FLC Assignment 2

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Hey, young bloods. Today's FLC challenge is to create a character. So, here's mine!

Name: Elsiria Melias

Race: Elven

Age: 40 (25 in human years)

Background: Elsiria is the daughter of Elvish nobility. She's a sorceress and often an ambassador for her people.

Personality: Elsiria is very conceited. She grew up with everything she wanted at her fingertips and in a position of extreme privilege, and she carries the philosophy that she is entitled to anything she desires because of her family background/riches around with her everywhere. She orders around people she deems lesser than her cruelly and frequently, but she has been known to very close friends to be extremely sweet and loyal. She is quite cunning and ambitious and desires positions of power. She is also very dexterous. Her preferred element to work with is water.

Appearance: Elsiria is tall and slender. She has waist-length, wavy red hair and often wears a golden circlet. She loves elegant and expensive gowns, even when traveling, and she detests getting them dirty or when they are not washed properly by well-meaning inn keepers. Her eyes are actually brown and small, but she often uses magic to make them appear large and gold. Her skin is fair.

We get 5 extra points if we draw the character, so here's a not-so-great quick sketch I did of her:

Her mouth is too dark. But that's okay. Just focus on her eyes. You get the general idea.

Aaaaand that's all for today! Thanks for reading, and I'll see ya next time. <3


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  1. Blimey. Excellent character, brilliant drawing.

  2. I like the character flaws, and your drawing's shading is brilliant!


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