It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas #2: Christmas Baskets

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Hey young bloods! For the second installment of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas", I'm going to share some of the stuff I bought for the Christmas Baskets project at my school!

First, let me explain the premise of Christmas Baskets. Basically, it's a program where our school provides Christmas presents to needy families in our metro area. This year we're helping about 75 families, and each seminar (that's what we call our study halls) is assigned one family to buy things for. The family will provide us with a wishlist of things they want + need (like winter coats, hats, toys for the kidlets, etc.), and we'll provide them and wrap them up, along with a turkey or ham, and deliver it to the family so they can have a Christmas where they otherwise may not have had one. Recently, my dad and I went shopping for the program, and I decided to share with you some of the stuff we bought.

Our family is the Jewell family, and they have a mom, Breanne, an eleven-year-old boy, Matt, a nine-year-old girl, Ally, a six-year-old boy, Chas, a four-year-old girl, Sarina, and a two-year-old boy with mental disorders, Ben. Their mom works at the ARL when she can, and whenever they have an animal that they're going to have to send to the Pound because they can't get it adopted, she'll take it in. They're such a giving family and caring family who so deserves a Christmas, and I was really excited to get to shop for them!

Note: this was the second of two trips. The first trip I took a few weeks ago with my mom, and we bought practical things, like blankets, gloves, hats, and coats. I delivered them to school shortly after. This was before I got the idea to do this series, so unfortunately I don't have pictures of those items. Later, I went with my dad to buy the family more "fun" stuff, since I'd gotten them practical things before, and by this time I'd gotten the idea for this series and so I was able to take pictures of the "fun" items before delivering them to school. Hence, most of the items you'll see here are toys, but I did buy them winter gear and such - I just don't have pictures of those. ~

Okay, now that that's out of the way, enjoy!

Sorry for the crappy picture quality.

First we got stuff for the nine-year-old, Ally. One of the items on her wishlist was hair accessories, so we got her hair ties, a pack of barrettes, and a bunch of headbands (you can't see, but the headbands are glittery.)

She also wanted a doll and some clothes + accessories for it, so we got that as well (Predictably, I had the most fun shopping for this part. xD). I got her an 18 inch doll, an outfit, a coat, and a purse (not pictured, but it's the silver SF one.)

Finally, we got her some socks.

Next, we got something for the four-year-old, Sarina. She loves Disney princesses - especially Sofia the First - and asked for Disney princess things, so we got her a Sofia doll!

Finally, we got some art supplies for the whole family. We got them a set of watercolor paints, a pack of markers, a pack of crayons, a pack of colored pencils, and a giant paper pad to color on (not pictured as it was way too big even get out of the bag).

Well, that's all for today! Have a wonderful evening, and remember you are all very beautiful pickles :).


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  1. You can never go wrong with art supplies. Never ever.

    There were a couple times when my church did the operation Christmas child (I think that's what it was called) where you filled up a box with things people needed and then they would ship it to kids who needed it in different parts of the world. But the people never got a ham or warm jackets, cause those were too big or perishable to ship.
    I always liked picking out socks for the kid.
    It's been a while since we've done that. Maybe we should again. At the very least of things my family has done nice for people we donated to the food bank this year.
    That sentence didn't work. Oh well.

    1. Never.
      That sounds awesome! Aw, too bad. IKR, socks are great.
      It worked well enough. I understood it, at least (although that may be because, being your best blogger friend, I am well-versed in Gwen Language).

  2. At my old elementary school, they have an 'angle tree' where you can pick an angle cutout thingy and on it is a girl/boy, their angel and one thing they want for Christmas. All the kids on the tree are 5-11 years old and go to that school. This year one of the ones my mom chose was a 6 year old boy and, I about started to cry, he wants undershirts for christmas (a lot of kids usually pick toys).

    I love the family thing and wish they had something like that where I live.

    1. That sounds awesome! Aww. *tears* poor kid.

  3. Awesome! I think it would be fun to shop for some dolls and clothes to give to girls in need.


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