It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas #3: My Favorite Things About the Holiday Season

by - 1:46 AM

Hey, young bloods! With the holiday season getting underway, I thought I'd make a post sharing my favorite things about this time of year. Enjoy :)

1. Lights

I absolutely adore all Christmas decorations, but my favorites are the lights. Every year around this time, all the trees in my town get decorated in beautiful and bright gold, silver, blue, red, and green lights. Shopkeepers hang them on their awnings, and homeowners wrap them around their trees, bushes, and rooflines. I just love driving through downtown during December - it always looks so gorgeous and pretty! Especially this small pocket park area where we have tons of huge evergreens. They always get wrapped in sparkling golden lights, and it's just breathtaking. <3

2. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is by far one of my favorite drinks. I have a ginormous sweet tooth, and this holiday drink definitely helps satisfy it. Plus, I love all the different ways you can personalize it - with candy canes, sea salt, marshmallows, and more! Mmmmm :)

My current favorite hot chocolate is Ghirardelli's Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa mix. It's extremely chocolaty - as you can probably guess by the name! - and really rich and flavorful. It's been an absolute staple so far this month.

3. A Pleasantville Christmas

A Pleasantville Christmas is a Christmas movie made by OurDolls, featuring the doll and stuffed animal inhabitants of the town of Pleasantville and their preparations for Christmas. It's hilarious and heartwarming, and if you like doll stuff I definitely recommend you check it out! It's 12 parts long - shown is the first (although the parts get shorter as you go along, don't worry). Every year around this time, I love curling up and watching it. It definitely gets me pumped to do holiday stuff with my own dolls! :)

Well, that's all for now! What do you guys love about the holiday season?

And also WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW DESIGN (If you've wondered why my blog's been private for the past day and a half, it's because I was completely redoing it and didn't want the in-progress mess to be seen.) I'M VERY HAPPY WITH IT ESPECIALLY THE HEADER LIKE THAT HEADER I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD. (The only things I still want to add are drop-down menus on the tabs bar - does anyone know some easy coding to get that done?)

Also expect another post up later today (bc it's a VERY SPECIAL DAY (and if you can guess what day you get 10,000 awesomeness points)).


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  1. Love the new design! I like designs that are minimalistic yet fun, and your designs always are. And hot cocoa. Just yes.

  2. Lights are definitely my favorite part of the season. Lights are my favorite part of anything. I love it when we have something to do do in Seattle in the evening, so I can see all the lights from the highway. Of course, while its pretty right there, having all those lights on makes for some pretty horrible light pollution for astrophotography. But that's rarely a problem, since we haven't been able to go back for quite a while.
    I'm listening to Bulletproof Heart right now.
    I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN! Simple works very well.
    And as for the very special thing... You didn't start your blog until January, so it's not a blogoversary. Ummm. I don't know.

      (actually i started it in dec., it just didn't go public until jan., but probably everyone thinks that so you're okay.)
      I'll give you a hint: it has to do with something we discussed in one of our recent emails.


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