The Silmarillion for People Who Don't Want to Read It, Part 3: The Coming of Elves and Captivity of Melkor

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Today we shall continue with "The Silmarillion for People Who Don't Want to Read It", a series wherein I break down The Silmarillion into easy-to-understand language for those of us who don't want to wade through all that dense and archaic stuff. Today we will be talking about the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor. So, let us get started!

One day, Oromë was wandering around in Arda when he heard, off in the distance, the sound of many voices, singing. Unsure of what it was, he followed the sound until he came upon quite a sight: Elves!

He stared in wonder at them, for they were extraordinarily fair and strong and great, and then he rode quickly back to Valinor to tell everyone the news.

The Valar rejoiced, for they had been waiting a long time for the coming of the Elves. Yet they were troubled, for they knew Melkor was lurking somewhere in Middle-Earth, and they did not want the Elves to fall as his prey. So Manwë counseled that they go forth in war again against Melkor and throw him down once and for all to make Arda safe for the Elves to live in. All the Valar agreed (except Aulë, who went along anyway (peer pressure)) and sallied forth under great banners of light in a giant clash of West against North.

The Elves know not but rumor of those battles, for they were safely removed from it in the far, far East of the world. But the Valar and Melkor had a long and grievous war, during which the earth shook, mountains were raised, and the sea between Arda and Aman was widened hugely, so that they were only now linked in the far north by the Helcaraxë, a terrible and dangerous strait of polar ice*.

At last, the Valar broke the gates of Utumno and laid waste to it, and Tulkas captured Melkor and bound him with a chain called Againor, and the Valar dragged him back to Valinor with them, where they threw him in the dungeons in Mandos for three ages, at the end of which he could sue for pardon and his case be tried anew. But the Valar did not uncover all that was in Utumno, for many dark things still lurked in its depths, including Sauron - who had evaded capture.

Now the Valar decided that they would summon the Elves to come live with them in Aman, for they desired their company and to keep them safe there. So Oromë was sent back to the Elves and was all like, "Hey guys, I summon you to come live with us in Valinor and stuff."

Now, there were three great kings of Elves at that time: Ingwë, Finwë, and Elwë. All of Ingwë's people and most of Finwë and Elwë's hearkened to the summons and said they would come, but some did not, preferring the twilight and stars of Arda over the light of the Blessed Realm. These are called the Avari, the Unwilling, and they stayed behind whilst others journeyed to Valinor, and they would not meet their kin, the Eldar, who did go to Valinor, for many ages again.

Now it is time to describe the three hosts of Elves. The first was the Vanyar, headed by Ingwë, who is High Supreme King of All Elves Everywhere. He and his people were whole-heartedly excited for Aman, and they all went, and they were Elves of great light and beauty, and the Valars' favorites.

Next came the Noldor, headed by Finwë: the second-biggest host, and they who valued knowledge and wisdom over beauty and light. They desired to learn to create and fashion things and be masters of lore, and Aulë is their BFF.

And finally, the last host to depart: the Teleri, who were headed by the brothers Elwë and Olwë (Elwë was the senior of the two and therefore in charge, but Olwë was a second-in-command and a big ruler too). The Teleri were the largest of the hosts (which is why they needed two kings), and they were the slowest, for they were not wholly of mind to go to Valinor and tarried often on the road. They must preferred the sea to grasses and shining cities, and they would often spend inordinately long amounts of time dallying by any large body of water they found along the way. Many of them broke off as they went, and these are called the Úmanyar, and they with the Avari form the Moriquendi - those who never saw the light of the Two Trees. The Vanyar, Noldor, and Teleri who went to Valinor are called the Calaquendi - those who did see the light of the Two Trees.

Well, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed. Next time, we'll talk about the Elves' journey to Valinor and what they did when they got there - including a big surprise for Elwë.

Oh, and also, just a note that I start high school tomorrow. My posting schedule up until now (every other day) has reflected the amount of spare time I had during summer and middle school, but I may have to adjust it depending on how busy high school gets. I'll update you guys with if I'm going to adjust it or not and how once I figure out what clubs/extracurriculars I'll be in and when/how frequently they meet, which should be in about 2 weeks to a month. In the mean time, I'll try to keep up with posting every other day, but if I miss a few days here and there this is why. Thank you for all your patience, darlings. <3


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Okay, I think that's finally all for today. :)


*Do take note of this little piece of information. It will be important later.

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