in the book.

Then my mom and I went to a craft/home jazz store to get some frames for my mom to use to hang stuff up. While there, I saw these awesome mini frames:

Doll-sized! :D My favorite is the one on the left. Yours?

They also had this awesomeness on a shelf by the checkout line:

I swear when I get to be an adult going shopping totally on my own I'll be absolutely zero good at resisting things on shelves by checkout lines. ;P

I hadn't been planning on purchasing anything, but I ended up snagging this super cute to-do list pad:

Dark wash jeans in the blazing heat of summer. Go fashion rebellion ;).

And then my mom and I got takeout lunch from a French-inspired bakery and cafe in our neighborhood. I got a turkey club (turkey, mayonnaise, swiss, lettuce, and bacon):

Yuuuuum :)

And a DELICIOUS chocolate mousse:

*sings softly to self*
There was a great big moose
(There was a great big moose)
Who liked to drink a lot of juice
(Who liked to drink a lot of juice)

The top of the mousse. Sans juice.

And, as nothing happened in the afternoon (other than lazing around watching Jenna Marbles's doggie videos (MARBLES IS SOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUTE :D :D :D)), that's my day! :) How was your day? What did you do? Comment below! 


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  1. Your day sounds very fun! That...mousse...I need... *mouth waters preventing speech*
    I love that black dress. A black dress and a cute sweater or jewelry is an instant outfit when you need something a bit dressier, in my experience.

  2. looks like you had a fun day! and holy cow that's some good looking mousse. O.o
    my day? err...i did a whole lot of nothing. picked up my trumpet and did some stuff for marching band *gags* but yep. went outside and felt like i was melting as i posed my vinyl girls for photos. like i said, a whole lot of nothing. but i think it was a good kind of nothing. :}


    1. I like good kinds of nothing. Christopher Robin once said to Pooh that today they should sit in a big tree and do nothing, and if someone came along they would say they were busy doing nothing. Doing nothing can be the very best thing sometimes.

      - Ellie

      i say that as i sit here in my black tee shirt and black jeans. *facepalm*


    3. Same man same though.
      I have figured out that the longer sleeves and pants you wear, the less square mileage the EVIL MOSQUITO has to bite you on.

      - Ellie

  3. I LOVE MOUSSE!!! IT'S SO YUMMY! *ok Lydia calm down.* Ahh well then where was i? Oh yes! I really loved those dresses it that spa! also those hairstyles were super cool! I have to do my sister's for her ball (similar to a prom) so they were some good inspiration! And I too am so temped by things by the checkout line!! >.<

    1. IKRRRRR.
      IKR, especially when it's candy! Yummmms :)

      - Ellie

  4. I want a moose going on a juice induced rampage through the store, munching on that adorable tank top (which I really really want in dark green) and then galumping behind you and your mom as you go out to lunch and snuffling over your shoulder at your mousse.

    Today I rode the ferry to whidbey island with Francis The Gender-Ambivalent Plastic Dragon.
    I took pictures, which I'll post soon.

    1. OMG SAME. Srsly though that moose would be soooo cute.
      It would look good in dark green, especially with the pink on it, I think.
      Francis sounds awesome.

      - Ellie

  5. Oooh lovely photos and that mouse looks AMAZNG-LOL I typed Mouse.. MOOSE! =D

  6. I like the black dress or the tank top as well.
    OH MY GOSH. I love chocolate mousse. So much.

    Unfortunately I didn't get to go shopping. My sister left for summer camp yesterday and I mostly moped around (because my sister is nearly a year apart from me and we almost never fight so we're like best friends) until I had to go to the dentist. I spent an hour laying down having my mouth numb and worked on. (Ouch).


    1. IKRRRRRR!
      Aw, phooey. That's great that you and your sister are close, though.
      Yuck :P I have to go to a dentist appointment later this week, I think, to get an expander put in. Idk what that does but oh well.

      - Ellie

  7. STOP MAKING ME SO HUNGRY. Lol. It's not even funny... xD Looks like you had tons of fun!

  8. Okay, that black dress would be great at a middle school dance for me... and *GASPS* GHIRARDELLI(is that spelled right?) SQUARES!!! I love the mint ones the best.


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