The Blogging Behind the Scenes Tag!

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But Noor from A Little Bit of Sunshine came up with this awesome idea and I couldn't not okay?

1. Where do you blog?
Usually on my bed.

2. Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?
Oh idk. I post so much you'd think I have a giant fountain of inspiration hidden away in my bedroom somewhere, wouldn't you? But really it's just kinda seeing stuff other bloggers or YouTubers do that I think is cool, like hauls or music posts, and putting a spin on them to make them my own. I also draw inspiration from my interests - ex. "Hmm, I like Simon and Garfunkel. Why don't I do a post about them?" or "Gosh, I sure do love the Silmarillion. I should write about that." or "I haven't done a lot of fashion posts lately - why don't I do more?" (On a somewhat related note, I feel like the reason I have so much inspiration for my blogging is because I don't restrict myself to posting about just dolls or just music or just books. When I started OSR, I decided it would be a "me" blog - anything and everything I wanted to talk about or I liked - which helps ensure I always have something to talk about.  I've found that's what's worked best for me and I really recommend it.)

3. How long does it take you to write the post?
Anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 or more hours. It just depends on how long it is and what the subject matter is.

4. Do you plan your blog posts? How?
Sometimes, if I have a ton of stuff to post and a lot of it has to be posted within a certain time frame (ex. opinions on a recent release or the SIBL for that month). I'll just jot down a quick schedule in my notebook.

5. What kind of camera do you use? What editing program?
I technically use my iPhone 5s, but I snitch the family camera (a Canon Rebel TXI) sometimes. I'm hoping to get my own for Christmas. For editing photos, I use iPhoto or Pixlr Express.

6. Do you use a notebook to track your ideas?
Again, sometimes, if I have a ton of ideas. Otherwise, I'll just open up a new post whenever I come up with an idea.

7. How do you take your pictures?
Crouched or kneeling awkwardly if I'm using my phone, and on a footstool if I'm using the actual camera. xD

8. What's your favorite type of blog post to write?
Idk I really love doll posts. (I should do more of those.) (Even though I'm pretty busy with the Thing.) (DON'T WORRY WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS EXPECT IT UP AROUND MID-NOVEMBER.) I also love any post where I can just let myself rant and ramble unfiltered.

9. Who knows about your blog?
My best friend (Reagan), my parents (only because I had to ask their permission), and my grandma (because we're really close and I tell her like everything).

10. Are you an organized or messy blogger?
I like to refer to my approach to life in general as "organized clutter".
But yes. Rather messy.

11. Biggest blogging pet peeve?
People who are like "You can't blog about that. That's inappropriate. That's immoral. You can't say those things. You can't use bad words because it's against God's Lawwwwwwww." Like, hun, this is my blog, I'm going to post whatever I want. Last time I checked you're not the one putting in hours every day to maintain and post on this place. If I want to swear and promote gay marriage I'm going to. So do me a favor and fuck off.

Like Noor, I nominate anyone who wants to do this. Have a lovely day, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles. :)


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  1. I was actually planning to do something like this, but it wasn't gonna be a tag. Anyway, this was sooooo good :D

    Rukiya XX

  2. I like the tag.

    I think I have a secret fountain of inspiration hidden away too.

    Do you feel kinda private about your blog (with your friends, I mean) Only one of my best friends knows about it. I just like to keep my friends away from that part of me, I guess.

    I have the same pet peeve

    1. Isn't it great?!?
      Yeah, I really want to keep my online life - which is pretty chill and where I can be myself - away from my irl life where there's all this drama and stuff. I mean there really isn't with "my" friend group but with like everyone else there is and I just don't want people from school coming on here and judging me and spreading it around school and ugh.


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