My Top 10 Favorite Historical Book Settings

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Hey, young bloods!

Today I'm linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for a Top Ten Tuesday, where you post your top ten list of something. This week, it's favorite historical or futuristic book settings! (And with me being the TOTAL history nerd that I am, it wasn't that hard to pick which one to do.)

1. American Revolutionary War

This HAS To be my favorite historical period of all time. I love books that explore specific events or people in the Revolution in detail, such as The Winter of Red Snow by Kristiana Gregory. The only stories I DON'T like from this time period are "girl-dresses-as-boy-and-runs-away-to-join-the-army" because there are plenty of those already, and they often end up being ultra cliche.

2. Turn of the Twentieth Century

There were so many exciting changes going on in America during this time - the telephone, electric lighting, women getting the vote - that any book set during the late 1800s and early 1900s is sure to be action-packed!

3. Colonial India

Reading Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya definitely made me fall in love with this period. The country and customs are so colorful and different from what we have here in the West, any book set in this period is super fascinating.

4. The Italian Renaissance

GAHH!! So many changes were happening in the world, and the arts and culture front was blossoming once again. Marius and Armand, from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, immediately come to mind. They spent several years together in Venice and GAHH THE SHIPPING FEEEEEELS.

5. The Dark Ages

With all the political intrigue, looming stone castles, and epic battles going on, I seriously have no clue how anyone could not love this period. (Plus, Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of my namesakes, lived during that time, so ya know.)

6. Great Depression

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse has to be my favorite book set in this time period. The stories of people's day-to-day struggles to survive are so inspiring, and the fact that my grandma lived through this period - often surviving on only a few cents a day - makes it particularly interesting to learn about.

7. Pioneer

All the way from Caroline to Laura to Rose, I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was little, and that series definitely got me interested in this time period. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing about homesteads on the Midwest prairies or the countless wagons that traveled the Oregon Trail.

8. Alexander the Great

I grew up on tales of Alexander the Great and his grand conquest sweeping all the way through Eastern Europe to South Asia. Any story set during this period is sure to trigger both nostalgia and an irrepressible urge to tie a blanket around my shoulders and prance about my room, commanding my soldiers into battle.

9. The Civil Rights Era

Like the Great Depression, the stories that unfolded during this area are particularly inspiring. They also are still extremely relevant in today's society, and I think no matter where we are in history we can learn from them.

10. Ancient Babylon

There aren't a lot of stories I've read from this time period, but it's ultra fascinating to learn about, and if I do run across a story you can bet I'll snatch it up right away. I LOVE learning about ancient civilizations, and ones so different from the West are especially interesting.

So, let's chat! What are your favorite historical or futuristic book settings? Comment below, and have a lovely day, you gorgeous pickle, you.


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  1. I loved the setting of Between the shades of grey. Some of my fave futuristic settings are cinder and hunger games.:)

    My TTT

    1. Ooh, yes, Hunger Games was really unique. Although I've never read them (oops?), Divergent seems really interesting too.

      - Ellie

  2. I love pioneer stories as well. This year, I'm hoping to get around to re-reading the Little House on the Prairie books. I was obsessed with them as a kid, but I haven't revisited them as an adult yet. Also, you might enjoy a travel memoir I just read by Rinker Buck. It's called THE OREGON TRAIL and it's all about his journey across the trail in a covered wagon a few years ago. It's long but fascinating.

    Happy TTT!

  3. <<<<< I LOVE THE WINTER OF RED SNOW >>>>>

    ootd is amazing and the feels from the mom...

    i remember when i used to read all the little house on the prarie books.

    also, that pick with fangirl? i'm dying.

      I know, right? The poetry is all so beautiful, it takes my breath away reading it.

      - Ellie

  4. Dude. I havent read anything in such a long time (or remembered anything?)
    But right now im working on the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and it is very funny. (If you like dry, sophistocated humor, whuvh it seems you do.) like none of the books i read take place on earth, or a definite place on earth with a definite era. : \

    The Blueberry With T-Rex Arms
    Did the link thing work?

  5. Oh wait i forgot you moderate comments.
    But if it does work, could i make this bold?

      Yes, I have been told I would like that book. I might, except I have no taste for aliens and space travel and things.
      Also sorry I've not been responding to texts, I sort of lost my phone a few days ago (oops).

      - Ellie

    2. Ah, i figured that might be it. Should i just keep texting it cause i like talking to myself and then you can revel in my awesomeness as reward for finding it again? Yes. I think i'll do that. And i drew Geeb and Eggo, which i can email to you if you cant wait till u find your phone.

    3. Yes, you should. I'll respond to everything when I find it again.
      Ooh, yes!! Do email. I'm almost finished with the story. I'll email that to you when I'm done, because it's very much too long to fit in a text.

      - Ellie

  6. Ok i tried it and YES! IT WORKS!
    Now let's try
    is this in italics?
    Ok. Images dont work.
    If only those worked, the comments section COULD be all i dreamed it to be!

    1. Yes, it is.
      Have you tried underlining?

      - Ellie

  7. I second Alexander the Great, Renaissance and Dark Ages :)

  8. I expect a book set in Ancient Babylon would be epic! :)

    Check out my TTT.


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