What I Got for Christmas 2015!

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That Mandatory Disclaimer Thing: Obviously I'm not trying to brag, the whole reason I'm posting this is because I put out a survey and y'all requested it, and I know I'm a bit spoiled, but if you're so immature that you feel the need to point that out after I've specifically said I'm trying not to brag, you can get up and leave my blog. Thank you.

Under the tree:

Panic! at the Disco shirt from RedBubble (thank you to Charlotte for recommending the site).

Yes - I got a goat. xD Well, no, not really. It's basically a program where you buy a goat in someone's name, and the goat goes to a needy family in Africa. It's really cool, and my grandma's been buying me goats for the past four or five years. (I've also gotten the occasional sheep.)

Here's the explanation on the inside of the card.


Sherlock t-shirt from Human.com.

FLEECY PAJAMAS. My old winter pjs were both a) quite thin/not that warm and b) not really my style; far too much pink and polka dots. But these are nice and simple and warm yet fun (look how cute the penguins are!).

Long knit cardigan. I really love this one; it has to be one of my favorite gifts. I have another cascading cardigan that I wear a lot, but it's quite thin and more of a summery thing, so it's not so practical for winter. This one, however, is really thick and warm and so perfect for cold days and nights. :)

In case you can't read it, it says The Midwest: (a map made by people that aren't from the midwest). In case y'all have ever wondered how ridiculous you sound.

Here's a closeup of the graphic; sorry the lighting is so crappy and super dark, I tried to edit it so you could see the words better. (Try tilting your screen forward.)

Stocking stuffers:

Fuzzy socks.

KATE SPADE PENS *SQUEALS*. I'm anxious to try them out and see how they work.

Metallic gel pens because gel pens.

Also regular gel pens, still because gel pens.

Hi-polymer erasers are literally my life guys oml. In case you've never tried them - they're erasers that actually erase, not like the crappy pink kind you sometimes get at Office Max. They're a tad more expensive but so effective, and I love them. (I haven't opened these yet because I plan on using them for school.)

Mechanical pencils - also planning on using these for school, I got a 24-pack at the beginning of the year but somehow have run out already???

Well, that's all for today! What did you get for the holidays? Comment below, and have a lovely day. <3


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  1. oo, the panic! shirt. noice.
    aw, the goat thing seems so sweet! i love that idea.
    that midwest tee is hilarious—i take it you're from the midwest? tbh me, being northeastern trash, would probably label a map of the midwest like that. i understand if we cannot be friends anymore.
    i'm quite envious of all your new writing utensils—i'm a sucker for pens and pencils. xD

    1. Thank you, babe. :)
      Hah, yep. Nah, I'll make an exception for you. ;)
      I know right?!?!

      - Ellie

  2. i love that first shirt!

    i could live in my pjs. all day.

    that cardigan is so cute!

    i love it when people try to label things on a map (like British people on a USA map xD) so that shirt is SO funny... I would probably end up labeling it the same way.... ik where ohio is bc of my grandparents. that's about it... (i used to think Chicago was a state xD Lord help young emily)

    pens. oh my lord, i have so many pens. you can NEVER have too many.

    for christmas, i mostly got crazy knee high socks and books, but i did get a polaroid, which i was shocked at but pleased :)

    i love reading/ watching hauls. I would do one, if i had enough motivation...

    1. Thank you!
      Saaaaaaame though.
      I know, right??? Hey, I have a friend who used to think England was a state. Then, when she was told it wasn't a state, she went, "Oh, yeah, that's right! It's a continent!" She was like 5, though.
      I know, right???
      KNEE HIGH SOCKS YESSSS. I have two pairs: one Hawkeyes (literally the only sports team I care about) pair and one Santa pair.
      SAME! My favorite Zoella videos are like all hauls; whenever she uploads a 30 minute one I'm like "PRAISE THE LORD".

      - Ellie

  3. BOFA YEEESSSSSSS! And you got the Extended Edition YEEEESSSSSSS! Everyone in my family (except maybe my mom. She's not a huge fan of all the gore) is a HUGE LOTR/Hobbit fan. So we have every single movie in the Extended Edition. The LOTR we have on regular DVD, but we bought it when we didn't have a BlueRay player. We have all the Hobbit movies on BlueRay though. We haven't gotten BOFA yet, but we are going to soon. :)
    That USA shirt is hi-LAR-ious. Crazy though, because I have to learn to draw the entire earth freehand on a black sheet of paper by the end of the school year for my school. And every time I practice the US, I'm always like that. xD
    Great presents Ellie! :D
    ~ Suzy

    1. Awesome! Your family sounds great.
      Wow! Do you just have to know the names of states and capitals, or more towns?
      Thank you!

      - Ellie

    2. Well, since I have to draw the ENTIRE world, I just have to do the states with their capitals for the US. It's awful. *breaks down in tears* *puts on own fuzzy socks to cheer self up*

  4. I like those erasers not because they erase well, but because I like touching them (I am aware of how weird that sounds, thank you.) I like to save all the scraps, and if you roll them up and knead it before a bit, you have a nice ball of squish with no bits.

    My mom lived in the Midwest for a bit, when she was a kid. And sometimes she talks about the places there, and we have no idea what she's talking about, because sadly, we are exactly as ignorant as your shirt suggests.

    As the goat overlord of the universe, I approve of the goat bought in your honor and sent to Africa.

  5. I was thinking

    You know the post that goes
    Aliens: take us to your leader
    Me: *takes them to Obama*
    Aliens: no, no, no we meant Gerard Way
    Me: oh, sorry *takes them to Gerard Way*
    Gerard way: *throws glitter on aliens*
    [at least, I'm pretty sure that's a thing and I'm not making it up. I couldn't find it.]

    Well what if glitter throwing became a standard method of greeting someone?
    Tossing sparkles in the air could make you more excited about greeting anyone!
    Imagine a formal meeting to discuss important things. Serious faces and serious suits and glitter raining gently down.
    Imagine bro hugs, with the confusing handshake-half hug-back pat thing, and you try to throw glitter while doing all that.
    Imagine being in a situation where you must greet someone you don't like. It is custom and polite to toss glitter. But some people just don't deserve it. Like Donald trump. You stand there, glaring, with glitter zipped safely in your pocket.
    Since throwing glitter is custom, no one cares if they have it all over themselves or the floor. It's just a part of life. Sometimes it just won't come off. That's ok. Maybe you have some happy memories associated with that glitter.
    [i am also aware that throwing glitter may be a thing that is used when someone says something dumb. But that is done sarcastically, of course.]

    1. I know what you mean, though. I love how you can erase away all the marks so it looks immaculate and white again. One kid in my class once was bothered mine had grey smudges all over it and took it from me and erased them all away. I would be that person with everyone else's, tbh.
      Oh dear. This simply will not do. You can't be goat overlord of the universe if you don't even know what the places in your universe are.
      I am glad the goat overlord approves - your blessing is most important.
      I haven't seen that thing but it sounds awesome.
      oh my gOD THAT SOUNDS SO EPIC YES. And the colors and shapes and sozes of the glitter could perhaps relate your mood and te circumstances surrounding your meeting.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love that Midwest shirt!


    I want those gel pens. Because I am obsessed with pens. Like, seriously obsessed. The only time I ever use pencils is for math. Because PENS ARE THE BEST.

    And that goat idea sounds really sweet. :)

    Oh and I'm pretty sure I have an eraser just like the ones you got. Not that I've ever used it because like I said, I hardly ever use pencils and when I do, the erasers on the pencil are good enough for me.


      Pens are like super cool. I use mine a lot for coloring in doodles in my notebook, but I usually use pencils for school stuff because I'm so afraid I'll mess up. But I just bought a Johanna Basford coloring book (Lost Ocean), which I've been using the pens for! (It takes so long to fill an entire page oml.) And somewhat related fact: My math teacher used to give detentions to kids who did their homework in pen.
      It is :)

      - Ellie

  8. You got some great stuff Ellie!! AND THAT MIDWEST T-SHIRT JUST YES. I have to admit, I don't live in the midwest, I live in the west, but I have family who lives in the midwest. My family that lives on the east coast is so clueless about those things though, so I feel ya. :) Those PJ's look absolutely wonderful!
    For Christmas, I mostly got PJ's and books. OH AND ELLIE I GOT A FULL COPY OF LES MIS IT'S LIKE THIRTEEN HUNDRED PAGES I WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED. I read the shortened version in French not to long ago, and I can't wait to read more of it :) We can cry over it together. ;)

    1. ;) Yes, it is quite frustrating.
      THEY ARE THEY'RE SO FUZZY AND WARM AND UGH *hugs them* They make me, like, excited to go to sleep, if that makes any sense.
      *solemnly gets out the box of tissues* Let it begin.

      - Ellie

    2. GAHH THEY LOOK LIKE THEY ARE WARM AND FUZZY. That totally makes sense. I completely understand. ;)
      *gratefully takes a tissue, looks at the book, and bursts into tears again*

  9. Just realized we have the same name :) My nickname is Ellie too! :)

    1. Awesome! :) My given name is actually also Eleanor.

      - Ellie

  10. THAT PANIC! SHIRT I LIKE IT (I'm aware of how stupid that sounds but hey)
    And the Midwest is hilarious omfg


    1. IT DOESN'T SOUND STUPID AT ALL DARLING. In fact, now I only need that Black Parade tank top I've been eying for a while, and I can be emo trinity in long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and tank top weather. (I have a long-sleeve FOB shirt that's like my most prized possession in case you didn't notice.)

      - Ellie

  11. love the Panic! shirt :)

    I got a shirt from redbubble too and I adore it.

    sounds like you had a very merry Christmas :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Glad you like it. Hope you had one too!

      - Ellie

  12. Replies
    1. IKR!?!?! I haven't watched it yet but I know it's got Thorin's funeral in it. I hope it wraps up what happened to Tauriel - in the regular edition, it's really left as a loose end.

      - Ellie

    2. *sniffle sniffle* For your sake, I will not say anything. *sniffle*
      ~ Suzy


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