7-Day Writing Showcase, Day 4: A Story by Annie!

by - 7:11 PM

Hey, young bloods!

For day four of the seven-day writing showcase, I'm quite excited to be presenting to you a short work by the amazing Annie! Here we go:


Do you ever think about what other people are thinking? Sometimes you don't know what other people think about themselves and it's sort of shocking to find out. It wasn't what you were expecting. You thought that they were perfectly fine, but in reality, they're really not. And now you'll probably never look at them the same way again.

She might not even know that I know. I'm not sure if she knows I saw what she had written about herself, and read it even though I knew it was wrong to. It's not my fault that her notebook was open on my desk and she wasn't in the room when I got back.

Other than what she had written, I had no idea what happened. I just know what she wrote. And it was bad. I have felt mostly the same in my life....but no one knows.


I hope you enjoyed reading that :) I know I did. Remember to come back tomorrow for another amazing story from a writer in the comm, and have an absolutely fantabulous evening. 


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  1. That was really pretty! I enjoyed reading it a lot. :)
    Also, I LOVE the new blog design, Ellie! VERY nice. :D
    ~ Suzy


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