"Secret Santa" Gift Swap - The "Best Writer" Award for Olivia the Geek!

by - 9:43 AM

The Best Writer Award is literally what it sounds like, an award given to the best writer in the comm. Who, in this case, is definitely Olivia.

Olivia, you're such an incredibly talented writer. Your pieces have done everything from make me laugh out loud to bring me to tears to take my breath away. You use the most vivid, stunning imagery, and you always have the most original ideas for plotlines. Plus, your characters (*coughcoughFarryncoughcough*) are extremely relatable and lovable. You inspire me every day because of your writing - seeing you do what you do and do it so well pushes me to keep on writing myself and become a better writer. Here's to you, girl, a Merry Christmas, and a new year of more amazing writing. <3


P.S. - Don't understand what the heck this is? Click here, and all shall be explained. (Oh, and go give her a follow while you're at it, will you?)

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