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Hey young bloods! Thank you so much to everyone who entered in my writing prompt contest. (If you wanted to enter but couldn't, don't worry about it, it's okay!) Here are the results! (There's a first place and a second place.)

Second place goes to........

Kathryn, I adore the meaning behind your entry. You expressed it so beautifully, and I love how relatable it is. Fantastic job!

Here's her entry:

I stared into the mirror, hopeless thoughts tugging at my heart.
Why wasn't I beautiful? Why was my hair so frizzy, no matter how many times I brushed it? Why were my teeth perpetually crooked and why did blemishes constantly adorn my face despite my diligent washing?
I was tired of it all. Attempting to beautify myself to no avail.
Then I heard the deep guttural voice resound from the mirror.
"You're not ugly...and yes, I know what you were thinking."
I looked into the mirror. "I am ugly. You're wrong."
The mirror was silent for a moment. "I am a piece of glass. I do not make you ugly nor beautiful. What you see is in your heart. What you see is what you choose to be. No human being is ugly, no matter how grizzled the hair, yellow the teeth, misshapen the body-"
"JUST SHUT UP!" I yelled at the mirror drawing back from it. 
"What? Do you reject my telling the truth, telling you that you are beautiful? You would be more beautiful if you did not think ugly thoughts."
I scowled. "You would think ugly thoughts too if you were as horrid as me."
The mirror was silent yet again. I felt an aura of sadness fill the air, as if the mirror, surrounded with its ornate wooden carvings, was sighing.
"I am not a pair of heavenly eyeglasses. I cannot make you See. Few have the heavenly eyeglasses."
"Where can I get these...heavenly eyeglasses?" I was curious, wondering what the mirror meant by Seeing. 
But the mirror had ended its conversation. All that was left of life was the silver tear streaking silently down from the top right hand corner. It strode resolutely down before dripping and disappearing onto the floor.


Years passed, and I never spoke to the mirror again. I realized, slowly and hesitantly, that what is ugly or plain in appearance can  be made beautiful if the thing is good. You just have to put on your heavenly eyeglasses.
From time to time my heavenly eyeglasses get a bit dirty. It's sometimes hard to see the good or beauty in something. But sometimes if you squint and try really and truly, you'll find it's not as hard as you think.

And first place goes to......

Gwen, the imagery in this piece is just so beautiful and vivid. The message at the end is amazing, too. You truly are a talented writer. <3

Here's her entry:

I dearly hope everyone has had the chance to sleep in on a Saturday. To wake up slowly and see the gray morning light coming through their window, to hear the hum of the still sleeping house and the world outside, to appreciate the pillow cold against their cheek.

I dearly hope that every person may wake up to the rain, and listen to it pattering on the roof above their heads. To dance in the shower of a dreary day, watching the dust wash from the leaves of thirsty plants, and to find a vibrant flower on a dark gray day.

But some have cold ground instead of pillows and no roof for rain to patter on. Some's ears and eyes are too full of worry and sadness to hear the rain or see the flowers. Some are too sick to dance.

I could change that.

Kathryn and Gwen, for you prizes you can have a guest post if you want. But if you don't want to, that's chill too.

But wait! Don't forget to check out our other talented writers. They all wrote exceptional pieces, and it was seriously hard to choose:

Well, I think that's all for today! Have an awesome evening, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles. :)


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  1. Thank you so much for second place! I'll look forward to reading the entries linked. And yes, a guest post would be much appreciated because my blog has been neglected as of late due to school. : /

    1. Welcome, love! I really did enjoy your entry :). They're all pretty darn awesome.
      Great! You can just email me with any idea(s) when you decide what you might want to do, and we'll set up a date!

  2. Cool! I wonder what I should guest post about... (Yes, it does found like fun) I'm still laughing over that dream you commented on Florence The Gender Ambivalent Plastic Dragon. I would illustrate that.
    What are people even supposed to guest post about?
    Also Filbert could do another inspirational message.

    1. Ooh, that would be cool! So would Filbert.
      I have no bloody idea to be honest. I've only ever guest posted once (mayyyyyyyybeeeeeee twice) before myself. It was on Kathryn's personal back when she was still posting doll stuff on there, so I did a photo-shoot of Kanani. A lot of times I'll see people do brief inspirational stuff or small samples of their writing. Idk, whatever feels right to you. My blog is kind of an "everything" blog (in that it doesn't have a really specific niche), so you don't have to worry about anything "fitting" its theme or whatever (bc it doesn't really have one xD).

  3. *face palms for eternity*
    Oh well there's always next time! :)
    Congrats Gwen and Kathryn! I loved your stories, they were so interesting! <3

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