The 24-Piece Wardrobe Challenge!

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Inspired by Clarisse and Audra.


Hey, young bloods! Today I decided to try the 24 Piece Wardrobe Challenge. Basically, it's where you take 24 pieces - they can be tops, jackets, jewelry, etc. - from your dolls' closet and make 4 sets of 7 outfit combinations with them.

Note: The links by each item's description will send you to the page of the specific outfit if the item/outfit is still available. If it isn't, it will send you to the homepage of the site instead of the specific listing.

1. Ella Crop Top (Closet4Chloe) - A trendy and cute crop top, always fun to mix and match.

2. Faux Sequin Skirt (Black) (Jiminee's Doll Clothes) - A dressy black skirt and a super easy way to add a fun bit of sparkle to an outfit.

3. Red Patent Flats (DreamWorld Collections) - These statement flats are great for giving a pop of color to an outfit!

4. Gold Cascading Cardigan (KaitlynsDollCloset) - A beautiful piece that can easily pull an outfit together.

5. Floral Skirt (American Girl) - A fun addition to an outfit that can be either vintage or modern. Your choice!

6. Coconut Graphic T-Shirt (American Girl) - A cute and trendy feature to an outfit that expresses a fun sense of style.`

7. City Sunglasses (American Girl) - Stylish and sleek sunglasses, a fantastic accessory yet very practical!

8. Red Corduroy Blazer (American Girl) - This smart, statement piece can really tie a whole outfit together and change the look!

9. Pendant Necklace (American Girl) - An elegant, simple necklace that can elevate an entire outfit.

10. Pink Sundress (American Girl) - Such a summery, sweet dress that can be dressed up or down to create a ton of different styles and looks!

11. White Patent Flats (American Girl) - These white t-straps can seamlessly and elegantly complete any outfit.

12. Fun Fedora (American Girl) - A unique and interesting accessory that both spices up an outfit and pays homage to one of pop-punk's greatest bands.

13. Striped Halter Dress (Springfield Collection) - Casual and great for a lazy day, it can also be dressed up or down with tons of layering options!

14. Red T-Shirt (American Girl) - A simple yet bright t-shirt for tons of layering fun.

15. Dark-Wash Skinny Jeans (American Girl) - A staple in every closet. Super versatile!

16. High-Top Tennis Shoes (American Girl) - Great great to pair with almost any outfit!

17. Sporty Watch (American Girl) - A must-have accessory for a doll on the go!

18. Purple Beret (American Girl) - Can change the look of any outfit; super cute!

19. Rainbow Necklace (Made by me) - A bright and fun necklace option that can jazz up any ensemble.

20. Purple Tunic (American Girl) - Great for layering - it can be styled in so many ways!

21. Blue Skirt (American Girl) - Another simple staple it's always great to have on hand. So many mix-and-match possibilities!

22. White Tank Top (Jiminee's Doll Clothes) - Cute and awesome for a breezy summer day.

23. Blue Cutoff Shorts (AuntKatyClothing) - Another trendy staple piece that can go with almost anything!

24. Brown Combat Boots (American Girl) - A super stylish, must-have pair of shoes that looks great with almost anything.

Here are a few more outfit combinations I came up with:

What are your favorite pieces in your doll closet? Comment below.


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  1. These are so cute! I haven't brought out my doll in a while but she has this gorgeous white eyelet dress that I got off of Amazon that I LOVE.


  2. I really love this challenge and it was so interesting to see the results of yours! It really stretches the imagination and you have to be creative to use all the pieces in different outfits and still look cohesive.

    1. IKR! Towards the end I was kind of struggling; it was a bit hard to fit all the pieces with items they hadn't been with before. But I really like the results!

      - Ellie

  3. My style: 14,15,16 (preferably in muted colours)
    andie's style: 16,15,22,8? Idk I pretty much dress her as I would myself.
    Lilly's style:22,5,24 (think those would go well with her purple hair?
    Rylan: 22,21,24, and she would want desperately to wear the fedora but couldn't fit it on over her hair.
    It seems 22 is my favorite peice of yours.
    My favorite item in the doll closet is Andie's plaid sweatshirt thing. [which she refuses to share. (Yet somehow Rylan seems to have access to it whenever she wants.)]

  4. Poor Rylan.
    My style: 4, 9, 12, 24
    Rylan's style looks awesome.
    I love that sweatshirt thing!
    I don't know if you're aware of how damn much you're making me ship it right now.

    - Ellie

  5. And speaking of shipping, how are Rebecca and Alaina doing? bc Im waiting ever so patiently for cuteness.

    1. They're doing great. They've found the treehouse is their new favorite place to kiss.
      I've got another post about them all ready in drafts. I was planning on waiting a while to post it so I could have more space between my doll posts (since there aren't that many of them xD), but I could get it up this weekend or sometime early next week.

      - Ellie


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