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As you saw here, I've been cracking down on my fantasy series (tentatively titled The World of the Four Pillars). I've made huge progress on deciding what characters I want to include and when, as well as mapping out how all the different plot lines will weave together. The main plot for this book is that several magic artifacts have gone missing, and the sorcerers are desperate to keep them out of the hands of the evil folks and loose all the different nations of the world on a huge hunt to find them. Here's a snippet I wrote yesterday in study hall (oops):

"Most of the village, including Aleuna’s mother, looked down on his [Alphie's] family for being of the poorest here (although nobody in Chedlyn was particularly rich to begin with), but Aleuna thought that was a stupid reason to dislike someone. (Alphie’s father didn’t approve of their friendship, either; he thought it was immoral for Alphie to be friends with a girl. Aleuna thought this was equally as stupid.) Alphie was perhaps her one good friend, and they’d spent countless hours out in the pasture, lying on their backs and gazing up at the clouds when Alphie’s father wasn’t looking, or talking about what they would do when they became adults and how they would be much better at it than the current crop."

"Chrissea, however, seemed the opposite of Aleuna – where Aleuna was uneasy riding, Chrissea was equally uneasy in the forest. Aleuna did suppose it was not like the forests in the fairytales – it was dark and dense, with trees so close together they frequently touched or their roots entwined, and the leafy canopies wove together to shut out most of the sunlight. Sometimes, the shadows themselves seemed to move from their resting-places tucked in the roots and hollows of the trees. But though Chedlyn’s forest had been a bit lighter, especially since the villagers had come and cleared a lot of the trees away for their fields and house-plots, Aleuna still had most of her memories in this forest, still knew its creases and cobwebs like the back of her hand. Seeing a dark and shadowy nook was an invitation to snuggle up and read, a berry bush a memory of her mother’s delicious pies. She tried to show Chrissea some of the nice things about the forest, like how a few of the leaves had silver undersides or how wonderful the tarberry tasted, but the sorceress would have none of it and either lifted her nose up into the air or flinched away slightly whenever Aleuna brought her such an offering. One time, Aleuna had pointed out a black squirrel and the woman had nearly screamed.
'Shush!' Aleuna had told her, 'you’ll disturb the birds.'"

What do you think? Feedback is appreciated :)



For those of you who don't know, TBBT is basically a sitcom about a bunch of nerdy scientists and the trouble they get into, and it's SUPER hilarious. My favorite has to be Bernadette, the blond in the glasses on the far left. She's a microbiologist who's hella smart and kicks serious ass, as well as being a really independent, strong character. I also really like Raj (purple jacket), an astrophysicist who pretends to be tough but is actually the biggest softie in the group, and Sheldon (green shirt). Why do I like Sheldon Cooper, you ask?

These are literal things he's said in the show, among tons of other stuff.

Tell me you don't love him.


To eat more raw, unprocessed foods in place of canned or boxed items or items with a lot of added sugar. (Did you know that on a nutrition label, it doesn't show you sugar's percent daily value? Your intake of added sugar each day should only be from 25 - 35 grams/9-6 teaspoons (as recommended by the American Heart Association), but you'd be shocked to find out how easy it is to surpass that in just a single meal.) New standards I've set for myself include eating at least one serving or fruits or vegetables at school lunch every day and cutting down heavily on things like greasy pizza and processed snacks. I've found that since starting this I actually feel a lot better about my food intake, and I really look forward to every meal as an opportunity to eat something great.

Well, that's all for today! What have you been doing this month? Comment below, and have an awesome day. :)


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  1. This month i have been getting math homework done so i can bring my B+ up to an A, and drinking more water.
    I lent Donald my earbuds, and now i cant listen to music during lunch. This is distressing!
    And i discovered that macaroni is nowhere near as good 3 days later from a thermos as it is fresh from the pot.

    1. Drinking more water is good. So is math homework, even though it may be irritating.
      Wait are you serious??? Mac and Cheese fresh is good, but it's BEST after it's been stowed in the fridge for a day or two. I like to just eat it cold out of the tupperware container with a fork. Cold pasta is the best. (But cold pizza, which my mother loves, is not.)

      - Ellie

  2. Your writing was amazing. :)

    BUT THE BIG BANG THEORY IS EVEN MORE AMAZING. Sheldon is my favorite, because how can you not line Sheldon?! I like Bernadette too....but let's face it, I like all of them. ;)

    This month I've basically been doing nothing. My biggest accomplishment this month was watching all the episodes of The Flash that have already aired. Because it's such a good show and I'm obsessed.


    1. Thank you!!
      I KNOW RIGHT. It's a mystery to me how anyone would not be able to like Sheldon Cooper....yeah, the nice thing about TBBT is that the whole main cast is really likable.
      Oh! My friend likes the Flash. She talks a lot about two people named Barry and Cisco, although I can't keep them straight and I'm not sure if they're the same person or not. I think one of them is the Flash?

      - Ellie

    2. Barry is the Flash and Cisco is just another important character on the show. Cisco is one of my favorite characters, he is hilarious. And your friend must be pretty amazing if she likes The Flash. ;)


    3. Ahhh. Okay, that makes sense now. Doesn't Cisco get visions or something?
      Hah, she is. :)

      - Ellie

    4. I'm glad it makes sense. And yes, Cisco does get visions. They can be quite helpful. :)



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