Character Studies #3 - Silvester, the Anti-Villain

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Hey, young bloods! Once again, I'm linking up with Morgan @ Studies in Character to answer questions about one of my characters. Today, I'll be introducing you to Silvester - the "villain" in my contemporary witch WIP.

But why is "villain" in quotes, you ask? Well, although Silvester is the enemy of the heroine, he's not evil in the least. Indeed, he's gentle and mild-mannered, doing what he genuinely believes is the right thing for humanity. If he sees a bird with a broken wing, he's the type who will likely stop to mend it. I wanted to use his character to explore the issue we often have in today's society about seeing the other side of the story - the heroine's friends judge Silvester to be evil just because he opposes the heroine, but when we get to know him we actually find he's of excellent character. And considering the surge in anti-heroes recently, I also thought it would be interesting to create an "anti-villain" - or a foil who's actually a better person than the hero. But enough rambling from me - let's hear from Silvester!

~ Note: CS is usually published in two parts each month, but for convenience's sake I'll be combining both parts into one post. So that's why there are twice as many questions as there were with Ydda :) ~

1. What are you afraid of?
Of failure. Or of being so cowardly that I do not do what I think is right.

2. Do you have a temper?
I used to think I didn't, but recently Savannah (note from Ellie: Savannah is his apprentice) has informed me that although I don't have a traditionally violent temper, I am disposed to sulking.
You're literally the sulkiest person I've ever met, oh my gosh.

3. What kind of things would make you lose your temper?
I am a very meticulous planner, so logistics or carefully-laid plans going even a little bit wrong angers me. Failure also, or *sniffs* her.
Fear of a name increases fear of the name itself.
Savannah, no one gave you permission to participate.
There we go, getting sulky again.

4. If you're angry, how do you try to calm down?
Deep breaths. Stretching. And, a few tricks I have recently learned from Savannah - going outside and inhaling the scent of flowers and trees, and listening to the sound of running water.

5. You're in an argument with your best friend/significant other. What's it about?
My.....significant no longer with me. Not that she's dead - although she could be, I just haven't heard from her in a long time. Nowadays, if I were to get in an argument with anyone, it would be Savannah - though she's neither my "best friend" nor "significant other". And it would probably be about how she always insists on winging things instead of following the plan. Or how she's always wearing those low-class, uncivilized clothes.
For God's sake, Silvester, it's just steampunk.
It's unprofessional.

6. What's your worst habit?
Oh. My. Gosh. He's always tapping his fingernails - on everything. On his desk, the arm of his chair, his bloody briefcase.....and he breaks off his sentences and stares off into space. A lot.
It's how I think!

7. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why?
I wish my eyebrows were lighter. They're the same color as my hair, which is very, very light blond, and I wish they stood out a bit more against my forehead. 
Your eyebrows are fine. If they were any darker, they would look weird with your hair color.

8. What about your personality?
I think I would make myself braver. Too often, I am frightened of the possible repercussions of my actions to stand up for what I believe in or try to change things for the better.
If you hadn't just bared your soul to the Internet, I would point out how cheesy that sounded.

9. You're working with a group of people on some sort of project. What role do you play? Do you like it?
Leader and strategist, definitely. And I do like it - it suits my personality, although it's bound to cause me stress when others don't obey my orders.
Group work really isn't his thing.

10. The world ended (literally or figuratively, your choice) and it's your fault. What did you do to cause it? Why? Was it an accident or on purpose?
Oh! I would never end the world on purpose - literally speaking. Unless humanity were all safe on the moon or Mars or somewhere, although despite the scientific community's big talk I don't see that happening any time soon. If it were my own personal world and it ended figuratively, I would say it was because of underestimating my opponent.

11. What is something totally inexcusable that would ruin a friendship for you?
Hurting or trying to hurt a group of people because "it would be better in the long run".

12. Someone wants you to do something you don't want. How would they get you to do it?
*sighs* Blackmail, I suppose.
Blackmail? With what?
That is none of your concern.

13. Someone is getting on your nerves and you really want them to go away but they don't seem to take the hint. How do you do it?
Have Savannah escort them out.
Running away from your problems, much?
Savannah, do leave. Go practice your potions.

14. What is, in your opinion, the worst thing you've ever done? What would you have done differently?
There are many things, I think. As much as everyone seems to want to think I'm a scheming villain, I actually have many regrets.
I think I should have tried to love Xavier. I mean - I know it wouldn't have lasted, and my logical heart talked me away from it. But I should have tried to have something while I could have. Even though it would have inevitably had a painful ending, I believe I would have been much wiser for it. And he would have been happier.
I also had a chance - in the fifties. To try to take back something I'd lost, to fix problems I'd left unfixed before. But I was too cowardly. Too cowardly.

15. Someone you used to trust betrayed you in a big way, then comes back and begs for forgiveness. Do you? Why or why not? If not, is there something they could do to change your mind?
As to whether or not I would forgive them - probably not. If it wasn't their fault, that's a different matter. But my logical head would deny purposeful betrayal a second chance.
As to whether or not they could do anything - I believe, if after many decades of proving they are after all on my side (but from a distance), I could be moved to trust them again. Goodness knows I need friends.

16. What's your opinion on lying? When is it appropriate to lie? When do you feel it's important to tell the truth, no matter how painful?
Whether or not lying is all right depends on the lie and its repercussions. If it is a small lie, made for a greater cause, then it's fine. But - and this is something I have only learned with age - in matters of the heart, truth is very important. Even if it will tear a gap between you and the other person, everything is out in the open. You know how the other person feels. There are not any nasty secrets to be dug up and fought over later.

17. You're confident that you can do something great. Would could someone do/say to destroy that confidence? Would you let them know their comment hurt you?
Destroying my confidence would be very hard. If it is a truly great thing I wish to do, a part of it will tie into my core beliefs, which will always lay in my heart no matter what anyone says. But if someone were to hurt my feelings - whether or not I told them would depend on who they were. If they were an enemy or mere co-worker, I would most certainly not. It would be a sign of weakness. But if it were someone like Savannah......probably.

18. What's your opinion on loyalty?
What good opinion is there other than that it's a very important trait? I value it extremely highly.


19. Do you like rain?
Not particularly. It's inconvenient and ruins my suits.


Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting Silvester! (Er....and Savannah.) Do you like anti-heroes? HOW ABOUT RAIN? Comment below, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles.


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    (Also, the rain is amazing.)

  3. I like their dialogue together, they're so cute!


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