Coffee Shop Love

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*clears throat*
I’ve loved you since -
Wait. No. Before we start, I have to make something clear.
I don’t do that sort of teenage love, the over-romanticized, over-sexualized bullshit you see in the movies, where hot girl meets hot boy and they’re making out within a day and making love within a week. I don’t do that Romeo-and-Juliet crap, the “I’ll be nothing without you,” the so desperately sexual, the throbbing and the pulsing and the red-hot love.
So if you’re expecting something like that from me - although I doubt you would - I suggest you turn away now.
I have a different kind of love. I don’t love your boobs or your legs or your hips. I haven’t cared for you since the moment you “walked into a classroom with perfectly-shiny long hair” and the shy expression of a girl who needs a boy to make her complete, or the day I “spotted you on the cheerleading field with your skirt barely covering your ass”, or any modern movie scenarios as such. No.
I’ve loved you since I first saw how you laughed when the sun shone in your hair. Since I spotted the excited expression on your face as your hand shot up into the air during class. Since I saw the warm smile and hand up you gave to that gay kid being bullied. Since I saw you twirling around in the first snow. Since I saw your soul.
You see, my love is a different kind of love - a coffee shop love. My love is made up of cuddles with blankets and conversations over frapps, strolling through a grey city on a windy day and sipping hot cocoa in front of winter fires. My love is not passion and parties, or sex and seduction, or getting drunk and making love in the back of a limousine. My love is a plainer kind of love - a simpler kind of love - a coffee shop love. 
It’s all I have to offer, and I hope that you will take it.


Hey hey hey so I wrote a thing.

(I actually wrote it back in December (it's been on my Figment for a while lmao) but I wanted to wait until CWWC was over to post it so there wouldn't be any confusion about it obviously not being an entry. :) )

I'm actually really really proud of this, like I really really love it. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles. <3


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  1. Coffee shop love

    I must agree.
    I don't need the angst that comes with high school dating. I don't need a date mate to be popular. I've always thought you can't love at first sight, when they walk in the room with their shiny hair. That's lust, or something.
    Love is about respect and helping eachother out and each making the other the best they can be.
    And then there's the cuter bits.
    Like if I was to date a person (I'm just gonna put "you" cause if totally date you)
    We could go on walks through the woods and i'd pick up nice rocks and show them to you, or slip them into your pocket.
    We'd make waffles and I'd cook them so the outside is crispy and the inside is gooey and hot.
    We'd go to museums and talk about the pieces, or not talk at all- just hold hands and look at the sculptures and paintings.
    We'd write a novel or a comic book together.

    I feel like a lot of the people around us forget about the friend part.
    When I think of the coffee shop love I'd like, I think of a best friend, but with more forehead kisses and cuddles while thinking about the universe.

    1. You are right, I believe. That is what love is, or at least what it should be. And if consensual sex happens to be a by-product of that eventually, so be it, but that shouldn't be the main reason for the relationship, I think.
      AHHHH YES WOODLAND WALKS. And I would run ahead of you at random points and leap over the logs in the path and shout "Take that, Azog!" as I swung an imginary sword. Then I would get distracted by an interesting flower or plant or rock and show it to you.
      That is a good way to cook waffles. I like when they're undercooked on the inside (same goes for pancakes, for that matter). Could you put chocolate chips in them? Chocolate chip waffles are my favorite.
      I would occasionally say something like, "My, how bloody" or "That one is my favorite". But I am generally quiet in art museums, I think. (Then again, with you, perhaps not.)
      AHHHHH YESS WRITING BUDDIES. That would be epic, especially since we both like fantasy.
      I think they do too. I think they don't know that sex and popularity aren't the only factors in a high school relationship and perhaps are afraid to be more than that, or feel pressured into being that by their peers and the media. (Wow I sound preachy oops.)
      That sounds wonderful :) I love forehead kisses and cuddling. Especially if i can drink tea. Tea and cuddling is perfect.

      - Elli

  2. I really liked this post! I agree with not believing in the concept of 'love at first sight' and over-sexualized pure bliss teen love.

  3. I love this. I really really really love it. :)


  4. amen, thank you.

    i've been waiting for this. all teen romance are that crap and i hate reading it. if i ever dated it would be walks on the beach and picking wildflowers and starbucks and being best friends who hold hands.

    so i love this. <3


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