Creating Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 5

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Aaaaaanyways, today I'm bringing you my entry for CWWC Challenge 5! :) I used all three prompts:

Without further ado, let us begin!


The streets aren't safe after dawn. Not for people like us.

For you see, we are the serpents of the night, the darkness, and the shadow; midnight is our mantle and moon our crown. We are those who lay in the blackness of dark alleyways when the only light is the twinkling of a few stars shining through black mist, waiting to waylay those who might not let you sleep so easy. Oh, sure - sometimes we'll catch a robber or a murderer and send him to whichever circle of hell he deserves, but mostly we catch goblins, trolls, the evil spirits that would stain your pearly white neck bright red with blood.

But the people of the daytime - they don't trust us. They don't understand that to us the world is quiet and beautiful and peaceful and a wide-open realm of endless exploration and possibility in the serene still of night and horridly confining during the harsh sunlight of the day. They refuse to believe that without us, a third of the people they know would be dead. And so they wander about in cobblestoned squares at noontime in brightly-colored clothes, baskets overflowing with bread and fruit dangling from their arms and carefree laughter and chatter escaping their lips.

They call us Shadowspirits, even though we are human, just like them. They chase us out of the towns with burning torches and shun us during the day, so that the only option we have is to lie low on the edges of the villages during the day, on the abandoned wagon-trails in leafy woods and ravines with countless nooks and crannies, and only enter the cities at night.

They say we steal - well, how else are we supposed to get things? We are human, we can forage and hunt for food, but we need blankets and weapons and pack animals and everything that you need. But we always pay - shiny silver coins left on the general store counter. But they count those objects as cursed, and dare not touch them. They use metal tweezers to pick them up gingerly and hurl them into the river. Pity - you could've bought your family a nice dinner with that.

We are in every part of the world, although our exact customs and languages and roles do very, but the end game is the same: to keep out the creatures of the night that would destroy the denizens of the day.

There is only one place in the world where we are welcomed, the center of our operations. It is a crooked, haphazardly-built wooden house on stilts in the middle of a land bathed in purple light, it is where our leaders reside and plan, it is called Ka'a'thakan in our hidden language, and we only ever go there if there is peril so dire we must abandon all our posts and leave the townspeople to the goblins, if something truly evil is stirring in the world.

Who am I, you ask? I am Aldrinne, one of the Shadowspirits.

And I am heading to Ka'a'thakan now.


Well, at least that wasn't as long as the last two. thank god.

Tell me what you thought about it in the comments! I'd love some feedback. Plant a tree, hug a dwarf, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles. :)


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  1. Oh yes, the possibilities of the night. Without the sun, you can see nearly as much in the normal sense, but darkness and moonlight bring your attention to different things. Beautiful and silver, pushing you gently away from the mundane.

    It has been said that you don't fear the dark itself, you fear what's in the dark. Obviously no one ever told the townspeople that there are also good things lurking in the gloom.

    I want to be a shadowspirit. Yes, I know it's supposed to be hard and sad, but I want to live this exciting life battling goblins and living in the night and journeying to places bathed in purple light. I want to live vicariously through Aldrinne, I suppose.
    Ah. That's what stories are for.
    Do continue this one.
    Or all of them.
    I feel like this writing challenge is going great for you. All of these have become my top favorites (better than Katherine of Carpencia, but just a little behind Drunk) of the ones you've posted. My favorites were the one with the girl who threw her shoe at the monster, this one, and (was there another one? For the life of me I can't remember it. I won't go look because the page will reload and delete all this.) the one between those with the jumping over the fence was a little hard to follow because of the code names.

    1. Exactly.
      That's a true thing, I think.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yes, the first one was called Stepping Out, and it was about the goddess who left her homeland.
      I think it's going well too - almost everything I've written I can see making into a full-blown novel or series one day, and that makes me happy because that's something I've always loved doing.
      Lmao, ironic that we both love them so much, since the main effect they seem to have on everyone else is to make them unfollow me. xD

  2. Replies
    1. WHOOP WHOOP! As far as I can tell, we have at least 16 points this time!

    2. HURRAH! *throws confetti* Now, let's just hope the Keepers don't have any more.

    3. Nooo! We are behind! Come on Loren, let's see if we got more points this time!

    4. I'm hoping! Have you written your story yet?

    5. For Challenge 6? Sorry, I've been ultra busy the past few days with family and holiday preparations :/ Let's hope!

    6. :) I understand!

  3. Oh, man, Ellie. I loved this!

    So do you think that the Dragons will win the C.W.W.C.?

    1. Thank you so much!
      I hope so! If we don't, we'll probably at least get second place.

      - Ellie


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