The Silmarillion for People Who Don't Want to Read It, Part 5: Of the Princes of the Noldor and the Habitation of Valinor

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Now, as the Noldor and Vanyar began to spread out and occupy Valinor, they found that it was nice but not quite to their liking. It was constantly bright and sunny, and they missed the stars of Middle-earth. So the Valar blasted a hole in the mountains surrounding Valinor so the Elves could go out and see the starlight, and here in the place between twilight and sunlight they built a great green mound called Túna, and on it they placed a great white city called Tirion. And because they so loved the Great Tree Telperion, the Valar planted for them in its image a lesser but similar tree called Galathilion, and one of its seedlings, Celeborn (not the Elf), was later planted in Tol Eressëa. 

Speaking of Tol Eressëa, the Teleri there were more and more often turning their heads to Aman nowadays. They found again awoken in their hearts a strong desire to go to the Undying Lands, and at last Ossë and Ulmo sorrowfully hearkened to their calls, and so they built ships and sailed to the shores of Aman. There they built a beautiful city called Alqualondë, Haven of Swans, and dwelt in halls carved of pearl and living stone.

Now it is time to explain the family tree of Finwë. This could get complicated, as there are a LOT of people with REALLY similar names. I would recommend coming back to this page for reference if you get confused in the future. For the presentation of this material, I have tried to find a diagram that expresses it in the clearest way possible. Here goes:


Finwë married twice. His first wife was Míriel, and with her he had one son, Fëanor. Fëanor married Nerdanel (not shown) and had seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod, and Amras. I will now explain them. (AND FËANOR AND HIS CHILDREN ARE ARGUABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE SILMARILLION SO REMEMBER THIS.)

Giving birth to Fëanor was very hard on Míriel, and she was severely weakened afterwards, so weakened that she eventually died. Fëanor grew up to be fiery and energetic, with raven-dark hair and immense skill in the forge - he is the greatest Elven smith that ever lived. He was also stubborn, and once he had set his mind to something none could dissuade him. While he was still young he wedded Nerdanel, who like him was firm of will, but unlike him was more patient, desiring to understand rather than to master. They had seven sons:

1. Maedhros (pronounced MY-thros, people, not MAYD-hrose) - known as the Tall. Oldest, feels responsible for his siblings. Bright red hair. Closest to Maglor.

2. Maglor - the singer. He loves most the sea and his harp, and his voice was is of the most beautiful there have ever been. He is the most mild of manner and closest to Maedhros.

3. Celegorm - the Fair. Blond, forceful of will, avid hunter. Closest to Curufin.

4. Caranthir - the Dark. Most bitter, harsh, unforgiving, and judgmental of the brothers.

5. Curufin - the Crafty. Most like his father - looks like him, acts like him, virtually a copy. (An interesting but irrelevant side note about him - he would later be the father of Celebrimbor, who helped forge some of the Rings of Power (you know, the three elven rings, the nine for mortal men, the One Ring, etc.) Closest to Celegorm.

6. Amrod - twin of Amras. Red-haired, hunter.

7. Amras - twin of Amrod. Red-haired, hunter.

After a while, Finwë remarried to an Elf named Indis. (She was a Vanyar, not a Noldor, which isn't super important but it's on the chart so I thought I'd clarify it.) With her he had two more children: Fingolfin and Finarfin.

Fingolfin was the strongest, most steadfast, and most valiant. His hair is famously golden, and he had three children: 

1. Fingon - he later had Gil-galad, an important Elven king of the Second Age. 

2. Turgon - he married an Elf named Elenwë, though she is not shown here, and they had a daughter named Idril. Don't worry about the rest of Turgon's descendants, though - they'll be explained later.

3. Aredhel - called the White. When she was fully grown she became tall and strong and loved to hunt and ride in the forests of Aman. Thus she became great friends with the sons of Fëanor, but none did she love romantically. (Oh, and, once again, don't worry about Eöl and Maeglin right now - they won't come in for a while, and when they do they'll be fully explained.)

Finarfin was the last son of Finwë and the wisest of heart. He married Eärwen, Olwë's daughter, and they had:

1. Finrod (later given the title Felagund)

2. Orodreth (who had a daughter named Finduilas)

3. Angrod

4. Aegnor

5. Galadriel. Yes, THE Galadriel. No, she hasn't met or married Celeborn yet - keep in mind she's probably only about 15 or 16 in human years right now.

The sons of Finarfin and Fingolfin hung out together all the time and were really close. Aredhel chilled with the Fëanorions, and Galadriel just kinda did her own thing.

Now, Fëanor did not like Indis. He felt she was replacing his mother Míriel, and therefore by association he did not like Fingolfin or Finarfin either. Because he was hostile to them, they were generally hostile back - which was not a good thing for the fate of Elvenkind, as we will find out later.


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