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Today is the anniversary of 9/11.

Don't you dare talk to me about 9/11.


There are countless places in the Arab world where 9/11 happens every day. Hundreds and thousands of people are killed because of terrorism, bombs, wars, etc. They lose brothers, sisters, best friends, and parents. Little children are orphaned and people are maimed for life. Yet no one makes a remark about it, no one raises a finger to help or even spread awareness. Somehow, is Arab blood cheaper than Western blood? No, it's not. But people constantly act this way.

To be perfectly frank (and I don't mean to offend anyone by this), pretty much the only reason 9/11 was a remarkable event was because it happened on American soil

"But Ellie! I or someone close to me lost an uncle, a sibling, or a friend on 9/11. I know you're trying to make a point, but I don't appreciate you acting like their life didn't matter."

Well, here's the deal, honey: every single day, people in the Middle-East, Africa, or somewhere else are going through the exact same thing you or your friend went through. Why should I care about your case anymore than theirs? They went through a lot too. There's probably even someone who's gone/going through the exact same scenario as you, but in a different place. Does that make it less horrible? No. Your loved one's life mattered a lot, but so did everyone else's - no matter their geographical location.

This 9/11, sure, take some time to mourn for those who lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Center. But also remember those around the world - especially in the Middle-east - who go through 9/11 every day.


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  1. I regret any lives lost on either side. Death is not a preferable option. Death is the last resort, or should be the last resort. You must remember though, that it was a terrorist event that instigated this violence. Again, it is not preferable to kill, and I know that no one wants it, but if it is the only choice, the United States will protect their country and their people. I cannot say that every soldier will not kill until the last straw. They, like many soldiers before, in US soil and elsewhere, may release their anger in the stress of war and commit actions they shall regret. You must also remember, that soldiers come home mad, all because of this death and violence NO human whatsoever should see. So again, I believe, that the United States is doing what any other country would do. Sure, people in the Middle East may NOT want this violence, and I commend them for this steadfast behavior in chaos. I will continue to pray for world peace in the hopes that human nature will come to reason.
    Btw, I don't agree with bombs on either side. They are very unfair and I believe many people regret ever having them. Robert Oppenheimer himself says, with hesitance at creating the bomb, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." So, as you can see, only the madman would welcome the bomb with a clear mind.
    Sorry for filling this whole comment with historical stuff. I don't really have a place to disagree on your blog. I know I've said this before, but your writing skills are awesome!

    1. I agree. Death is awful, no matter whose death it is.
      I think protection is good, however, in my personal opinion, protection does not always have to mean offense or aggression. There is a difference, I think, between protecting ourselves against terrorist attacks and attacking other places. Sometimes they are one and the same, but sometimes they do not have to be, and I don't necessarily think our only choice to prevent terrorist attacks is to invade other countries. For example, we went into Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Boston Marathon still happened. Plus, as we're pulling out of those countries the state of affairs there is reverting to how it was before - so really, some of that war was quite unnecessary and could have been avoided. Things like the assassination of Osama bin Laden were probably needed/caused an increase in safety, but, as you said, a lot of soldiers come home severely messed up from war, and I think a lot of that war and mental hurt could have been avoided.
      Almost no one in the Middle-east wants this violence. They are just like us, but in a different place. If some extremists in your government or religion went and bombed another country, would you yourself, who had done nothing, want to have your house bombed and family killed? No, of course not. People in the Middle-east may not be big fans of America - and who can blame them, we seem to be invading their land every two seconds - but I seriously doubt they like bombs being dropped on them or being displaced because of a war against the U.S.
      Yes. I think it is very wonderful of you to pray for such things. I certainly hope it happens too.
      That's all right, darling. Historical stuff can be quite interesting.
      You can disagree anywhere you like, as long as you disagree respectfully (which you always do, anyway, so no problem there. :) ).
      Thank you :)

      - Ellie

  2. THANK. YOU. I JUST. THANK YOU. OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU. I was waiting for something like this to come by, thank you.


    1. YOU'RE WELCOME I'M GLAD I COULD (help? make feel better? well something. I'm glad I did, anyway.)

      - Ellie

  3. I like that this was said.
    There are tons of equally (and often more) horrible things going on in other places of the world.
    Listening to the news about those things makes me sad.

    {these posts about the world and how people behave- I love them, but can never think of an eloquent response to them. Lots of it stems from being unacceptably uneducated on the subjects, making me sacred that I'll get some facts or ideas wrong. I should watch/read/listen to the news even if it makes me sad, bc just saying "yup" is getting old.}

    1. Thank you.
      Mer. One of my neighbors just asks her spouse what was on the news each morning and gets an informative but non-gruesome summary instead of having to watch all the live footage of gory bits. I would like to hear what you think even if you get some facts wrong.

      - Ellie


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