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Hey young bloods.

Does anyone know of any good writing community sites where you can post your work, get feedback on it from peer writers, and give feedback to other people?

I've thought about Wattpad, but I checked it out and it looks like it's just designed for posting novels, not one-chapter short stories and poems (which is almost all of what I do). So do most other sites I've gone to. Does anyone know of a site that'll let you/is designed for posting short stories and poetry too, not just novels?


- Ellie

P.S. I made a Spotify go follow me it'll be the best decision of your life I promise.

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  1. I have a few friends who use a site called Quotev. I think you can share things like that, but I'm not completely sure......good luck!!

  2. I don't know of one. Maybe take a web design class and make one yourself.
    That'd be cool

    I see you have a Green Day song on there. Excellent. I approve. Soon, though, it will be plural. *evil grin* nah, though. It's kinda my favorite since its what I've listened to with my dad since I was little, so I know how all the songs go, but not the titles, since they were always on a CD. Aaaaanywho, it's very very similar to My Chemical Romance (which is probably why I like it)
    Panic! at the disco shall be the next thing I explore, since you have so much of it. (Why are the titles so long? People make fun of fall out boy's long titles but this is insane.)

  3. Spotify wanted me to sign up to let me play all the musics, so instead I found most of the fall out boy stuff on Amazon music and I'm just letting it play I haven't a clue what songs on listening to but I like this very much.

    1. I've not heard a lot of Green Day, but I like them. 21 Guns is also really good, as well is another I'm forgetting. Oh! It was something that started with an M, I think. Something about mischief or something??? Anyway, they're on my list of music to check out (after All Time Low and Selena Gomez's latest album).
      Idk. I love the long titles, personally. I think they give the songs a lot of personality. Don't worry, the long titles are mainly confined to the first album.

    2. Mmmmmm
      M is for
      Murder city
      Macy's day parade?
      (And maybe some other stuff in Uno, Dos and Tre because I haven't listened to those albums.)
      My guess is minority, because it's bouncy and most people like it (by most people I mean the kid in my language arts class last year who said he hated green day, and minority was the only song he would tolerate.)

    3. Misery sounds like it might be right.......
      *listens to Misery*
      Nope, that's definitely not it. It's a good song, though.
      It's one that starts with silence, then someone saying like a single word - I think it starts with m??? And then they start playing. I seem to recall it talking about herding idiot people. But I could be wrong.
      I think the cover art for the album was the silhouettes of two guys against a background of red and orange??? Or something like that??? Idk.
      But I'll have to listen to Minority. It sounds good.

    4. Okay this is bothering me I'm going to listen to every Green Day song to find it if I have to.

    5. You know what I think it was?
      I think
      it was Good Riddance.
      'Cause that's another one I've heard and it starts out the right way. I remember the song I was talking about being more bouncy and stuff but I think I was misremembering. I THINK it was Good Riddance. (idk how I got M from that).

    6. The album u were thinking of is 21st century breakdown, and an interesting fact about good riddance is that my mom and dad used to teach at the same school, but then dad got a different job at another school, so they played this for the talent show the year he left(daddy played guitar and mom sang)
      And it was all right since elementary schoolers are easy to impress and everyone already thought dad was pretty cool.
      My parents are really cool and really embarrassing all at once.
      Any way that was in 4th grade and now they're teaching in the same building again, so that's good.

    7. Your parents sound awesome oh my God.

  4. I can't recommend Figment.com enough!!! It's an online community dedicated to fostering great young writers. They have contests every month and a pretty cool community (it's a tad intense at times, though, so be warned). I'm Olivia R. Carter on there, in case you wanna stalk me. xD


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