Katherine of Carpenchia: Episode 3

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Katherine wailed, spread out on her bed like jam on a muffin.

A knock sounded at the door. "Not now, Elsie," Katherine whined, lifting her tired head up a bit.

"It's me, Celine," came Celine's warm voice from the other side of the door.

"Oh. Well. Come in, then," said Katherine.

Celine entered. Her long, perfect, platinum curls spilled over her shoulders onto a satin gown of deep blue, trimmed with lace. "You can't just miss your own ball," she said.

"I can if I want to," pouted Katherine.

"No, you can't," said Celine gently. "Everyone down there is wondering where you are. It's a ball to celebrate you, Katherine! You, the new Queen! You can't miss it. I know, I know, you've never liked such things. I'm not begging you to like it, I'm just begging you to go."

"No," said Katherine. "They're all a bunch of puffed-up ninnies down there. They think they know better, are better than me just because I'm young. They're horrible."

"They'll be even more horrible if you don't show," pointed out Celine. "Come on, I promise I'll be with you the whole time."

Katherine rolled over onto her side. "Promise?"

Celine nodded. "Promise."

"All right," Katherine sighed.

Celine helped pull her out of bed.

Katherine stood up and brushed herself off.

"Why," cried Celine, "Katherine, you look absolutely beautiful!"

Katherine snorted as she followed her friend out the door. "No, you look beautiful," she said. "I look like a walking wedding cake. I hate my tailor."

They arrived downstairs in the ballroom, slipping through one of the side doors. Around them, lords and ladies in silks of plum and buttercup held delicate champagne drinks as their laughter tinkled up to the gilded ceiling. The whole hall was lit splendidly with chandeliers dripping in gold, especially the center, where a few young couples were waltzing to the sounds of harp and piano wafting across the room from the other side.

"How long do we have to be here?" whispered Katherine. But Celine's eye was focused on something else.

Standing by a window, solitary and stern as always, was the most despised lady in the Court - Lady Marella Appadeia Coswyn. Celine remembered her from when she'd lived in Carpenchia. The lady was permanently grumpy, unfailingly stingy, and perpetually out to be a foil to whatever plan the Queen Illiandra had had. But that wasn't what interested Celine.

The main thing that interested her was that Lady Marella held in her hand an exact copy of the handkerchief dropped by the assassin earlier that day.

"Celine," hissed Katherine, jerking her friend back to the moment. "Celine Mae'telle! How long do we have to be here?"

"Just a few moments," said Celine quickly, who was now worried for her friend's safety. "Why don't we get food? I'll fetch drinks and you can choose desserts."

Katherine conceded to this plan. Food was good, very good. If you were in the middle of stuffing yourself with a pastry, you might look so occupied that people wouldn't approach you for conversation. The trick would be getting to the desserts and back without being caught - but she was sure she could manage that somehow. "All right," she said.

"Good," said Celine, and started off quickly - not for the drinks, but for something else.

Caihanna stood against the wall in a corner, dutifully keeping an eye on her mistress, as always.

"Caihanna," Celine said, coming over. "I need to talk to you." She lowered her voice to barely audible. "The assassin that appeared earlier - I am sure she was sent by the Lady Marella. You must keep an eye on her and search her rooms to see if you can find any condemning evidence."

Caihanna nodded. Of course. At last, a bit of excitement, break from the tiresome ways of the Courts, and back to her roots as a street thief in Marigo. "Yes, my lady," she said, and slipped off. She would find Elsie, wherever the girl was, and set about the task immediately.


So, what do you think? Did Lady Marella send the assassin, or is she innocent? Are you excited for the next bit? Is the suspense high?

Well, you're going to have to deal with it for a while.

The next episode is that one I ended up not shooting, but I've decided it's pretty necessary to the plot, so I'm going to go ahead and shoot it. So there might be a slightly-longer-than-usual gap between this episode and the next - but don't worry, it should be up sometime by the end of next week, and then the episodes will continue as usual.

Thanks for being patient with me, have a lovely day, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles. :)


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  1. To answer all your questions:
    1. I think I want more of caihanna and her gaurd duties to see what kick ass stuff she does in the name of the Queen.
    2. Yes. Assassin. You don't just so happen to notice exact copies of handkerchiefs if it isn't going to be necessary to the plot.
    3. YES, as always.
    4. The suspense is suspended seventy feet in the air by an old pair of suspenders, since suspended from their normal duty of suspending pants due to a spike in a suspensive strap that caused stinging in the shoulder of the someone who needed the springy suspension of the suspenders to sustain the height of the pants.
    5. I shall not stay in wait for the suspense to snap. No, sir!

    1. 1. That happens in the next episode. You will see.
      3. THANK YOU!

  2. So I commented earlier but it disappeared??? So maybe this will show up twice but whatever. Anywaaaaayyyyssss. I SO SHIP ELSIE AND CAIHANNA. They need a ship name. Elsihanna? Cailsie? Elsanna? Caisie? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. Seriously though to servant girls in an action adventure thing with an adorable, yet epic, romance is basically the OTP of dreams. Idk if you've seen that one tumblr post with the titanic gif of the "they did it was the ship of dreams....and it was...it really was..." Followed by "me in 80 years" but that is my new favorite thing. So if I ever say a ship is like the titanic than just know that is why. And this. This ship. Is a titanic. Seriously idk if you're going to make it canon but I ship them. Wow okay that was long. Basically I wanted to say that this is amazing and I am soooo excited for the rest. Okay there I'm done now.

    1. Blogger does that sometimes. It's stupid, I know.
      I KINDA DO TOO TBH. Don't worry, there will be more material for their ship coming up soon. There are a couple of episodes they have all to themselves. Hmmmmm as director and creator of the show and characters I deem it either Cailsie or Caisie. Elsihanna and Elsanna sound too much like Elsa + Anna, which is an entirely different matter altogether.
      Okay got it.
      Probably not, but while we're talking about ships I'm a bit of a Katherine + Celine girl myself.


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