The 7-Day Writing Showcase, Day 7: A Story by Kelsi!

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Hey, young bloods!

WOW. I can't believe the seven-day writing showcase is already coming to a close. Didn't??? I??? Just??? Start??? It???

But anyways. Today I have a piece from the awesome Kelsi. So, sans further ado, here it is!


as the snow poured down, I was snapping pictures.

snap, snap. snap, snap.

my parents were just staring at me like I was crazy.

I was snapping away, completely ignoring them.

through the lens of my canon rebel t3i, I could see a story coming together.

then, after coming inside and hopping onto the computer, I typed.

the sound of my fingers on the keys was harmony.

as my sister stared at me while I typed, I knew that I was writing through a lens.

writing through the lens.


But wait! Don't go away quite yet. There are still a few awesome writers who submitted stuff to the showcase but (because I had more than seven entries and picked by randomization) didn't get a spot. I'd still like to give them shoutouts, though, because they're all super amazing writers!

Anna - Anna is an awesome writer, and she posts great photography, life musings, and writing on her blog.

Allison - Allison posts creative craft tutorials + diys and all about life on the farm!

Suzy - Suzy is a crafting fangirl who loves books - and is an amazing writer!

Bella - Bella is a talented teen writer who posts awesome writing and photography on her blog. (PLUS HER BLOG DESIGN *DIES FROM THE AWESOME*)

I do believe that's all for now! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who submitted pieces for this showcase - you're all amazing writers, and I seriously couldn't have done this without you. <3


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  1. I love that, writing through the lens.

  2. That was a really cool poem. :) ALSO, thank you so much for the shoutout! ^^ I really appreciated it.
    ~ Suzy


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