7-Day Writing Showcase, Day 6: "Memories of Past" by Josie!

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Hey, young bloods!

Okay, firstly, I am so sorry this wasn't up yesterday. School (typical excuse, ik) has been really stressful this week, especially with my Academic Decathlon competition. I got home yesterday and was like, "All right, I'll take a short nap and then get up for dinner."


I didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning.



So today I'll be posting Josie's piece for the seven-day writing showcase, and tomorrow I'll post the last person's piece + the shoutouts (so that everyone has their own day). So, sans further ado/excuses, I present to you "Memories of Past" by Josie!


Sadie paced on the stone brick path that led up to her house, knowing she could not keep her secret much longer and would soon have to leave on her quest. Not even her adopted family knew her true heritage as a royal. She opened the door to the small cottage where she resided, and went into her room.
She laid down on her bed, trying to recall her memories to figure out what she needed to do. Lift up your head, Sadie, her father had told her. If not, the crown falls. All her life, Sadie had being trying to do so, and she had done a very good job at that. Living with a different family under a different name in a different kingdom; it hadn’t been easy for her.
“Ginger?” Sadie jerked up at the sound of her pseudonym, realizing it was her mother. “It’s time for dinner. Is everything okay?”
Sadie nodded and walked out to the kitchen where her family awaited her: her mother, her father, and her little brother. Sadie’s heart told her that these people were not her family, that this place was not her home.
That night, Sadie picked up her small bag and filled it with some food. She left the house, walking around the familiar sights she had lived with since she was eight years old, and now it was all behind her.
Eventually, the village was far behind her, nothing but a speck of dust in a big world.
Now what? Sadie asked herself. If Father wanted me to restore the crown, where would I find it? 
Suddenly, Sadie heard footsteps from the trees. She screamed, hoping to call attention for help.
“Don’t bother, no one can hear you,” said a voice. Sadie shrieked again in astonishment.
The girl sighed. “I’m Livia.”
“G-G-Ginger,” she stammered.
“You don’t need to be afraid. I’m here to help you restore the kingdom, Princess Sadie,” Livia told her.
Sadie’s jaw dropped. “How did you know my name? Who are you exactly?”
“Well, I used to live in your kingdom. I helped you escape. Your father told me to help you on your quest,” Livia explained. “He left a will for you.”
Sadie took the old parchment out of Livia’s hands and read it.
My dear Sadie, 
I write this in hopes that you will one day be able to save us. The kingdom is in danger. Only you can destroy the evil harming us. One day I want to explain why and how, but for now I cannot.
First, you will need to find an item from our world in yours.
Second, you will need to go to the River of Hope and find the Dragon Rock. 
Third, you will place these items together for of the cup of our world. 
Trust Livia.
“Hey, don’t cry,” Livia calmed. “It’ll be okay.”
Sadie then noticed the hot tears on her cheeks. “Alright, where would we find these items?”
“Well, you need to go deeper into the forest to find the River of Hope,” Livia said. “Maybe we’ll find the other item on the way.”
Sadie nodded and started walking forward. She would complete the quest. Trust Livia, her father had said. Maybe she could.
Livia had been waiting for Sadie her whole life, and now that she was here, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. Yes, Livia had been given clear instructions, but doing following them harder than she had imagined. It had been days since their journey had begun, however, their food was already scarce and their clothes were tattered and worn.
“What’s that?” Sadie asked, pointing to a shadow in the distance. The figure was tall, and very animal like.
“I’m not sure. Shall we check it out?” Livia guided.
Sadie replied yes and ran up to the silhouette, Livia not far behind her. This was her one job- help Princess Sadie and save their world from disappearing for eternity. She could not mess it up, for her family, for her world. All of the sudden, the princess had started to cry again.
“What?” Livia asked from afar.
“I know this horse,” Sadie said, clinging to it tightly. “It was part of a carousel I used to ride.”
Livia sat down next to her. “Good, what else do you remember?”
“Mother- she had always said this horse was special. Do you think, maybe, this could be the first item?” Sadie asked, stroking the horse gently.
“What do you think?”
“I think… yes,” Sadie thought aloud.
“Alright, let’s take it to the river,” Livia exclaimed.
“The River of Hope! That’s the next place we need to go,” Sadie remembered.
She smiled. Sadie was ready. Maybe they would be safe after all.
It had been a while since Sadie had been near a river or well. She put down the burden of the carousel horse.
“How do we find this Dragon Rock?” she questioned after drinking some water.
“Well,” Livia explained. “The Dragon Rock is supposedly, well, a dragon-shaped rock mixed in with the pebbles. So, I guess we should go into the river and find it.”
The River of Hope was warm enough to heat them from the fall night’s chill, and when it got too hot, it cooled down. They searched through the many colored pebbles that lined the bottom of the river. Out of the corner of her eye, Sadie thought she saw something sparkle. She grabbed it.
“Would this be it?” she asked Livia, holding up the sparkling rock, noticing it almost looked like a dragon.
Livia nodded. “Yes! We did it!”
They swam out of the river.
“Are you ready?” Livia inquired.
“As ready as I will ever be,” Sadie agreed.
“Alright, take the Dragon Rock and place it inside the horse’s mouth.”
Sadie did as she was told. Out of the center of the horse came a tiny teacup. Nothing in her previous life could prepare her for what she saw inside of it. There were trees, houses, people frozen in place, and a palace. “What is this?”
Livia leaned over, able to see the kingdom after several years of waiting. “The kingdom, or your kingdom now, I suppose, was built on love, joy, and peace. Nine years ago, something came over the kingdom. Instead of the normally jubilant state of the people, everyone argued and fought. In a way, the kingdom started fading. Your late parents knew what was coming, so they wrote you these instructions. They also sent me, the daughter of their most trusted assistant. We were sent to this world only minutes before the kingdom turned this way. You were unconscious and had amnesia, but the two of us, the carousel horse, and the Dragon Rock had been scattered. Now, you must restore the kingdom.”
“How?” Sadie asked.
“You will know,” Livia said. That’s what the king said, she thought.
Sadie took the teacup, and poured its contents into her hand. She placed them besides the river. Where the kingdom was, she remembered.
Then it grew. The house and people and light were all there. Sadie saw her world for the first time in almost a decade. They had done it. Sadie and Livia had fixed the love.
And they embraced.

Wasn't that cool? You can check out Josie's blog here. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last day of the showcase, and have a lovely rest of your day. :)


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  1. Thank you for showcasing my story :)

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  3. AHHH ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE SO TALENTED. Josie this is perfection I need to read more oh my <3



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