FLC Assignment 1 :)

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'Lo, young bloods. Today I have for you my first assignment for FLC! We had to write a short story using one of three given pictures as a prompt. The prompt I chose was this one:

Camp Pic 3.jpg  

Let us begin!

Note: Aleuna is not the lady in the picture. The lady comes in later.

Aleuna stamped her foot. Puffs of white dust flew up and dusted her boots with a layer of pearl before slowly circling back down toward the ground.
Shivering, she crossed her arms, hunched her shoulders, and looked around. She didn’t think she had ever seen a place so cold, so desolate. A white dessert of dust stretched around her as far as she could see. The air froze her skin, and breath escaped her lips only in cold puffs. Above her, a black and purple night sky dotted with stars went on eternally. There was no end to this cold, depressing waste. No one was anywhere around -
Hold on. There was someone. Over there, on that rock.
Wait - rock?
That rock hadn’t been there before.
Neither had the person.
Oh, God, thought Aleuna. I’m losing my mind. 
What she could see of the figure from this distance indicated to her that it was a woman, with what appeared to be long dark hair. She seemed to be staring off into the distance, at nothing in particular and everything in general all at once.
Aleuna set off.
Her black boots crunched against the ground as she walked, and the sound seemed to echo into a void of silence so empty, so cold. As she got closer and closer, the woman did not stir an inch. Her eyes did not flicker. She did not even shift position. She may as well have been a statue.
Aleuna came up to her and stopped. The sound of her walking ceased, and the void sucked up the silence.
The woman was tall (or at least taller than Aleuna, which, she did admit, did not take much effort) and her luscious, long dark hair spilled over her shoulder onto her gown, which was white and ice blue at the same time and fell down from her knees to puddle about her feet. Two blue flowers decorated her hair, and they were the most delicate and beautiful Aleuna had ever seen. And a feature before not noticed - beautiful, fragile wings, as tall as the woman and fanning out behind her, transparent and difficult to perceive against the cold white sand. The fey's dark eyes continued to stare into nothing for a few seconds before turning slowly and fixating themselves on Aleuna.
Aleuna shifted uncomfortably. Around her, the silence raged on.
“Are you real?” whispered Aleuna, uncertainty creating nausea in her chest. Chilling cold entered her lungs as she spoke.
The creature waited a few seconds before answering. “No.” Her voice was low and melodious and high and fragile all at once, and Aleuna thought she had never heard anything more ethereal or beautiful.
Not real? Cold continued to sting the inside of Aleuna’s nose as she thought about this. “Then you’re a figment of my imagination,” she realized, half accusingly.
The two looked at each other for a few seconds more before Aleuna drew her cloak closer around her uncomfortably. “This place isn’t real either, then.”
“That,” replied the fey slowly, "depends on your definition of real."
Something made Aleuna look down. The rock, which she was sure had been no wider than a stool before, was now big enough for two. Her breath locked in her chest. What? What had just happened? Her head snapped back up at the fey, who gestured with a long, white limb. “Sit.”
Aleuna did. Her cloak flared out behind her as she did so before settling itself gently behind her on the rock.
The fey looked up. So did Aleuna.
She forgot how to breathe.
The night sky was not just a plain black blanket anymore. It was a dappled myriad of twilight purple, royal blue, and black. Swirls of clouds intertwined with each other or fanned out in beautiful shapes and spaces, effortless and graceful. Stars, white shimmering pinpricks, frosted across it in white galaxies and lanterns in the clouds. A pale, white mist drifted through it all, the spectacular, breathtaking, gorgeous night sky.
Aleuna sat and stared, stunned, at the beauty of it all while the fey sat beside her and did the same. Finally, after what seemed like a blessed eternity, Aleuna stood up and brushed the sand off her cloak. “Thank you,” she said.
“But I am you,” remarked the fey. “Thank yourself.”
Aleuna nodded, turned around, and started walking. The void did not seem sound-sucking, cold, and cruel anymore, rather, blissful, natural, and beautiful in the silence, the absence the of noise from everyday life.
Aleuna did not know how or when she got home, but she did know she was glad she’d been away.

Well, that's all for today! What did you think? Comment below, and have a lovely day.


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  1. Oh I really like it you are a really good writer! :)

  2. The imagination is a beautiful place to hide or go on vacation.
    I don't even have an eloquent response for what you just wrote. I can see it playing out in my head. Love it when that happens.

    1. I agree. It can also be nice to live there, as I sometimes do.
      That's okay, dear. Thank you very much :).

      - Ellie

  3. I love your story Ellie!
    I wish we were on the same team!

  4. Replies
    1. Theoretically, I suppose so. But I don't know for sure. I suppose it depends on one's definition of time....

      - Ellie

    2. Infinite stuff is weird. It could start in one place and go on forever in one direction, or start nowhere and end nowhere, or extend in all directions, or almost all directions...
      Does time start someplace? Is it when we start recording? Or is it just when things are happening? If the universe stopped expanding and cells stopped splitting and everything was frozen in place, would there be any way to measure time?
      Is time something just humans made up to help us? And really there is no start or end and it's really a "big bowl of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff"? If we zoom out of all known existence far enough, is it like the Other Place?

      My squirrel ate too much sugar today.
      Ima go read about black holes and the Big Bang and stuff now.

    3. Oh dear.
      All this stuff is making my head spin. But it is extremely interesting.
      We need to restrict the Philosopher Squirrel's caffeine and sugar intakes.

      - Ellie

  5. That was really good!! I really like it!


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