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"It seems like every fandom has 'the' fanfiction for that fandom. For Sherlock it's Alone on the Water, for LOTR it's the Mellon Chronicles, etc......"

"What the actual heck is wrong with the Supernatural fandom? Why can't they figure out a good name for themselves? What about Supernaturalists? Supernaturalists is pretty spankin' good, if you ask me."

"Barbossa is Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea. A lake is any body of water surrounded completely by land. The Caspian Sea is a body of water surrounded completely by land. The Caspian Sea is a lake. Barbossa is Pirate Lord of a lake."

"Swiggity swag, where is our dad?"

"Do not contradict the potato muffin, my friends. The potato muffin knows all."

"I want apples."

"I wish my hair were wavier."

"But what if you gave a mouse a cupcake?"

"I also want orange juice."

"Swiggity swam, what's up with Sam?"

"You know you're a really big fan when iMessage autocorrects 'fob' to 'FOBBBBBBBBB'."



"Where the heck is the Principal's Office???"


"Swiggity swarkness - descent into darkness."



*While reading The Tale of the Body Thief. Still not able to cope.

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  1. The Mellon chronicles? I can only imagine what that entails. I expect it'd be something akin to Hadley's oranges.
    Then again, probably not. It is fanfiction, after all.

    I will not contradict the potato muffin- you need not worry. BUT THAT REMINDS ME I became the goat overlord of the universe last weekend. Oh yes. I was texting John the star guide buddy, and he was getting all excited about the robotics team, which he is president of. It turns out the logo of our school's robotics team is a goat. John mentioned that the goat sees all, knows all, and destroys all. I decided that being goat overlord of the universe would be a good career path for me. So I transcended mortal bounds to become a goat God, and then I made John my pope. I used my powers to will him to 3D print me a pineapple.

    Strange women lying in lakes distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

    Explain the thing with all the o's in the names.

    My mother was wondering if sam and dean ever get less full of themselves. You are well suited to answer this question.

    ^i might need to make that my life motto.

    1. Oh, no. No no no. "Mellon" is the Elvish word for friend. It's this series (I KID YOU NOT - SERIES - OF LIKE - 20 NOVEL LENGTH BOOKS) about the friendship and adventures of Legolas and Aragorn before the War of the Ring. I usually don't go in for Legolas and Aragorn fanfics - dwarves are much better - but these are actually fairly good. There's a lot of angst. Also that's where Kaldur DeCahr - the fourth love of my life - is from. (He only appears in the Curse of Angmar, though, although that's the best one.) Tears Like Rain is also good, solely because there's SO MUCH LEGOLAS ANGST I'M HAVING A PARADE OVER HERE.
      Hurrah goats! Goats are great. But why is the logo a goat?
      You will be the Goat God and I will be Queen of Middle-earth and we will rule the universe together.
      Pineapples are good.
      What do you mean, the O's in the names?
      As of season 4 - no. Lots of bad stuff happens to them, though, so you might get some satisfaction out of that.

    2. Ooooooohkay that makes much more sense.
      No, angst doesn't sound good.
      Cool. I enjoy ruling the universe with people I like (otherwise I'd have to smite you down with my square pupil laser eyes.) idk why it's a goat. But now mr. Collins says the goat is named Gwen.

      Benvolio and mercutio and Romeo* and marriage and all that.

      I don't think mom likes it. I intend to keep watching, though. On episode 3 (shut up it's quite an accomplishment.)

      *drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands

    3. First of all, I am extremely proud of you for remembering the MCR lyric.
      Second of all, in the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo's two best friends are Mercutio and Benvolio. At first I shipped him with Benvolio, but then he and Mercutio had a Moment in one of the movies and now I ship them.
      Episode 3 is really good, if I remember correctly. Is that the thing with the woman named Andrea and the girl who disappeared in the lake?

    4. Apparently iBooks has classic literature for free, so now I have Romeo and Juliet on my phone and intend to read it on this long bus ride.
      There was another Shakespeare work you were talking about with the blubbery person who I misread as blueberry- which one was that?
      Moments are good.

      Yes, it is. And Lucas did all the drawings and things. (I'm just still confused as to how he knew all that about Peter The Angry Spirit- he watched it drown his dad, but as far as I know, ther was no demon mind meld stuff happening. [but then again, I'm not the greatest at paying attention.])

    5. Much Ado About Nothing. It's one of my favorites.
      Very Good.
      I think he's psychic.

  2. Swiggity swoosifer gotta stop lucifer.
    And Ikr!!! The principal's office is really hard to find for some reason??? Like I just found out where it was this week.
    No no no no no no if any of them should be shipped it should be Benvolio and Mercutio. Like Romeo had Juliet but Benvolio and Mercutio didn't have anyone. They just hung out with each other.

    1. That one will forever be my favorite.
      Well, hold on. "Swiggity swick gotta find Dick" is pretty good too.
      wHy Do ThEy HaVe So MaNy OfFiCeS. Like there's the president's office, the principal's office, the attendance office, and THEIR JOBS DON'T EVEN MATCH UP TO THEIR NAMES. Like guess where you go if you want to turn in Jeans Day money???? Not the President's Office, even though it says on their door that they handle any money you turn in. And guess where you go to buy tickets for the play??? The principal's office, because that's totally where you would naturally think to buy tickets for stuff. And guESS HOW MUCH INVOLVEMENT THE PRESIDENT HAS IN THE PRESIDENT'S OFFICE???? ZERO. Also there's student services which makes everything more confusing and they're all located in different parts of the building like what even. And all their jobs overlap and even the teachers don't know what's going on because they told me to turn in some stuff at the Attendance Office, who told me to take it to the President's Office, who told me to take it to the Principal's, who told me to take it to Student Services where they FINALLY TOOK IT FROM ME. Ughhhh.


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