Creating Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 1

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Hey, young bloods! Guess what? Loren over at Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes is holding a writing camp called Creating Worlds Writing Camp! In it, you basically write stories based off prompts she gives you, and you get points for your team based on how creative/well-written your stories are. This is my entry for the first challenge! Here are the prompts:



You could use either one or both, but I decided to do both b/c you get extra points when you do that. So, sans further ado, onto my entry! :)


i am stepping out
of my beautiful world
with its vibrant plants with purple flowers 
and golden tassels waving at the blue sky.

i am stepping out of this world
that i helped create
- I -
T H E Y 
have rejected me.
they have rejected me 
and my words, 
and my wisdom.
and so my only course is to go forth,
away from here,
even if it means stepping out into this horrid, barren land
where the cracks in the sucked-dry ground are more numerous than the wrinkles in an old man's face.
where i can work no magic,
achieve no wonders -
where there is no one.

for I was one of the creators 
M E -
and i birthed the world on a bloody and messy day
and that is what the world is - blood and mess and death
and murder and crime and the fabric of light in constant war with the fabric of dark.
that is its inherent nature -
that is how it is.

i helped bring forth these people,
oases of fragile laughter and beauty,
into this bloody, messy world.
i blessed them with the light behind their faces
and all their abundance and fertility
and the very fields they work in and the very mud from which their homes are made but T H E Y
T H E Y are ungrateful.
they are jealous.

they are jealous of my quiet power and my beauty
the way i can heal a leg that's barely more than bloody pulp back to full health,
the way i can tell their fortunes easier than snap my fingers,
and the way i made my home in the most small and humble of the cottages amongst them
but became the most powerful.
they liked the romanticism of it,
living alone in a cottage in the woods,
a witch they called me.
and they wanted to be one, too.

the young girls with faux beauty marks and dark and luscious hair
and pale arms decorated in too many bangles and heavy necklaces
and cloaks that billow and skirts that twirl
and no talent but the most effective talent of all-
to fool.
to fool those humans into thinking they were real,
that they were goddesses like me
they made their own cottages in the woods
and told fortunes too -
but they knew nothing of the future.
only of the value of comforting words where truth was harsh,
of "communication" with dead family members where there was none to be had,
of teaching of a heaven after death where there is only torture in the void,
and the weakening and softening of minds already so,
and the P O I S O N I N G against the ugly truth -
the truth that i taught.

so now i am stepping out -
i am leaving this land,
of vibrant plants with purple flowers 
and golden tassels waving at the blue sky 
i am leaving.
for they say there others, but
was the first - 
am the original
and how ironic it is
that i, 
the first in this world,
am the first to leave it - 
but i am.

so F O R W A R D 
into a barren hellhole i walk -
i am s t e p p i n g  o u t.


*twiddles thumbs*

Well. That was dark.

(If you're not okay with this entry, Loren, please let me know and I can write up another. :) )

So I either love this or I hate this and I don't know which but I think it's kind of both.

Idk, it's my first actual attempt at longish (or at least longer than my normal poems are) narrative poetry, so tell me what you think below, and if you have any tips for writing narrative poetry please let me know. :)

Well, I think that's all for today.

Plant a tree.

Hug a dwarf.

And remember that you are all very beautiful pickles.


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  1. ELLIE ELLIE ELLIE GUESS WHAT??!! WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM!!!!!!!!!! *does happy dance*
    fyi, I loved this!

      Thank you so much, love!! :)

  2. I want all your writings in a book. I would buy the shit out of that.
    I would also like a book on how to write meaningful comments and articulating feelings.

    1. (actually i'll be compiling some of my poetry soon, and i might link it on here (if not, i can always share it w/ you if you'd like))
      Nah, I think you do fine.

  3. Neat story, Ellie! Or actually it was more like a poem, I guess. I liked how you wrote it!

  4. Replies
    1. Hey there :) Glad we're on the same team! What type of writing do you like best!


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