Makeup Shaming

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With the female empowerment age under way, you probably see it everywhere: on blog posts, magazines, and billboards every time you turn a head.

"Inner beauty is more important than outer!"

"Don't get dressed up for boys - get dressed up for yourself!"

"You don't have to wear makeup or expensive clothes to feel pretty!"*

You probably hear it and say it or think it at school or with your friends, too.

"OMG, look at all the makeup she's wearing. Like, this is just school, why do you need a full face of makeup."

"Did you see Mandy today? She was wearing soooo much makeup."

"I don't understand people who wear makeup. Like, you're fourteen, you're not going to be in a serious relationship anytime soon, settle down."

But the thing is, although inner beauty and self-confidence are awesome things to keep in mind, not all girls wear makeup because they're self-conscious or trying to impress somebody. A lot of girls wear makeup because they like how it looks and they like experimenting with it - it's fun for them, it's even a hobby for some - beauty bloggers such as Zoella, for example. Some girls wear makeup because it's a way to express themselves creatively. And when you shame people who wear makeup, you're shaming these girls.

It's not a crime to love doing makeup, to love adding an extra sparkle to your look, experimenting with a fun bold eye or bright lip, or just doing something you enjoy. Women and girls who wear makeup aren't necessarily "sending women back to the Stone Age" - they're just expressing themselves in their own creative way. And they deserve to feel comfortable with their choices and accepted. Lots of times they'll feel outcast or like other people view them as less-than, inferior robots who just conform to what others want - and that's not okay. There are plenty of self-confident, independent women and girls out there who love makeup.

I think to truly be a feminist, you have to accept all women for what they like and who they are. And that includes the makeup wearers.

Makeup isn't a crime. Stop making it out to be so.


*Note: he slogans/quotes mentioned are made up to resemble things said in the media. Any resemblance to quotes from real organizations is purely coincidental - I am not trying to call out any particular organization.

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  1. Replies
      Seriously though I agree this defintely needs to be said. A lot of bloggers/people have this "100% evil" conception of makeup, and I don't think that's true.

      - Ellie

  2. Yes this is 100% true. The world would be so much happier if everyone thought like this and didn't stop people from doing what they want with their bodies. I mean as long as their not harming anyone/themselves I don't see the problem. This is insanely true though like I want this painted on the walls all over schools and stores everywhere.

  3. i agree with this so much, thank you for posting it. <3 i personally do not wear makeup, never have, but that's because i express myself through other ways. however, i do have friends that enjoy expressing themselves through makeup, and think it's an excellent way to do so. now, sometimes i don't necessarily agree with nine year old girls in my brother's fourth grade class wearing a complete face full of makeup but that's the decision of them and their parents. i hate the fact that some makeup wearers are automatically deemed a slut or attention seeker. (at least where i live)

    1. Very true! Exactly, it's the choice of them and their parents and their own bodies.
      IKRRRRRR it is vey stupid.

      - Ellie

  4. I agree with you on this.
    I'm not allowed to wear anything other than a light pink lip tint, but if I could I'd definitely try something else. I understand that people may have issues with woman slapping stuff on their faces just to look like the next top model, but it really is
    Basically like doing art on your face. XD
    Wow. I'm so good with words. *facepalm*


    One of my friends always gets called out for her makeup by other girls, purely because she wears mascara and really thick eyeliner but she always experiments with it and changes it up, because she enjoys it. I don't get why it matters to some people what others look like, you don't *have* to look at them, so why does it matter so much to you that she's wearing lipstick or eye shadow or blusher or whatever?
    The 'inner-beauty is better than outer beauty' thing really does annoy me. In most cases it's OK, but people have said it to me when I've dressed up nicely or done my hair or put a bit of makeup on and it's like "Oh, so when I turn up in jeans and a t shirt with my hair down and nothing on my face you tell me to put more effort in, but as soon as I do that I suddenly care too much about my appearance and should focus on being a good person? Make up your mind!"

    Another thing is at school, we get detentions and isolations and all sorts for wearing too much makeup or dyed hair or piercings (other than the floppy bit of our ears, I don't know what it's called) but how someone looks doesn't distract from their learning, does it? I suppose it's so we look smart and we can give the school a good rep, but we get told to express ourselves and be individuals, and for some people (including me) that means wearing makeup and dying their hair non-natural colours or getting cartilage ear piercings or nose piercings or whatever. But that's another rant entirely.
    Sorry, this was a bit long and I went off topic a bit xD

      That is very stupid. Those other girls are the very incarnation of Fiend.
      IKR. And then there are some who are like "If you wear even a skirt you're going against feminism and only the true feminist are those who don't shave and wear androgynous clothes" (don't get me wrong - it's perfectly fine if you do that! I just don't like people who say you HAVE to be like that in order to support women's rights.) and the people who say "You can never get too dressed up because there will always be people judging you." Mixed messages much???
      Well that's stupid. At my school, they do that too, but I go to a Catholic school and their reasoning is "we must all be good and moral children of God" (which is very very stupid b/c if I want to put blue streaks in my hair I'm not "immoral" calm yourselves down). Idk what the reasoning for your school would be.
      NO NO NO I liked your rant. And it was a very good topic to go off on.

      - Ellie

    I personally, don't wear make up (other than for dance) but my friend does and her's looks amazing and knows a ton about that. I think that there's a difference between wearing makeup and having TOO MUCH. Especially for school. (This one girl tries to do a cat eye thing only it's REALLY smudged.) Although I don't like a ton of eyeliner or colored lipstick, people should be okay with others wanting to wear it.
    I do think if someone wants to wear make up its ok. Mostly in middle-high school, tho.


    1. Agreed! I dislike makeup for myself - I don't like the way it feels on my face, I don't like the way it looks, etc. - but that doesn't mean I have the right to descend upon every teenage female I see with an armful of makeup remover. Likewise, people who like makeup don't have any right to force those who don't like it to wear it.

      - Ellie

  7. Yep.
    Mom says it's an art form. It's just painting on your face. And the way makeup can change the way you look is mind blowing.
    Ze makeup shaming is like walking up to a person and saying "hey there, I dislike your medium of art and therefore you are a dumb person."

  8. PREACH!!! I'm glad someone gets it cause I wear makeup. Honestly I haven't had too many issues. Most of the time people ask me for tips on how to do their makeup.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you haven't had many problems.

      - Ellie


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