Thoughts While Walking Through a Cemetery

by - 5:49 PM

We walk across the grasses.

Is the wind merely a secular, atmospheric movement, the sort taught in schools and drawn as blue lines across weather maps, or is it them?

Are the whispers we hear the trees, or them, or the phantoms of our own brains, manifesting themselves in supernatural illusions of the subconscious?

Our fingers are stained with the blood of their lives. It has spread beneath our fingernails. Is it spreading up our arms, the worldly appendages of our souls?

Is it disrespectful to pick through their names, taking out letters and shoving others together and discarding most entirely? Leaving them to be blown away by the accusing, cold whispers of the wind? For is it picking apart their livelihoods and achievements, maybe the only shadows of them left in this world, or is it supplementing our own livelihoods and achievements? For isn't their job, such as a dead soul can have a job, to assist us? But isn't ours, in part, to venerate them - to help insure their names and lives do not pass from the circles of this universe, that they are remembered by someone?

Is that not the least of what they deserve - and the least of what we'd wish for ourselves?


Background: I went walking in the cemetery a couple weeks ago after breakfast, looking for cool names I could use in my writing. This is a snippet of the thoughts I had then, pressed down from my mind to paper. :)

Also - you've probably noticed, but this writing style is a bit different from my usual. I've been experimenting with a more abstract, elaborate, Anne-Rice-type style, and I think I really like it. I know it's not a kind that has really wide appeal, but I really, really like it myself. :)


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  1. I. Got. Chills. Even though this piece is ever-so-slightly unsettling, it's not overly dramatic to the point where I could see it in the beginning of a horror film or something and I absolutely adore that. You pick apart the human spirit and it's more eerily thought-provoking than frightening. This is incredible, Ellie. I love it. <3

    1. Thank you so, so much, darling. That was just what I was going for, and I'm so glad you liked it (especially since you do this all the time with your writing.)

      - Ellie

  2. I love your writing! It's funny the thoughts places like that can give you ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. OMGS I got crazy chills from reading this! This was so fantastic ASDFGHJKL


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